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Sophia Turner as Jean Grey in Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix [2019] Review – The Phoenix flies to nowhere

Even with the abysmal character-sketch and barely an arc to boost to even compete with Hugh Jackman’s cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse, Jessica Chastain, playing a shapeshifter-alien with white-blonde braid and inconspicuous eyebrow,…

For Your Consideration: Entertainment [2015]

The Comedy and Entertainment are two of the most intriguing, most thoughtful, and yet even most strange things to come from either Tim Heidecker or Eric Wareheim after the end of Awesome Show, Great Job!, and hopefully both films will soon accumulate the cult statuses they deserve as depressingly quirky indie films that comment on the vapidness and boredom of ordinary modern day life for ordinary folks.

The Tree Of Life [2011] : A Meditative Symphony on Life and Death

What to say about The Tree of Life? What not to say about it? How to describe this film? How to express how much this film means to me by using mere words? Why was this universe created? Not how, but why? If it was created because of a natural celestial phenomena then who was behind it? God? Where do we go after we mortally die? If our souls leave our physical body, then do we find eternity after death?