Directed by Jeff Fisher and written by Chris Sivertson, “The Image of You” is a fairly formulaic thriller with a Hallmark-style romcom filter. Starring Sasha Pieterse (“Pretty Little Liars”), the film can be described as an erotic thriller involving a set of twin sisters. From that description, one can imagine a plethora of plot twists. And the film mostly throws all of them towards the end. So, if you can suspend belief and get accustomed to the aforementioned Hallmark-ish aesthetic, you might just find some fun watching this.

As mentioned earlier, “The Image of You” has many twists, and most of them are crammed into the ending. So, here is an analysis of all its twists and what the ending means for the central characters.

The Image of You (2024) Movie Synopsis & Plot Summary:

A voiceover narration tells Zoe (Sasha Pieterse) and Anna are identical twins. If they were to be any closer, they would have been conjoined. That is how close they are. But a quick montage of scenes makes it clear that the two could not be more different in their characteristics. Anna is portrayed as the bubbly, happy-go-lucky romantic who probably is too trusting for her own good. Zoe, on the other hand, is wild and lives life dangerously. Anna works in a humanitarian shelter. Zoe is a model/actress. Anna is looking for a relationship whereas Zoe is jumping from one one-night-stand to another. Now, the film starts with Anna or Zoe shown bleeding to death while the other twin sister stands beside her with a knife in hand.

The story starts when Anna starts to date a handsome stock-market trader, Nick (Parker Young). Zoe keeps on saying that Nick is a bad seed, an obvious casanova. However, Anna ignores that, and she falls for Nick. Six weeks and a few dates pass. Nick gets the news of his mother’s cancer. With an obvious but strong newfound appreciation for life, Nick proposes marriage to Anna. An ecstatic Anna accepts it, even though it has just been six weeks of knowing each other.

Zoe is shocked to learn that Anna is already planning to marry Nick. Anna tells Zoe that she will no longer be living under her shadow. A determined Anna takes Nick to meet her (and Zoe’s) parents. David (Nestor Carbonell) and Alexia (Mira Sorvino) seem excited to meet Nick. But both seem to be wary in different ways. We have seen David already snubbing Zoe in a previous scene. The relationship between David and his other daughter, Anna, seems to be better. Alexia, on the other hand, appears to be on edge with both Zoe and Anna. The news of Nick and Anna’s upcoming marriage makes them even more tense.

All this happens without Nick ever meeting Zoe. And that changes quickly as Zoe calls Nick one fine day, asking to meet over dinner. The first time Nick sees Zoe, he seems to be bowled over by her sexy, bold aura. Zoe invites him to her room, and after dwelling on it, Nick gives in to the temptation. The strong physical attraction is too much for Nick to ignore. Thus, Zoe and Nick get into a physical relationship, unbeknownst to Anna. Nick learns from Zoe that Anna was married once. When asked about it, Anna said that her husband had slept with Zoe, and that was the end of their relationship. Zoe was drug-addled at that time, so Anna blamed her then-husband more than she blamed Zoe. This information, along with the fact that he is doing the same thing, torments Nick.

The Image of You (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

How Did Anna Learn About Nick’s Affair?

A guilt-stricken Nick tries to end things with Zoe, and an angry Zoe leaves him. Meanwhile, Nick’s sister, Rebecca (Michele Nordin), visits David and Alexia. From Alexia, she learns that Zoe is sleeping with Nick. We see Rebecca visiting Anna’s flat. At this moment, it is important to remember the opening scene where we saw Anna or Zoe, possibly Anna, dying. When Nick receives a call from a vehement Anna saying that she has found out about his affair with Zoe, Nick rushes to Anna’s flat. He reaches to find Anna dead, a callback to the opening scene. Before he can do anything, he is hit on his head by someone.

When Nick wakes up, he sees Zoe standing in the hall. Anna’s body is wrapped and ready to be disposed of. Zoe convinces that if Nick tries to call the police, it will be him who the police will deduce as the killer. Zoe has already scratched Nick using Anna’s fingernails. A distraught Nick sees no other way but to obey Zoey. He disposes of the body using an incinerator. But eventually, Nick loses it and visits David, planning to tell him everything.

The Image of You (2024) Movie Ending Explained
A still from “The Image of You” (2024)

Now, here comes the plethora of twists at the climax. So, hold on to your hats.

Twist 1: Was Zoe Dead All Along?

Upon visiting David and telling him that Zoe has killed Anna, Nick gets the shock of his life. The first twist of the story is that Zoe has been dead for three years. The opening scene we saw, where one of the twins dies with another holding the knife, was three years ago. It is not the scene that Nick discovered a few hours ago. David says that Zoe killed herself to punish Anna. Since then, Anna has refused to accept Zoe is gone. Alexia once again emphasizes the strength of the bond between twins. After Zoe’s death, Anna has taken it upon herself to be both Anna and Zoe. Nick has never met the real Zoe. He has only met Anna, and Anna pretending to be Zoe. But Nick is still aghast because he did dispose of a body. Here comes the other twist.

Twist 2: Is Rebecca Killed by Anna?

Nick disposed of his sister Rebecca’s body. See, Alexia, as the twins’ mother, has been delusional herself. She has also accepted Anna’s pretension. Thus, she enables Anna’s delusion. Through Alexia and Anna, Zoe lives. But David knows the truth. That is why David snubbed Zoe in one of the early scenes. He did not hate Zoe, he refused to enable Anna. David told the truth to Rebecca, and Rebecca went to Anna’s flat to confront her. Then Anna killed her.

Nick saw what Anna wanted him to see. When Nick came, she pretended to be dead. Then, one of her work friends knocked Nick out, this friend was probably under the illusion that Anna was punishing Nick with a practical joke for his cheating. When Nick was out, Anna transformed into Zoe. She got Rebecca’s body wrapped in the blanket. So, when Nick woke up, he thought it was Anna’s body. Then Anna, as Zoe, convinces Nick to put “Anna” into the incinerator. In reality, Nick put Rebecca’s body into the incinerator.

Twist 3: Was Anna the “Evil One” All Along? What Happens to Nick?

After learning all this, Nick attacks Anna. Anna, with help from Alexia, evades. David tries to mediate, but an unhinged Anna kills him. Alexia goes into shock as Nick overpowers Anna. However, Alexia, once again, forgives Anna and knocks Nick out. Anna and Alexia call the police and set Nick up as if he killed David. Nick is taken away by the police.

While going to sleep, Anna confesses to Alexia that she pushed Zoe to suicide because Anna slept with Zoe’s boyfriend. So, the notion that Zoe slept with Anna’s husband is also untrue. It appears Anna has been the ‘evil one’ all along.

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