Postmodernity in Films

Postmodernity and the city: Blade Runner, Dark City, Akira

Postmodernity in Films The postmodern condition as Jameson describes it is that of a temporal schizophrenia and a spatial pastiche. This postmodern condition comes from postmodernity as an aesthetic determined by the…

Melancholia [2011]: Alien on Earth

A lot of films about mental health, especially those that feature lead characters who are suffering from depression or anxiety, tend to focus on solely the internal struggles and conflicts that the…

fallen angels -

Fallen Angels [1995]: The Art Of Longing

Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels (1995) is one of his most underrated films. Raw and grainy, in its literal and figurative sense, it provides an insight into the beginnings of a mind that gave us the smooth and sentimental In The Mood For Love (2001). The maturity with which the latter film dealt with the emotion of longing and heartache came from a far more aggressive and painful portrayal of the same in the earlier movie, and I believe this transition is proof that artistic trademarks can be reborn again and again.