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TIFF’s Film Critic Diversity- Equality Over Equity

This whole equation of “there isn’t enough of y community in x workforce” is a completely low-resolution argument that needs to be immediately expunged from rational discourse. The barriers that stop any group of people becoming successful in film criticism, or any industry, need to be identified and eradicated as much as possible, but this form of employment equity is an egregious way of tackling the problem at its end result, not its source.

Angry Indian Goddesses [2015] Review: A Flawed yet Brave Attempt!

Pan Nalin’s Angry Indian Goddesses is not the revolutionary film it sets out to be. Yet, it leaves a mark for there are seven leading ladies who aren’t only beautiful, but are also a racing alert for the ogling male entity that they can fire-up on all cylinders if the fuel is all filled up and its a left hand drive.

Unlike most Bollywood films that center around women, the greatest strength of AIG is the ability to peel off the inner most layers of the psyche of a women along with the layer above it.