The Island (2023) Movie Ending, Explained – Did Mark get justice for Akheem in the end?

The Island 2023 Movie Ending

Action movies are in high demand these days, and you might recognize Michael Jai White as one of the iconic actors in this genre. If you’re into movies that aren’t a waste of time and keep you hooked from start to finish, then The Island (2023) is right up your alley. Despite his age, Michael Jai White still looks great doing action movies and can deliver when called upon.

Shaun Paul Piccinino has directed The Island. He definitely knows how to get the best out of his actors, as shown on the screen. It’s perfectly cast, exhilarating to watch, has stunning visuals, plenty of action, and gunfights, and imparts a lesson you’ll cherish. The plot revolves around a man who discovers his brother was killed and seeks revenge. We will delve into some details you might have missed in this article.

The Island (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis :

The story begins with a young singer named Nora, from Chicago, who is also the one performing in front of the most influential business mogul on the island, Manuel Alvarez. Nora shows impressive talent, and Manuel immediately notices it. He offers her an exclusive contract to sing for his club, with the condition of receiving triple the money she receives from her main job.

Nora is excited about the job offer. When she’s already at Manuel’s club, the bartender, Akheem, accidentally spills some wine while serving it to her. He immediately apologizes, and Nora doesn’t make it a big deal. Instead, she says to him that it’s okay and it’s not his fault.

But things take a darker turn when Manuel doesn’t take it lightly and grabs a knife, plunging it into Akheem’s throat and causing his death. Nora is terrified when she witnesses the dark side of her new boss. However, she doesn’t have any choice except to agree to what Manuel wants and become his private singer on his island.

The story shifts to a construction site in Los Angeles, where Mark Ethridge, a strict and quiet LAPD officer, is catching some drug dealers along with his talkative partner Phil. Meanwhile, Mark receives a call that upsets him, and quickly goes to the island. This introduces the fact that Mark is Akheem’s elder brother.

The two grew up on the island after their parents moved there until some tragedy caused Mark to move to LA almost seven years ago. When Mark and his wife, Akilah, lost their stillborn daughter, it caused them trauma that led to their separation, and Mark left the island.

This time, the tragedy that happened to them brings Mark back to the place he used to call home. Now he is even more determined to learn more about his brother’s cause of death. Mark goes through his brother’s things at their parental home after his brother’s wake.

Their mother, Yvonne, tells him things on the island have significantly changed since he left. Mark is determined to make things right. Yet, even though Yvonne lost one of her sons, she’s afraid that Mark will also get involved in trouble. Mark goes to his old friend, who is also the police chief on the island, named Nate Wayland.

He goes there to get updates and leads about his brother’s death, yet still fails to find something important that will help the case. Mark also meets with his childhood friend named Teseam. He retrieves Teseam’s hidden bullets and weapons. The last visit he pays is to his ex-wife, Akilah. She has taught island kids at the dojo for three years.

Akilah informs Mark that drug problems have slowly overrun the island due to gangs from nearby islands. Later, Manuel has essentially taken control of the island. He is in charge of finance, business, law, and several other sectors as well. Akilah also lets Mark know that Akheem joined Manuel’s club as a bartender months ago. This information leads Mark to suspect Manuel’s involvement in his brother’s death.

A still from The Island (2023).

Because of that, Mark goes to Manuel, and their conversation becomes heated. When talking about Akheem, Manuel tells Mark that Akheem mistakenly went into their club, thinking it was another local club, which led to him crossing paths with the northern gangs. Mark eventually arrives at the club to check on the gang members he believes were involved in his brother’s death, and a fight ensues. However, Mark quickly knocks them out.

Manuel contacts a squad to go to the club and finish off Mark. But he still manages to escape. The squad goes to Mark’s house to kill Yvonne. When they are about to shoot at the home, they realize Yvonne has already left because Mark sent her to Akila’s place to ensure her safety, no matter what happens. Nate arrives and meets Mark. He insists on helping Nate with the case to benefit the people on the island. Nate advises Mark to talk to Nora, who might know about his brother’s death.

The Island (2023) Movie Ending, Explained:

Did they gather any information from Nora?

Nora has been confined to the island by Manuel. He ensures she remains addicted to drugs and perpetually disillusioned because she’s the sole witness to Akheem’s murder. However, little does Manuel know Nora is faking it all and is even avoiding drugs while maintaining her mental stability. Mark asks her for information about his brother’s death and assures her that she will be safely escorted to the USA.

And that is the moment when Nora finally reveals the truth about Akheem’s death. Mark asks Nate to help Nora escape safely. He gets his LAPD partner, whose name is Phil, to set up a safe place for her in Miami. Manuel also shifts all the blame to his former squad and Nora’s drug supplier for the mishap, and he reaches out to cartel groups for assistance.

Nate asks Mark why he doesn’t want Nora by their side to stand as a witness, which could easily help them win the case against Manuel. But Mark declines and explains that criminals like Manuel can exploit or manipulate legal systems using money. This leaves them with only one choice: to end Manuel once and for all.

What happened to Nate?

When Nate arrives to meet Mark at their meeting spot, Mark finds Nate brutally attacked and nearly dying. As they track Nate, Alvarez’s right-hand accomplice and other cartel operatives reach the location. They engage in brief gunfights with Akila and Mark that leads to Akila’s abduction. Mark is emotional and upset as he holds Nate in his final moments. While holding Nate until his last breath reminds him of childhood memories they shared with Akheem.

Did Mark get justice for Akheem in the end?

The next day, after Nate has already passed away, Mark goes to church and holds the fury in his heart while revealing the terrible deeds of Alvarez to all the islanders, making them feel furious as well. The priest in the church gives him the files Nate had given him, including a collection of gathered evidence and ongoing case files against Manuel for money laundering, which he can use as evidence.

Phil also decides to join Mark in the fight against Manuel. But things shift in their favor when two islander kids spot a place guarded by Manuel’s right-hand accomplice and inform Mark about it. He realizes it might be the place where Akila is being held captive. That same night, Manuel calls Mark, letting him know he will return Akila if Mark brings Nora to the meeting spot the next day.

Mark accepts the deal. The following day he sends a group of local police officers led by his partner Phil to rescue Akila while he goes to confront Manuel for a showdown. Phil successfully rescues Akila. Mark keeps Manuel occupied until Akila has been saved, making him believe that he will lose. As Mark takes down Manuel’s other accomplices, he approaches Manuel, and a gunshot is heard.

It turns out that the islanders, led by Teseam, are now armed and determined to bring down Manuel. They surround the area and are the ones who killed Manuel’s accomplices. Mark fights Manuel and easily dominates him. Later, Mark manages to fatally stab him with a knife, similar to how he killed Akheem in the club.

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