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Double Feature Review: ‘Anomalisa’ and ‘The Little Prince’

The Animation genre has had a great run in the year 2015. Unlike most years, some of the best films of the year were actually animation films. While the subject of ‘Inside Out’ was a groundbreaking one, there was a devastatingly haunting film in ‘The Boy and the World’. Anomalisa was expectedly a Kaufman-esque dream, while ‘When Marnie was there’ lived upto the expectations one has from a Ghibli Studio movie. It was one of those rare Oscar years in which the names at the Best Animation film category looked even better than the titles in the Best Picture Category. Here is my double feature review of two brilliant films of that lot; ‘Anomalisa’ and ‘The Little Prince.’

Anomalisa [2015]: Catharsis on being and love

Why do we pray? Why do we bow? More or less it’s because we believe or at least anticipate that there is someone out there that’s listening. Someone is seeing every crack, fracture and imperfection you have, and is trying to heal. It’s scary to give into that belief, that thought of someone. What if that guy doesn’t has the best intention? What if he truly wants to hurt us? What if he sees all those imperfections, leave us hoping?

Anomalisa [2015]: A heartbreaking tale of human connection!

The Fregoli hallucinates the first person into believing there is no second person. And the third person is on a very thin thread between the the first, the second and the third. Shifting gears to be in the shadows of the first. But they are all puppets in the hand of a handler who is devoid of a natural connection searching for a perfect anomaly. He names her so to make her mortal in a world that is all the same, but he has forgotten the signs of life. Even her eating habit can make him slip into the void he was already in.