Sex Lives of College Girls (Season 2) Episodes 9 & 10: The second season of The Sex Lives of College Girls, streaming on HBO Max, is coming to an end, and there will be another couple of months that the fans would eagerly wait for the new one. With the strong bonding formed between Bela, Kimberley, Whitney, and Leighton, the writing & performances have certainly created a longing to meet the characters again and walk along with them through their messy yet relatable journeys. Created by Justin Noble & Mindy Kaling, it consistently makes up for an engaging & hilarious coming-of-age drama.

Sex Lives of College Girls (Season 2) Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

Episode 9: Sex & Basketball

Directed by Rupinder Gill, the episode is written by her & Caroline Goldfarb. Leighton (Reneé Rapp) tells her roommates about the text she received from her ex, Alicia (Midori Francis), and is confused about whether to approach her or not since she is now in a relationship with Tatum (Gracie Dzienny). The roommates get surprised since she rarely asks them for relationship advice. Then, Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) suggests she speak with Tatum before speaking with Alicia. The next moment, Andrew (Charlie Hall) shows up near their table and asks Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott) out on a date with confidence, which she finds attractive.

At the café, Kimberly mentions stumbling upon a piece of news in the school newspaper about Canaan (Christopher Meyer) getting a special award. He wanted to hide the fact that he is a genius in economics, but his secret comes out this way. Later, he asks her whether she would like to come with him as a company, and she agrees to join and support him. Meanwhile, at their Yoga class, Leighton asks Tatum whether it is okay for her to meet her ex, and Tatum is zen about it. She also mentions being friends with her past girlfriends.

While Leighton gets the green light, Bela (Amrit Kaur) mentions her Foxy’s (female magazine group) that they are going to be featured in ‘The Essex View’ – a reputed publication from their college. All the writers get excited by this announcement and start pitching ideas on how to present themselves. Carla (Isabella Roland) mentions funny nicknames she has come up with for every member to be printed on a T-shirt and worn during the interview. Still, Bela decides to take matters into her own hands and tells them to wear appropriate attire for the group photo & interview.

On their date, Andrew nerds out about the Yelp review about the restaurant they go to and mansplains the details he gathers about their food online. She gets weirded out seeing this side of him. Meanwhile, Leighton goes back to her old group of revolutionary college friends and meets Tatum. She gets surprised to see her old ex, who she asked to come as a free physical laborer for their new project. However, she still holds dear feelings for Leighton, and when she asks if she can bring her girlfriend, Tatum agrees.

When the interviewer comes to the room full of Foxy’s, the writers start sharing their thoughts in their uniquely idiosyncratic manner. But Bela wants female writers to be taken seriously and shares an elaborate response to his questions. As a result, he ends up majorly adding only her views in the article since she was eloquent, and it looks like a piece about just her and not the group. She feels sad that others are left out but impulsively goes on to tell them to publish it the way it is. Meanwhile, at the fancy banquet, Kimberly learns the number of noble activities that Canaan has done and gets surprised by the fact of having no knowledge of them.

Leighton comes to attend the fundraiser of Alicia & her friends with Tatum, who starts making fun of the overtness of their messaging. While Leighton is usually just as judgmental, it does not sit well with her at the moment, and she expresses it right away. She mentions being hurt by Tatum not caring about her friends’ earnest intent. Alicia notices the change in Leighton’s personality, who stands for the cause herself now.

On the other side, while Andrew & Whitney keep having their romantic moments, she starts getting weirded out by the corny side of his personality. Meanwhile, Canaan drops Kimberly off the campus and walks away. She looks back at him but does not say anything to him at the moment. After leaving Andrew’s place, Whitney meets Canaan and congratulates him on the award. Soon after, Kimberly walks up to Jackson’s room with determination and breaks up with him.

Episode 10: The Rooming Lottery

Directed by Justin Noble, the episode is written by him & Beth Appel. Several Kappa members enter their dorm cheering and jumping and walk towards Leighton’s room. Then, they share the exciting news of her being elected as their Social Chair for the next year. As a result, she needs to move in with them. While she instantly agrees since it was her mother’s dream for her, her roommates feel sad to see her leave. Since it is the end of the year, everyone is figuring out who to choose for the coming year as their roommate.

sex lives of college girls season 2 episode 9 10

Whitney asks Kimberly about it, and she instantly agrees. She also mentions having no interest in joining the Kappa house. While they are unsure what to tell Bela, she soon mentions her plan to move in with other Foxy’s members. Right at the time, she meets a fan of hers who sees a feature written solely about her. She asks if she can get notes about a comical piece she has written, and Bela agrees. She senses the celebrity status she has gained and gets elated.

Leighton goes to meet Alicia and learns that the funding for their feminist department is being pulled away, which makes it impossible for them to function. Meanwhile, at the café, Kimberly speaks with Lila (Ilia Isorelýs Paulino) about her suspicion that Canaan is into her since he asked her out as his date for the gala. Lila denies it right away, noting him mentioning Kimberly as an old boring woman. So, she decides to let go of her thoughts about him.

Whitney decides to take biochemistry as her major for the next year, and Willow (Renika Williams) mentions Andrew as her boyfriend, who is also selecting the same subject. She points out that Whitney does not like him and that she should let him know about her feelings sooner than later. The Foxy’s members get angry at almost no mention of them in the write-up. However, Bela does not reveal that she got a final look at it before it was published.

Leighton’s parents arrive because of the announcement of her being the Kappa Social Chair. Her father enthusiastically wears a T-shirt that says ‘proud gay dad’, thinking it to be LGBTQ+ friendly. But he realizes that people would consider him not a parent of a gay child but a gay person himself. Her mother is unhappy that Leighton did not share her feelings directly and she instead got to know about her sexuality through her father. Leighton mentions how uncool she (the mother) had been throughout her life, which made her scared to come out to her.

When Andrew comes up to Whitney, she breaks up with him. He then goes to their class and starts crying while performing an assignment. During the Kappa gathering, old alumni start attacking the new inclusive gatherings where women are not the only ones that fit their definition of womanhood. Leighton passionately argues back in her support for non-binary and trans people. But the old ladies do not agree with her and continue to wish to maintain the sanctity of their gatherings. A Kappa member, the same age as hers, advises her not to argue with those who fund them, and if she does not abide, she can leave. She gets annoyed by it and realizes how the new her cannot tolerate bigotry and decides to leave Kappa.

While she mentions this decision to her mother, she also shares her feeling uncomfortable around them and their ignorant remarks. Her mother accepts her decision with an open heart. Meanwhile, Kimberly speaks with Zoe from the café about the banquet that Canaan mentioned asking her about her before. But Zoe mentions having no knowledge of it, and that gives Kimberly a hint that he is genuinely interested in her. Bela, on the other hand, meets her fan and tells her that she is eligible to be a part of their group. Since she only notes this remark and does not share any notes on her writing, the girl gets angry at her and leaves.

Sex Lives of College Girls (Season 2) Episodes 10 (Season Finale) Ending Explained

While the roommates have fun in their own room, Bela sees a tweet where that fan calls her a bully. Bela fears that she will be canceled because of this and will need to leave her dreams of being a comedy writer for good. Her roommates cheer her up and take her with them to a Theta party. Over there, Leighton meets Alicia and hands her a check with a huge sum that she was planning to give to Kappa before. Because of this sweet gesture, she goes on to kiss her and regrets it since Leighton is committed to Tatum. But she mentions breaking up with Tatum the night of the fundraiser, and they get back together.

Evangeline (Sierra Katow) and Jo (Cheyenne Perez) from the Foxy’s come up to Bela and question her about hiding the fact of knowing about the write-up beforehand. They also note that her fan – Jorja’s post results from her controlling behavior, where she rejects the writing if it does not meet her personal standards. Because of this, she is removed from their group. Soon after, Kimberly goes up to Canaan after a night of trying to gauge his attention, and they finally kiss each other. Whitney, who happens to see it from a distance, walks away.

The next day, she casually asks Kimberly about Canaan and her in their dining hall, who does not reveal a single detail about her. Soon after, she goes to meet Kappa girls and asks for a room stating that Leighton rejected it. However, it seems to be because Kimberly lying about her kiss with Canaan. While Leighton is hopeful about things working out well for Bela in regard to Jorja, she seems unsure about it. She meets a professor and expresses her guilt for all her wrongdoings throughout the year and her disappointing GPA. She gets emotional explaining all these painful memories, where, even if unintentionally, she hurt people. As a result, she requests a transfer.

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