Legion of Super-Heroes (2023): Movie Ending Explained: The Justice League and The Justice Society of America are two names that come to mind when one talks about super teams in DC lore. Legion of Super-Heroes is an animated offering that permits the eponymous group to earn a place among the audience’s minds.

The plot of Legion of Super-Heroes (2023)

This film focuses on the story of Kara Zor-El, who flew from Krypton, entered cryo space, and arrived in an alien world. As someone who didn’t grow up there, she struggled to adapt and alienated Batman. Thus, Superman sent her to the thirty-first century Legion Academy to allow her to settle into an Earth closer to the home she experienced whilst growing up on Krypton.

As part of the Legion Academy, Kara Zor-El battled a threat to the Legion and earned her spot as a superhero.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Ending Explained

The ending saw Supergirl and Brainiac 5 burst in on the supervillain, who was trying to use the Miracle Machine to create a new reality. Since, in reality, he saw the other three bodies who shared his body pursue their own ambitions, the villain snapped his body in half. With the main threat eliminated, the Legion Academy students could deal with the members of the Dark Circle and their Trojan Horse within the Academy single-handedly. This saw them earn a great and unprecedented reward.

Here are some questions about the film and its ending elaborated on in detail.

Who were the Brainiacs?

Brainiac was a supervillain, and this film showed us that every single subsequent clone had gone evil. This included Brainiac 2 (an intergalactic assassin), Brainiac 3 (who tried to overthrow united planets with mind control), and Brainiac 4 (who was a serial killer).

Who were the students that were part of the Legion Academy?

Besides Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), the Legion Academy comprised a bunch of hopefuls. This included Mon-el from Daxam, Dawnstar, Invisible Kid and Bouncing Boy from Earth, Triplicate Girl from Carg, Arms Fall Off Boy, Phantom Girl, and Brainiac 5.

What was The Dark Circle?

The Dark Circle was the villainous group that gave Solomon Grundy his gun in the twenty-first century, spying on Kara as she battled him. They also break into Star Labs and face Batman’s wrath. The group served as the antagonist team and was a cult that had been identified by many names over time. However, their symbol remained the same dark circle.

Who was the leader of the Dark Circle?

Superman’s archenemy from the twenty-first century, Brainiac, was the leader of The Dark Circle.

How did Brainiac survive the Kryptonite bullet?

Superman killed Brainiac in the twenty-first century. However, as the smartest man in the universe, Brainiac implied that he wouldn’t have not left a backup of himself. Moreover, he claimed that although the bullet went through his brain, there was enough for his Dark Circle members to build around.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Why did Kara break Brainiac 5 out?

Kara Zor-El knew Brainiac 5 wouldn’t want to be seen as stupid, even for the greater good. Brainiac 5 would have crafted a master plan to hoodwink the rest. But he didn’t, and Kara smelled a rat. Hence, as things didn’t add up, she went and spoke to Brainiac 5. After listening to his story, she deduced he was telling the truth and freed him from his pod. She may have trusted him, as Brainiac 5’s struggles reminded her of her short time in the twenty-first century when she was an outcast.

Who betrayed the Legion Academy?

This film saw a return to classic Superman lore, with the planet of Daxam serving as the villain’s origin. This meant that Legion Academy trainee Mon-el was the villain who had to distract the legionaries, manipulate Supergirl and Brainiac 5 to break the unbreakable vault, and allow The Dark Circle to saunter in without great opposition.

Why did The Dark Circle want to alter reality?

Mon-el claimed that the Legion encouraged losers and misfits to be heroes. In his eyes, The Dark Circle would allow power to thrive and let them deal with the rot. Hence, they persevered for centuries and devised an ideal plan to execute at the most opportune moment.

How did Triplicate Girl survive?

Triplicate girl was the first Legion Academy member to know the truth of Mon-el. He killed her, but she returned for the final battle. The explanation for this was that she ‘triplicated’ and lost one of her selves to Mon-el. Hence, two of her were still alive thanks to her timely transformation.

Which two Legion Academy members renamed themselves?

Triplicate Girl became Duplicate Girl as Mon-el killed one of her selves. Seeing this, Arms Fall Off Guy decided to become Arms Fall Off Man.

How did Brainiac 5 and Supergirl stop the Miracle Machine?

Brainiac 5 sensed that the machine would not stop in this reality until it completely unraveled the reality it was in. Hence, he and Kara phased it into a different reality that saw the thirty-first-century Earth return to its original state.

Which Legion Academy member made it to the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Things looked bleak when Supergirl and Brainiac 5 received their talking to from the Legion of Super-Heroes. Supergirl then went to the common room type of place where she met her roommate Dawnstar and a bunch of other hopefuls. They all accepted that they would be on the waitlist to make it to the Legion. Obviously, only one from among them would advance. The group seemed to accept that Mon-el would be the one.

That changed after Mon-el’s treachery, snobbish attitude, pride, greed, and fall. When the Legion of Super-Heroes returned to the Legion Academy in full numbers, they were shocked to see Mon-el and various members of The Dark Circle in pods. This prompted the leader to call for a vote that every single Legion Academy student becomes a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Did Supergirl and Brainiac 5 overcome their issues?

The duo should never have had a problem. But family histories played a part in her attacking him. They kept trying to one-up each other. However, things changed once Supergirl used her head. Brainiac 5 and Kara worked as a team, beat The Dark Circle, and then shared a passionate kiss right at the end. Quite a celebration upon receiving news that all the Academy students would be inducted into The Legion of Super-Heroes, right? Safe to say they left their issues in the past.

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