The Power (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Previously, ‘The Power’ explored how women from different parts of the world were challenging the status quo with their newfound ability. It followed three narratives to demonstrate the hardships they faced along the journey and the cathartic justice they achieved.

Now the fifth episode delves into how this new organ is being seen and perceived by politicians, the media, and the medical community and how gender roles impact their outlook toward it. Margot and Tatiana’s narratives present how the women in positions of power are dealing with EOD (Electronic Organ Discharge) and its significant impact on the world.

*spoilers ahead*

The Power (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap:

Episode 5: Scarlet Minnow

Earlier, the show conveyed how ‘Power’ was looked at as a boon or even a curse inside an American convent. Now, episode 5 dives right into the heart of this matter to discuss these countering perspectives. In the US, Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez (Toni Collette) gained the spotlight for publically acknowledging the Power and its impact, especially on young girls all around the world. One of the crucial factors for her to realize its potential was Tunde Ojo’s (Toheeb Jimoh) viral video about women in Nigeria.

So now, Tunde joins Margot at her office to speak about the ongoing discourse and the authorities trying to suppress it. Margot and her associate, Helen (Edwina Findley), choose a more diplomatic way to present Margot’s image, not to harm her political career. It comes with a cost, with Margot not opposing Dandon’s plan of creating an antidote.

Furthermore, Tunde asks Margot a question that she is frequently asked due to her growing fame. Is she doing this just to boost her political career? Margot puts the light back on Tunde and asks him why he is choosing to report these events. He talks about realizing the intersectionality in his Muslim, male, and Nigerian identity and how he wants to use his privilege to voice the opinions of those who are silenced. Margot points out how it still got him from having just a few subscribers to the world watching him. So, Margot’s stance is, everyone uses their position, even if morally superior, for personal gain.

By that time, Carpathia also used the authority to handle the impact of these incidents. Instead of helping the girls and women in need, Viktor Moskalev (Alexandru Bindea) decides to imprison them to protect the men. He also fires women from his staff with this Power, fearing they might electrocute men like him for being fascists. Besides, the economic pressure caused by the outbreak pushed him to make these decisions. Viktor also brings a scientist on board to help stop the spread of EOD (Electronic Organ Discharge).

Tatiana (Zrinka Cvitesic), who is reduced to being Viktor’s trophy wife, silently notices all these changes. She sees how only her groomer, Solongo (Bayra Bela), is allowed to be in Victor’s mansion since she does not have Power. However, Tatiana was not always as silent about injustices as she is now. The episode shows her past that led her to this position.

Once a popular gymnast, Tatiana (Eliza-Maria Agrosoaie) started struggling during her Olympic games training. While her coach openly molested her, she kept pushing herself to get chosen to represent their country in this sport. Back home, her younger sister, Zoia (Julia Marcan), kept telling how Tatiana is the chosen one for fame and recognition while she remains sidelined. That guilt made Tatiana look at even her hardships as a privilege.

On one of the days during Tatiana’s training, Viktor comes with his entourage and meets her father. After their brief exchange, he approaches Tatiana. She thinks he is offering her the spot to play in the Olympics. However, the pervert rather asks her out on a date. It infuriates her, and she takes out her anger on her abusive mother. Yet, the mother keeps silencing Tatiana, saying how she would have accepted Viktor’s offer if she was in Tatiana’s shoes.

Alas, Tatiana goes on a date with decades-older Victor. While she abhors his shameless display of nastiness, she admires what wealth can afford. Later, she goes back to her training to learn that another girl has been chosen for the Olympics. She urges her coach to consider her instead since she is better than the other girl and how she can play despite being married. However, the coach tells her it is not his decision but Victor’s, who wants her to focus on their marriage as if it is a career she is supposed to build.

Meanwhile, in the present, Victor and the General watch the report on the skein removal program. They look at the removed part of a dead woman’s organ, which deplorable Victor finds ugly. Back in the US, Rob (John Leguizamo) sees the documents about this report with the same photograph. Unlike the Carpathians, he feels bad for the girls who underwent this experiment since none of them survived afterward. So, he understands the fatal flaw in castrating them. However, a bureaucrat suggests wanting him on board for the project on account of his sensible track record.

Rob, however, cannot look past the damage it would cause to create a federally funded suppressant. The bureaucrat explains its benefit for the girls who look at EOD as a curse. Still, Rob is worried about the repercussions of possibly being mandated by the authorities while being careless about how it impacts the women being operated upon.

Back home, Rob notices his son being prey to a male supremacist influencer called Urbandox, who incites men, saying that they are in danger due to women like Margot. Matty (Garrison Machado) resonates with this douchebag’s message also because of getting hurt earlier by Jos (Auli’l Cravalho). Rob tries to make Matty see the dangerous impact of this influencer who, under the garb of free speech, uses anonymity to spew hatred. On the other hand, Rob offers a safe space for Jos to talk to if she needs medical or any other help.

When Margot returns home, Rob confronts her about her stance on the government-funded experiment. She argues the impact that opposing it will have on her political ambitions. So, he begrudgingly goes for the gathering at Dandon’s place. Before leaving, Rob secretly calls his old friend, Declan Blease (Risteard Cooper), who now works as a journalist. Rob shares the information and the report documents with Declan to leak the news, but not to mention his name. So, Declan gets the article published under the pseudonym – Scarlet Minnow. Margot, Dandon, and others notice the news and wonder who this Scarlet person is.

While Rob pretends that he has no knowledge about it, Margot returns home and accuses him of leaking the report to the press. Rob fights back at first by guilt-tripping Margot for how she does not have any time to speak with him because of her work.

Soon after, he opens up about their son being exposed to Urbandox’s content, among other things that Margot has no idea about since she never bothers to talk with the children beyond her courtesy interactions. Then, disappointed in Margot, he walks down the water while their children see their stunt and feel embarrassed by their parents.

In Carpathia, older women imprisoned by their countrymen get restless about the unjust treatment. This includes the now grown-up Zoia (Ana Ularu) and Kimaya (Penyvad Sadeghian). These women notice that younger girls are being taken away since they have EOD power. Zoia, who has seen the videos of the uprising in Saudi Arabia, tells other women about it to motivate them to a similar movement. So, they plan to gain power for this ability from a teenager who comes in every day in their bunker.

The Power (Season 1), Episode 5 Ending Explained:

Due to her conversation with Rob, Margot decides to take some time to speak with Jos. She opens up about the pressures of her demanding job and says how tired she is. She asks Jos if she has any marijuana and decides to use it as a way to bond with her. Margot goes to the balcony, and Jos lights it with her power. Margot gets astonished since she now sees Jos being in much better control of her power.

Subsequently, Margot speaks about over-protectiveness toward Jos for not having a responsible mother in her childhood. Jos says that she doesn’t need anyone’s protection anymore. While sharing the joint, Jos mentions how powerful she feels with EOD since she does not have to walk around feeling dread. She opens up about how it made her realize how fearful she used to feel beforehand. Margot is elated by this realization and then asks Jos to share this Power with her. Jos tries doing so and succeeds in it. So now, Margot also has the EOD ability.

Meanwhile, in Carpathia, the female prisoners gain Power from the teenager and then share it among themselves. They start making noise out of sheer joy. A guard opens the door to silence them. So, a woman electrocutes his penis and makes him feel powerless. Then, they electrocute other male guards and rush out of the main door.

On the other hand, Tatiana realizes that Solongo also has EOD ability. While Solongo secretly tries to use it, Tatiana approaches her. Solongo gets scared, thinking she will get killed or imprisoned by the male guards. Instead, Tatiana asks her to share this ability with her. So now, Tatiana also has this power, like Zoia and Margot.

The episode intriguingly explores the dichotomy between EOD being a curse or a boon. It shows these three women in positions of power gaining it. As Margot pointed out in an earlier episode, she now feels the necessity of it. Let’s see how The Power tackles the shakedown of the status quo in the further episodes.

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