The In Between (2022) Review: Death is cruel but also a brutal reality of the mortal world. This five-letter word possesses enough power to deprive us of all the happiness we attach to our near and dear ones by snatching us away from them. It’s hard for us to register such irreparable losses and refill the voids created by the absence of these losses that reside inside our tattered hearts. We know we have to move on but we remain stuck in the memories that replay in our minds, helping us to live in momentary illusions where we visualize that we are with them reliving all the happy memories we had with them. Although it rips us apart to spend each day without them, the hope that someday in a parallel universe we might get a chance to meet with them again so that we can bid them a proper goodbye keeps us going.

The In Between (2022) is a film expounding on the phases of grieving that Tessa, a bereaved lover undergoes after she loses her boyfriend Skylar in an accident in which she is left unhurt. The film also depicts the transition of a soul from the mortal world to the world after death and what happens to the soul when they are in between these two worlds trying to reach out to the people they love before they leave for the other world in order to wave them a proper final goodbye.

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The In Between (2022) constantly oscillates between Tessa’s deplorable condition where she hallucinates Skylar being near her as a part of her grieving process and the memories of how she and Skylar fell for each other in the summer when they met for the first time in an empty theatre while watching a French film(Betty Blue) that Skylar translated for her.

For Tessa who was a passionate photographer and the victim of a broken childhood, meeting with Skylar gave her the feeling of home within a few days and made her believe in the happy endings. He wanted to see the world through her eyes and the lens of her camera and gradually became the muse of her photographs. I could empathize with Tessa’s agony and her one last wish to meet him after all deep down we all still want to meet the people we lost if we ever get an opportunity.

Doris the patient whom Tessa met in the hospital added fuel to her desires by narrating to her the theories of a soul’s existence in the afterlife. Initially, though Tessa didn’t want to believe Doris, eventually got some unusual signs that made her feel Skylar’s presence she reconnects back with her who suggests she seek him where they had their strongest moments of love.

The In Between 2022

This culminates in Tessa’s unwavering quest to meet Skylar. The concept of an afterlife is vague to us yet we all know a soul never dies it transmigrates. The In Between (2022) depicts the frantic efforts of an ailed lover who to reunite with her beloved for one last time transcends all the boundaries of the mortal world.

The concept of the window of time Or The in between in which a soul needs to have a final contact before moving on to the other world, we know not if these things are true but through Tessa and Skylar’s love story we can only conclude that true love never dies as they promised each other before parting ways.

Tessa always wanted to capture the unseen through her photographs and with help of her best friend Shannon who helped her in buying special photography equipment she hoped to capture the image of Skylar that ultimately led to her reunion with him in between. Tessa and Skylar fulfilled all the dreams they weaved together within the stipulated time they had with them in a parallel universe yet in the end when Tessa was left with a choice to choose life in the real world or a life with him, she decides to choose her life in real-world while he tells her to give their love story a happy ending after she returns. I was left in tears after witnessing this heart-wrenchingly beautiful scene that depicts that love doesn’t always mean holding on, sometimes it’s all about letting go of the people you love because they deserve to be happy in their lives. This doesn’t necessarily signify forgetting them rather it shows living with their memories for the rest of your lives making peace with the fact that both of you can never be together in this life.

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The In Between (2022) is a film that redefines the concept of ghost enlightening us with the fact that ghost is not outside but inside us, all our fears, our anxieties are our ghosts and the only way to eradicate them is by attending to them just like Tessa whose encounter with the ghost of her boyfriend empowers her to fight her inner-strifes thereby infusing her with the courage to showcase her talent to the whole world.

Whether these series of incidents where she reunites with Skylar have any basis in reality or are just a fragment of Tessa’s lurid imagination taking place in her subconscious we cannot fathom but all these incidents establish our faith in the ethereality of love that at times can make the impossible possible, a love that never leaves our side and that forever stays within us and by us.

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