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Meta-Humor: A gift or a curse?

The implication of a film like this releasing has prompted me to have fearful predictions for the film industry because they prompt me to think about what happens after post-modernism. Do we revert back to structured stories? Probably not, because post-modernist story lines give so much freedom that nobody would want to let go of it. But do we continue to just make movie responses to other movies like advertisements about other advertisements instead of promoting the product? It is frightening and beautiful at the same time.

[Not a Review] Deadpool [2016] : Wade Wilson & His Maximum Effort.

a critic will probably tell you bullshit that you don’t need to know. Like how bad and good the actors have been in their previous films instead of pointing your nosy ass to the nearest theater. There will be unnecessary mention of a plot that will be made to look and seem cooler than it actually is. And if the critic wishes to show-off a little more, he will get into the details of the paper thin plot and will like to point out what his vision of the film is, when he is too illiterate to make one on his own.

Five reasons why DEADPOOL is fucking Awesome !

This is not a review, I tell you. On principal, I can’t (and won’t) review a movie which I haven’t seen as whole. Yes, thanks to our extremely righteous censor board, what I watched in theater was not the whole movie, but around eighty to ninety percent of it. There is no sex, almost no gore and words like Cunt, Vagina has been stripped off; so that our innocent souls remain chaste. Only the f-words (and various forms of it) have been allowed, and that is the only reason for the Adult rating of this movie, otherwise it would have clearly walked away with a U/A ratings after all those purifications.