It took a while, but finally, a Lifetime thriller disappoints. Doug Cambell’s “The Beach House Murders” may have the perfect title, but the twists and turns have never been properly established at all throughout the story. The story revolves around a murder mystery writer who is haunted by her husband. She meets new guys whom she fails to trust because of the trauma she is carrying within her. As the story unfolds, we see numerous events and killings that are taking place surrounding a beach house where the protagonist is staying.

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The Beach House Murders (2024) Plot Summary & Movie Synopsis

The film starts with our protagonist Sarah, who is preparing herself for some event when someone enters the house and pushes her. In the next scene, we see Sarah lying on the ground covered in blood while the police find her husband, Miles, in the bathroom. His hands are covered in blood as well, and he is trembling with fear, knowing that Sarah is perhaps dead already. It is the neighbors who called the police and they take over the crime scene.

One year has passed since the incident when we see Sarah waking up from bed as if she had a nightmare. Miles has been convicted for trying to kill Sarah. Her agent/best friend Alice knocks at the door as she arrives with the news that the publishers are pressuring for Sarah’s next book. Sarah is losing focus, which results in her writer’s block. Alice suggests she visit her beach house and take some time off since she has already gone through a lot.

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Why does Sarah Scream after seeing Miles?

Right after Sarah enters the beach house, she finds it pretty relaxing, knowing that she does not have to fear anything anymore. She runs on the beach, and she meets a stranger who introduces himself as one of Sarah’s biggest fans. Later Sarah meets with another stranger in a bar who says his name is Tony. Tony and Sarah share some very good moments together as he gives his number to Sarah, letting her choose if she is interested in meeting again.

The following day, when Sarah goes for coffee, she accidentally sees Miles entering the same shop. Sarah screams at him saying that Miles has deliberately arrived here and that he has been following her all along. Miles tries to convince her that the whole situation is solely accidental. But Sarah warns him to leave. She tells him if he does not leave, she will call the police and tell them that he is disobeying a restraining order given by the court. Miles has recently been released from jail, so he does not want any problem and leaves the shop immediately.

Who was the Stranger Sleeping beside Sarah?

After the incident at the coffee shop, Sarah calls and tells Alice everything. Alice tells her to leave the house immediately and move back to LA. But Sarah decides to stay there and fight her trauma. One day, in the morning, after she wakes up, Sarah sees a stranger sleeping beside her. Sarah remembers the man from before who introduced himself as her biggest fan. The man is wearing a Speedo and comes toward her even after Sarah threatens to call the police.

But luckily, when the police patrol car finally arrives, the man with the speedo runs from the house. Alice comes to stay with her for a night, and the following morning, seeing Sarah talking to Miles, she hits him with a golf stick. Miles runs away, and later, Sarah tells Alice that Miles just wanted to share his concern, knowing that someone has tried to break and enter. Alice finds out that Sarah is being manipulated by Miles; so she warns her.

The Beach House Murders (2024) Movie Ending Explained

Soon after, Sarah decides to make friends with Tony, so she calls and dines with him. Together, they spend the whole night being intimate. Sarah thinks that she finally has found someone to love and can get rid of the trauma she has been carrying for over a year. However, moments later, Sarah finds Tony talking to a man who is the same man who broke into her house. Sarah thinks Tony is hiding something and being a victim, she judges too soon and misbehaves with Tony.

The Beach House Murders (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

How does Miles Plan to Take Revenge on Sarah?

After a while, Sarah finds out that someone again broke into her room and stole her laptop along with the hard drive. Sarah visits Tony, apologizing, and describes the situation as the thief being the same guy with the speedo. He has demanded 100k dollars, or else he will throw the laptop and the hard drive into the sea. Tony and Sarah plan something to catch him red-handed, but it drastically fails. The following day, Sarah finds Tony lying dead beside her.

Sarah receives a call from the stranger again, saying that he has killed Tony. He also confesses that one year ago, it was he who tried to kill Sarah, not Miles. Later that night, the guy confronts Sarah, but luckily, Miles interferes, killing him. Sarah explains to the police that it was totally self-defense and she has killed the guy, whom the police discover as Jack. Sarah then publishes a video saying that Jack has confessed to his crimes and Miles is innocent.

Miles then asks for dinner, to which Sarah agrees since he has helped her in many ways. But, right after dinner Miles explains that everything was planned right from the beginning. He has hired Jack because he is a professional actor only to make himself innocent. Miles agrees that one year ago, it was he who tried to kill Sarah, but since he was sent to jail, he now wants to have his revenge. Killing Tony was not part of his plan, but since he was making Sarah happy, Miles wanted him dead.

Who kills Miles?

Right after Miles successfully throws Sarah’s unconscious body into the pool, Alice arrives at the spot and hits him. Alice then brings Sarah out of the water and helps her breathe. Soon we see Sarah stabbing Miles with a broken glass from a wine bottle and pushing him into the pool. Miles dies as Sarah and Alice are finally able to catch some air.

Miles has always been possessive and had anger issues. One year ago, he thought that Sarah was sleeping with her publisher, which led to the events of that time. After everything, Sarah dreams of Tony’s return to her life but soon realizes it is only her dream. When asked about her next novel, Sarah says that she will not be writing any murder mystery but a love story this time round.

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