The Crowded Room (Series Finale) Episode 10: ‘The Crowded Room’ on Apple TV+ took the span of ten episodes to dig deeper into Danny Sullivan’s mind. The series initially showed Danny’s alters as the people he met in his life. Eventually, it showed his gradual realization about how they are no more than voices in his head, trying to help him ease his pain. Rya’s relentless passion for helping the poor kid was crucial in that regard.

Now the series finale shows Danny on the day of his judgment. Since Candy denied that Danny was sexually abused, it weakened the defense council’s case. So, Rya and Stan decide to use another way to prove that Danny needs medical assistance instead of jail time.

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The Crowded Room (Series Finale) Episode 10 “Judgement” Recap:

‘The Crowded Room’ episode 10 begins with a harrowing scene. Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland) lies next to his alter, Ariana (Sasha Lane), in his prison cell. She arrives there to help his troubled soul because of his suicide attempt. Ariana tries to keep him awake since he is lying on the floor in the pool of his own blood. On the outside, Danny’s attorney, Stan (Christopher Abbott), tries to get his meds to get through the stress of his trial. Since the medic refuses to provide those, Stan argues how he is not getting any help as a veteran. Because of his apparent frustration, the medic slips him some pills under the table. Besides possible symptoms of PTSD, it shows how Danny’s case is taking a toll on him.

New Strategy

Rya’s (Amanda Seyfried) superior tells her she needs to step away from the case and pay attention to her job instead. He expects her not to be swayed by her emotions. She argues that ’emotions’ are the basis of what they do, but his opinion does not change. Outside her house, she finds Stan sitting on the steps. He reveals Danny’s unfortunate suicide attempt. She feels remorseful about not doing enough to support Danny. Stan relieves her stress by talking about Danny’s recovery. The two soon meet Danny at the hospital to check on his condition. Only this time, Jack Lamb speaks with them. He argues that Danny needs his help more than Rya’s aid. It becomes clear that Jack reappeared in Danny’s mind to sort out his new emotional struggles.

Rya worries about Danny now that Jack has reasserted control over his mind – just after he started regaining it. Stan shows her a drawing Danny made of his brother, Adam. Their discussion leads to Stan speaking about his life in the army and his regret about the lives he took. Rya explains how all bad things that happen to us are not our fault. ‘Until we realize that, we won’t begin to heal,’ she says. It makes her suddenly realize an approach they should take to prove their side. While driving to the hospital where Candy (Emmy Rossum) works, Rya speaks about how Danny’s guilt and shame are keeping him from speaking about what actually happened in his childhood. As a result, they figure they need an alternate way to make him realize that.

The Truth About Adam

The Crowded Room (Series Finale) Episode 10 Recap
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Rya is so committed to the case that she leaves her professorship. Detective Matty (Thomas Sadoski) tries to cheer her and Stan up with his words of comfort. Eventually, in the courtroom, Jack arrives instead of Danny. So, Stan decides to bring Danny himself to the stand. While sitting next to the judge, Jack says that he is Danny Sullivan. Stan points out how they need to consider the possibility that this is Jack. From the stand, Jack speaks for Danny about how he hated Marlin (Will Chase) and takes full responsibility for trying to scare him into leaving.

Despite DDA Patricia Richards’s (Carmen Ejogo) occasional objections, Stan proceeds with his case. He shows a drawing of Danny with Adam and then a photo of him as a baby next to Candy. Danny says that Adam died. But Stan continues showing other photos from Danny’s childhood to make Danny accept the truth about Adam. He finally confesses that the monster in the form of Marlin raped Adam, and thus, Adam had to go away. After several attempts to unburden himself from this stress, Danny finally accepts that his twin brother Adam never existed. He says that ‘Adam is me,’ which opens our eyes to a shocking reveal – Marlin sexually abused Danny, not Adam, which resulted in several alters being formed.

The Crowded Room (Series Finale) Episode 10 “Judgement” Ending Explained:

What is the jury’s verdict in Danny Sullivan’s trial?

Danny’s Life After the Trial

After hearing about Danny’s horrifying past, the jury gives the verdict that Danny is ‘not guilty’. The narrative flash-forwards after a while, where Danny is in a medical facility. Danny speaks with Rya about how he missed her all that time. She speaks about the anti-climactic ending of his trial, where he did not necessarily win. After the trial, Rya was unsure how she felt about another therapist helping him out. It is understandable considering the emotional connection they had formed over the course of the trial. However, Rya still brought Danny’s creative side and his growth as an artist to Candy’s notice.

Only after a while of his treatment Danny allows Candy to meet him. She speaks about her life in Oakville and about how Marlin still hoped to have control over her, which eventually stopped. Candy apologizes to Danny for letting him down and then talks about his biological father. She got pregnant with Danny when she was just 16 years old. When Danny was about four, she realized something horrific about the man she had married. So, in the future, she saw Marlin as a strong presence required in their lives. For the longest time, she kept denying that the abuse was happening. During this interaction, Danny sees his mother being remorseful to protect him as a child.

In the present, Danny speaks with Rya about how he may never be able to forgive his mother. The former therapist and her patient now speak like friends. Rya talks about her present life, where she uses her knowledge to help other patients. She feels happy that Danny’s treatment is working well for him. Soon after, he walks her out of the facility and gives her a sweet farewell. He says that he has an unpaid debt to his guardian angel. Danny recalls ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles and calls Rya the ‘Mother Mary’ in his life. While walking away from the building, Rya looks back at Danny’s window and, for a moment, sees his younger version sitting next to him. The very next moment, we see only the older Danny sitting there. The illusion shows us how she views his growth from a troubled child to a healed adult.

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