The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Earlier on ‘The Company You Keep,’ we saw how desperate the Nicolettis were to pay back Daphne for their previous con. Despite this danger looming on their shoulders, Charlie was forging a relationship with Emma. She, meanwhile, was juggling her professional responsibilities with her personal ones. While she reveals her work identity to her brother, Charlie is still oblivious to it.

The latest episode, streaming on Hulu, shows the couple revealing their relationship to their family members. While the Nicolettis are still trying to steal to pay their debt to Daphne, Hills are hellbent on making David a future senator like his father.

If you’re going to read further, be aware that there are spoilers ahead.

The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3: Against All Odds

Charlie’s (Milo Ventimiglia) and Emma’s (Catherine Haena Kim) relationship is progressing stronger than ever. After revealing it to one of his friends while playing basketball, he takes Emma back to his home, where they spend the night together. She attempts to leave early in the morning, but Ollie (Shaylee Mansfield) sees her, and they have a quick conversation. So, Charlie’s secret affair gets revealed to at least one family member.

The next morning, Ollie reveals it to Birdie, which then becomes known to Leo (William Fichtner) and Fran (Polly Draper). While the old couple is fairly supportive, Birdie wants Charlie to be cautious, considering his previous partner has conned their family. He starts looking into their new con as he negotiates the seriousness of this connection with Emma.

For that, Charlie goes to meet his old school friend and a fellow con man, Jones Malone (Luke Kirby), at a racecourse. This friend reveals his next plan: trick the venture capitalist, Martha Pope (Jes Macallan), whom he has wooed into marriage. He is going by the name of Frankie and plans to sell her a horse he does not own for $1 million. To complete this con, the Nicoletti family members are supposed to pose as the party that owns this horse.

But before that, Birdie learns about Martha’s charitable past, which changes her perception of her, which then changes her plan. After the family persuades Martha to purchase, Birdie takes her out for a drink and reveals Jones’ identity as a con man. So, Martha joins the Nicolettis so that she can get her revenge while they get his money. Both sides win. She renegotiates the deal to earn with the horse’s winning odds. If the odds get better, she pays more, and vice versa. But she is willing to pay just $2 million.

Back at home, David (Tim Chiou) sees her gushing up and considers it a sign that she is seeing someone. She does not reveal any specifics to him. In the office, she learns that Daphne Finch (Felisha Terrell) is selling her drugs to their rivals. So, she speaks with agent Vikram Singh (Sachin Bhatt) from the FBI about its purpose and its connection with the Maguire empire.

Back at her home, David struggles to gather enough support for reasons spanning from his father’s outdated views to his lesser appeal. Between his damage control calls, he gets a call from Claire Fox. She tells him that the situation has worsened to the point where the party has decided to pull him out of candidacy, which leaves him stunned. Who Claire is unclear, but she certainly appears like a hope for David’s looming chances of winning. While he chats with Emma about how theirs is not a normal family, Charlie says the same to his mother.

The Company You Keep Season 1 Episode 3

During his wait for Emma’s arrival, Daphne shows up, trying to intimidate him by asking whether Connor should be informed about it. However, he shows no fear, unsettling her and making her lose confidence. Soon after, Emma arrives at the bar and manages to charm Leo and Fran in no time. Even with Ollie, she manages to be much closer.

But Birdie continues to give her the cold shoulder. Since Emma isn’t one to accept defeat, she tries to persuade her to change that opinion. She starts playing darts with Birdie, who then decides to ask Emma about her personal life. She feels weird that Emma has no life besides her logistic analytics job. Eventually, Emma reveals that she met Charlie right at the end of her serious relationship. She realizes that Birdie would see it as a rebound for both and tries to see how serious they are about each other. Through their shared competitiveness, she manages to charm Birdie into seeing her as a good fit for Charlie.

Meanwhile, Jones is oblivious that both his fiancée and the Nicolettis are conning him. On race day, Leo and Charlie do what they do best. They convince people to put more money into their horse to cut its odds. The horse eventually reaches a worth of $2.5 million, more than the cap Martha agreed upon. So, Jones pitches in that extra amount from his money.

By then, Birdie manages to get hold of Jones’ phone and changes the account numbers on the transaction. So, all the money goes to Martha, and their plan succeeds. And as Birdie surmised, Jones, being a con man, leaves for the airport without thinking that he will be conned.

The Company You Keep (Season 1), Episode 3 Ending Explained

Does Jones notice that he has been conned?

After the racecourse con, the Nicolettis return home. Birdie sees some suspicious travel activity on Ollie’s tracker and worries about where she is. Just the next moment, Ollie appears from the other room and tells how annoyed she is due to Birdie’s anxiety about her safety. So, she had put this tracker in Daphne’s bag when she came to the bar. It works like a blessing in disguise.

With Charlie, Birdie checks Daphne’s travel activity and realizes she is dealing with rival cartels. It means that she is doing these deals for the Maguire empire without Connor’s support or input. So, Charlie calls Connor to create a conflict between their family by informing him about it. Jones calls Charlie worried sick about being left high and dry while Emma learns about these dubious transactions of the Maguire empire, unaware that Charlie is complicit in the scheme.

Who kidnaps Charlie?

Right after this dialogue, Charlie leaves the bar and calls Emma. Some men kidnap him. After leaving her a voice message, they pull him from his bike and throw him in the back of his van. We only have a hunch about who committed this kidnapping; we’ll presumably find out in the next episode. Since Emma does not seem that close to realizing Charlie’s identity, it seems to be Daphne’s deed since she faced a blow to her confidence by Charlie earlier. It may also be done by Patrick, who is angry that Charlie is trying to create a rift in their family.

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