The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 6: One of the most exciting things about Apple TV’s The Afterparty is the show’s willingness to keep trying different things, instead of sticking to the formula that has already worked. We knew for a fact that we were going to get a flashback episode featuring Danner, as it was foreshadowed during last week’s episode. Given we are more than halfway done with the season, an episode like this one at this point was bound to bring in a lot of skepticism. But at the end of the day, the episode just delivers. It is a Danner episode, yes, but the main story about Edgar’s murder also gets some interesting development. Let us take a closer look.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 6 Recap:

The thing is, instead of just doing it randomly, The Afterparty lays out the groundwork. Danner tells Aniq her story, the one in between the Xavier murder and the ongoing Edgar murder – a case of an arsonist where the ace detective lets her heart get the best of her. And why does she share it with Aniq? So that he learns a lesson and his judgment does not get clouded.

What Was The Case?

After solving the Xavier murder, Danner starts to perceive every case in a different manner. This frustrates her partner Culp as he keeps telling her to treat every case individually and trust in obvious, circumstantial evidence from time to time. Culp and Danner interrogate a certain Leonard Vurr regarding a series of fires, where Vurr happens to be present. While Culp is under the impression that Vurr is the one who’s behind the fires; Danner is not entirely convinced. Especially after talking to Vurr individually, Danner decides to delve into the matter a little deeper. This leads her meeting Vurr’s psychiatrist, Quentin.

What Happened Between Danner and Quentin?

A classic case of fatal attraction is exactly how this should be described. The psychiatrist appears to be someone with an extremely erotic, intense personality and Danner can’t help but get drawn to his aura. The two soon get into a hot and heavy, majorly sexual relationship while Quentin keeps helping Danner understand the psych of an arsonist. Danner also lets Vurr go after being completely certain that he did not commit the crime. As Vurr has listed his psychiatrist as the emergency contact, Quentin comes to pick up Vurr. Seeing how Danner is interacting with Quentin, Culp quickly picks it up that things have gone way beyond professional between his partner and the psychiatrist. While Culp acknowledges the intense, smoldering charm of Quentin; he also asks Danner to be careful with it.

Soon after picking up Vurr, Quentin confesses to Danner that he might have made a judgmental error as Vurr might just be the Arsonist the police are looking for. Following this, Danner picks up Vurr along with equipment he would only need to set fire to. Vurr claims he is being set up by someone but Danner initially does not believe that. However, she eventually realizes that Vurr is actually telling the truth as the man behind the fires happens to be none other than Doctor Quentin. Upon realizing that Danner has figured it out, Quentin ties her up and sets a fire while escaping. Danner survives thanks to Culp coming to her rescue at the right time. But she could not continue on the job post this incident as she blames herself for Quentin getting away.

A still from The Afterparty, Season 2, Episode 6.
A still from The Afterparty, Season 2, Episode 6.

The Afterparty (Season 2) Episode 6 Ending Explained:

Why Does Zoe Hide The Teapot?

While Danner gets the large chunk of focus in this episode, our primary murder mystery does not get completely ignored. In fact, a lot actually happens in this episode and we are actually left with a significant amount of clues.

First of all, Travis does a brilliant blunder by making a pot of Devil’s Trumpet infused tea, then drinking a little bit of it to understand the effect of it. Considering Devil’s Trumpet is the reason behind Edgar’s death, this is a risky move but also proves Travis’s urgency as a professional. The only problem? He somehow manages to drink a bit more than he should have. However, Zoé and Funcle Ulysses quickly come to Travis’s aid and eventually, every single character except Aniq and Danner chips in to help. We don’t really see Sebastian here and Hannah looks really jealous when Grace takes extra care of Travis.

But the major takeaway from here is, thanks to Travis, it is quite clear that all that was needed to take Edgar out was a pot full of tea with the poisonous flower in it. And as a matter of fact, Zoé quickly finds that in Edgar’s room, which she quickly hides. The biggest question here is, why would she do that? Is it because she does suspect that her dear little sister might have something to do with it and she now has to do anything to save Grace? We will eventually find out.

In stark contrast, after hearing Danners’ story, Aniq promises her that he will run the rest of the investigation in order to find the truth only, contrary to his primary agenda which was to protect his girlfriend’s family. The question is, does that imply Zoé and her entire family including Grace, Vivian, Feng and Ulysses being involved in Edgar’s murder? We will be discovering some of the wildest things in next week’s episode for sure as it is going to put the light on Ulysses and the show really needs to justify casting someone as big as John Cho in that role. 

Wild Killer Prediction: We are still going with Danners’ ‘It is not what it seems like’ theory and putting our bet on Sebastian. However, the other alternative theory here is Travis did the entire tea brewing drama only to prove that he is not at all a suspect. What if he has been lying this whole time and it’s all a performance? 

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