The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4: Recap & Ending Explained

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4: The mystery thriller series – ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ follows Hannah, who needs to forge a relationship with Bailey in order to find Owen Michaels. Since the time he disappeared, her life has been in disarray. She decides to travel to Austin in order to see if Bailey can recall anything significant and particular from the events that occurred when she visited this city with her father years ago. They go to the famous stadium where the color orange is their guiding light. Bailey recalled coming there all dressed up with Owen. It led them to a nearby church. However, they did not have any records of a wedding from that period.

The fourth episode follows Hannah and Bailey uncovering a key piece of information about Owen. They meet a professor that Owen frequently talked about. They meet him to uncover Owen Michael’s actual identity. 

*spoilers ahead*

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4: Witness to Your Life

At the end of the previous episode, Hannah (Jennifer Garner) learns that there are no official records of Owen Michaels (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bailey (Angourie Rice). She was devastated by this revelation. Now the new episode begins with an awkward interaction from the past when Hannah wanted to take Bailey and Owen to watch a play together. Since Bailey did not want to spend time with her, Hannah decided to let the father and daughter enjoy it by themselves.

Back in the present, Bailey learns that Owen made up a fake life for himself and her. Bailey finds it hard to digest since it is the foundation of her identity. The next morning, Hannah calls Grady Bradford’s (Augusto Aguilera) marshal’s office to tell them that he has been spying on her. The woman tells her that Grady’s been on vacation. 

Anyhow, Hannah gets Grady’s contact details and calls him. He was having lunch with his son at the time. She questions him about why he lied. She shares her knowledge about Owen’s changed identity. He insinuates that Owen had a purpose for doing what he did. He reveals that someone from Owen’s office tried to break into her house the night before. Besides, he also questions why she is out of town. 

Hannah goes back to her memories as a kid when her mother was mostly absent from her life. She didn’t even know what grade Hannah was in. Anyhow, Hannah got support from her father, who gave her woodworking lessons. He tried to close the gap between Hannah and her mother but couldn’t because of Hannah’s anger toward her for her absence. 

Thinking about her memories with Owen, Hannah recalls the stories that he often told. They had strangely specific details. She figures it means he lied about it since he recounted them exactly the same way every time. Hearing that, Bailey remembers a story he always brought up while lecturing her about persistence. Back during his college days, a professor from Princeton named Cookman framed an exam paper that Owen failed in. She searches for such a professor online and learns about Tobias Cookman, who is an award-winning mathematician. But instead of Princeton, he is a professor at The University of Texas at Austin.

While on her way to the university, Hannah receives a call from Jules (Aisha Tyler). She reveals that she found a small Honeywell key inside the piggy bank. Neither of them is certain what this key is for. Anyhow, Hannah tells Jules to go back to her home and check the duffel bag with money that she left under her bed. Hannah seems worried by what Grady told about a person trying to break into their house. 

Grady returns to his office and guides his staff members to find details about where Hannah has gone to. That’s when his senior officer calls him into her office. She asks why he is looking for Hannah Hall and what he was doing in Sausalito. Subsequently, she orders him not to proceed with his investigation about Owen since it does not fall in their jurisdiction. She says that they are not responsible for Owen’s mistakes. 

It looks like they both knew Owen from before, and there’s some bad blood between them. Grady is still worried for Bailey’s safety after Owen’s disappearance. The officer says that Owen should have thought about it before going AWOL. By then, Grady’s staff member finds out that Hannah and Bailey left on a flight a day before. 

Hannah and Bailey reach Professor Cookman’s office. Since they do not have an appointment, his secretary tells them that it will take a while for them to meet him. So, Hannah cooks up a lie about Bailey’s indecision about her future education and wants Cookman to persuade her in the right direction. So, the secretary says that they can catch him once his lecture gets over.

While she tells them to stop outside the hall, Bailey walks in, so Hannah follows her. They end up disturbing the entire class. So, the professor dismisses the class. Then, Bailey & Hannah walk up to him to ask about an old student by showing Owen’s photo. Cookman is reluctant at first to entertain their requests. He says how he has taught countless students and cannot remember each and every one. 

Bailey reveals that Owen is her father, who disappeared a few days ago, and that they are looking for him. Hannah shares how he was a part of The Shop scam. They also speak about the story Owen always told about how Cookman made an example out of his exam paper and how it motivated him to prove Cookman wrong. So, the professor looks at Owen’s photo once again and recalls that he looked different back then. 

Cookman goes back to his office and says how his wife talked some sense into him after he embarrassed Owen in front of the entire class. He tells an Einstein quote to Bailey to essentially tell her that no one can be certain about anything. He tries to make Bailey feel a little better from her confusion. By then, his secretory – Cheryl, finds the papers from the year Owen possibly studied there. While going through them, Cookman recalls a female student that Owen mentioned as the reason he couldn’t focus on his studies. Since the papers aren’t much help, Hannah decides to visit a library that keeps yearbooks. 

Jules goes to Hannah’s house to check the bag. She sees that it is not under the bed. Jake (Geoff Stults) follows her and asks her to reveal if there is anything wrong going on since he is Hannah’s lawyer. Jules finally reveals that Hannah and Bailey had left a duffel bag with over half a million dollars. Jake says that if Hannah is hiding the money, she can be charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. She defends Hannah while Jake tries to defend himself by saying how he would have been a better choice than Owen for her. 

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 4 Ending Explained:

Hannah recalls an incident from her childhood with regard to her mother. She did not want them to have any relationship since her mother did not know a single thing about her. Her father consoles her and says how people keep changing, and so do our definitions of ourselves. She snaps out of this memory when Jules calls her. She reveals that she did not find any duffel bag under the bed. It makes Hannah even more worried. 

Hannah goes back to Bailey, intently going through the yearbook records. Sensing Bailey’s confusion about her identity, Hannah says that it is up to her to decide who she is and she should not let anyone else define it for her. That’s when they get a call from Eleanor, whom they met in the church before. 

Eleanor spoke with her parishioners, and one of them pointed out that the wedding Bailey recalled being at could have been a pre-season wedding. The Reyes and Smith wedding was on the same day as the final scrimmage. Bailey checks through the yearbook records. She finds no records of Reyes but a person called Katherine Smith. Elanor says the bride’s name was Andrea Reyes, and the groom’s name was Charles Smith. The two then stumble upon a photo of their debate team and find one of the students, who could possibly be Bailey’s biological mother because of their uncanny resemblance. Let’s wait for the next episode to learn how it helps Hannah and Bailey figure out Owen’s whereabouts. 

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