The White Lotus (Season 2): Ever since Meghan Fahy’s Daphne came across a body while taking a dip on the last day of her great vacation within the opening 5 minutes of The White Lotus season 2, the internet has been losing its mind to figure out who that “body” might be. To make matters further twisted, Mike White had thrown in the mystery of more bodies being found in the Sicilian White Lotus hotel; a piece of news that was enough to drown the manager Valentina in an anxiety pool.


After such an explosive start to a season, The White Lotus (Season 2) has purposefully slowed down things and kept teasing us about who the victims and killers are going to be, in singular or plural. As a result, for the past six weeks, we have been losing our minds over it while examining every subtle hint White has given us. 

Now that the finale is about to arrive on Sunday, we will finally find all the answers. But before that, we are going to make one final attempt to solve the mysteries by ourselves by discussing all the possible theories.

Let us have some fun by classifying the theories into three categories; likely, far-fetched but still possible, and absolutely bonkers.

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First, the Likely theories.

Ethan finally snapping and killing Cameron

The White Lotus (Season 2) aubrey-plaza-will-sharpe-theo-james-meghann-fahey

We have been seeing Ethan Spillers (played by Will Shape) bottling things inside and trying to deal with his douchebag friend Cameron (Theo James has been fantastic) and his failing marriage with the rather interesting Harper (Performer of this season, Aubrey Plaza) by running every morning followed by masturbating ritual.


With each passing day, Ethan is reaching the point where he is going to snap. In fact, the latest episode did tease some of that when Ethan was pounding on the door of their room, suspecting his wife was cheating on him with Cameron. And at the end of the episode, we see Ethan imagining the same, and we even get very thorough visuals of that as well.

If the promos are anything to go by, where we see an angry, unhinged Ethan, then we can put money on the theory which says Ethan is going to kill Cameron. In fact, that floating body at the beginning of the season might just be Ethan’s doing.

The De Grasso family killing the obnoxious Alessio, who might be Lucia’s brother

Minor character Alessio has already managed to piss us off with limited appearance and almost no dialogue, and we would not mind at all seeing him meeting his doom in the hands of De Grassos. 

Of course, among the De Grasso, Albie (Adam DiMarco) is the one who truly has a motive that can be considered substantial as he is very much into Lucia and would like to be her “savior” knight in shining casual holiday clothes.

The theory of Alessio actually being Lucia’s brother is also floating around, which does seem believable as Lucia does come back or manage to get past him without much hindrance.

Now, the far-fetched but still possible theories

Greg is Quentin’s cowboy, and going to die by the end

Tanya’s new BFF, Quentin, has a lot to hide for sure and certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of good news he appears to be. The photo Tanya saw in a state of haze last episode was most likely of Quentin and a very young Greg, and Quentin has already mentioned that he would do anything for the cowboy. If Greg indeed is the “cowboy,” then he might just be using Quentin to trick Tanya into an elaborate conspiracy. His desire to get out of the marriage probably suffocates him.

But we don’t think The White Lotus is going to let Jennifer Coolidge go, which is completely understandable. So we can expect Greg, along with Quentin, to meet his maker at the hands of Coolidge’s Tanya. However, he has been absent from the scene for a while.

We are also counting on Portia to help her boss now that Jack has turned out to be a loose cannon. Portia should remember that Tanya did warn her about Jack (of course, we know why).

Not Ethan, but Daphne killing Cameron and managing to escape the consequence

Daphne is the character who got an onion peeling treatment from Mike White. While she came off as this ignorant rich white housewife in the initial episodes, the later episodes have made it explicitly clear that she is much more than that. In fact, we can assume that she is very much aware of what a piece of shit her husband is, and her playing along might just be an act of survival.

But she has plans to escape it all, of course. And what is better than drowning the douchebag husband and blaming it either on the crazy ocean or maybe even Ethan?


Harper killing Cameron, the closest to the Testa Di Moro legend we can possibly have

There have been tons of references to the legend of Testa Di Moro throughout the season, which we don’t consider to be just a random thing. While the legend talks about a beautiful girl taking the head of her lover after finding out he is a cheating family man, the show might spin the bottle toward Cameron. And who is better than Harper to give him his due, especially if you take the sexual tension between them into account? 

We have another cheating family man, though, but since Dom is on a redemption arc for the last few episodes, it is unlikely for him to end up dead in this context.

Lastly, the theories which we think are absolutely bonkers but given it is The White Lotus, you never know..

Ethan snapped and killing his wife instead of his friend

Instead of Cameron, Harper might meet Ethan’s wrath originating from his suspicion of her cheating with Cameron. But we somehow refuse to wrap our heads around the idea of Aubrey Plaza dying in the hand of Will Sharpe. If it happens, it will definitely be the darkest The White Lotus has ever been. But if you remember the big death last season was accidental, and it somehow involved someone taking a shit inside a suitcase, The White Lotus is supposed to be surprisingly funny, right?

Goodbye, Tanya.

Basically, this is the same theory as Tanya being a victim of a Greg-Quentin ploy, but the end result is the former cowboy and his British admirer succeeding and Tanya completely losing her head as well as the will to live. But considering The White Lotus has already been renewed for another season by HBO, the idea of the show without Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya does not seem good.

Whatever happens, we are going to have a finale worth talking about, just like the first season. In true Mike White style, there will be twists and turns, along with surprises and shocks. And we can also count on it to be tragically funny. We can’t wait, but we are also going to miss all the spectaculating and pondering over theories until the next season comes.


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