Triptych (Season 1): Recap and Ending Explained – Is Aleida Trujano Still Alive?

Triptych Season 1

Triptych (Season 1) Recap and Ending Explained: The term “triptych” refers to a group of works that are linked artistically, literally, or musically. However, closely linked individuals are referred to as ‘triptych’ in this series. “Triptych,” inspired by a true story, is a Mexican sci-fiction thriller that doesn’t fail to make a lasting impression. Triptych is about Dr. Meyer and Dr. Julia Batiz and their experiment that tries to prove behaviorist B.F Skinner’s theory of how humans leave an imprint on one another.

Although Dr. Meyer didn’t continue his research, Dr. Julia Batiz, with the help of Dr. Bernard Saenz at Humanis Vita Hospital, continued the research by implanting into the uterus of a surrogate mother with the first set of identical triplets conceived in a Petri dish. After the babies are born, they are separated, and the effects of separation anxiety are checked. The experiment continues as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma survive in different places in different socio-economic conditions. So, Aleida, Rebecca, and Tamara are identical sisters who are separated at birth but coincidentally meet each other when they become adults. The quest to know what exactly is happening and why all three are getting visions and acting weird is what makes “Triptych” (Season 1) worth the watch.

Triptych (Season 1) Recap:

After having come to know the truth, Aleida walks straight to Dr. Julia Batiz at Humanis Vita Hospital to make her confess about the ethically incorrect social experiment. While Aleida is ready to execute Dr. Julia standing on the terrace if she doesn’t oblige to reveal the truth. Dr. Julia tried to convince Aleida, but she doesn’t retreat. She is insistent. In the process, Dr. Julia is injured as she is shot, and Aleida is almost executed. The first episode ends with Rebecca from the forensics department entering the crime scene and meeting her identical sister for the first time. She starts questioning her past and wants to know more.

Rebecca Adamant to Dig Out Her History

Rebecca visits her mother to find out the truth but to no avail. But Rebecca is determined to know more. She performs the DNA tests and discovers that they are both sisters, prompting Rebecca’s mother to reveal the truth. Subsequently, she informs her that she was adopted. Rebecca then investigates and further visits Eugenio’s house to know if Aleida has any clue. She finds Aleida’s photographs of Rebecca and Tamara, and that’s when her visions become clearer.

Rebecca, inquisitive enough, tries to meet Tamara, who already knows enough about Aleida and Rebecca but isn’t interested in digging into her past, unlike Rebecca. Tamara is interested in money, and therefore when Eugenio requests her to act as Aleida, she agrees because of the money involved. Eugenio teaches Tamara to act and behave elegantly like Aleida, and she does learn it perfectly well. Rebecca later notices Tamara with Eugenio and thinks that they were already associated. But Tamara explains otherwise and convinces her that she can be at Eugenio’s home and get to know more about Aleida and give the information that Rebecca needs to know about the past.

Revelation of the Dubious Experiment

Rebecca and Tamara both get the visions and experience certain jerks and events simultaneously, finding it quite odd. Unstoppable, Rebecca digs deeper taking the help of Pilar. She gets access to the basement of the hospital, where a lot of truths of the experimentation are clarified. Rebecca and Tamara have almost found the truth. Therefore they are being chased by the one who leads the whole experiment, Dr. Julia Batiz. Dr. Julia Batiz, with Captain Humberto Solano’s help, gets Rebecca and Tamara to their original house. To the place where they were born and lived for a month or two as babies.

Rebecca and Tamara notice the circular, stained, colorful window and realize it is the place known to them. Dr. Julia Batiz makes them realize that the image has kept them connected and explains the whole experiment to them. Emotionally unstable Rebecca and the angry Tamara get together to wage war against Dr. Julia Batiz. At the laboratory or their original home, they also get to know that Aleida isn’t dead. But when she was declared dead, she was in a state of catalepsy induced by medication. Aleida, through her visions, understands that her identical siblings too are in the same place and therefore causes a blackout which helps them manage an escape from the monster Dr. Julia Batiz.

Triptych Season 1

Triptych (Season 1) Ending Explained:

Eugenio is presented as a monster who wants Aleida dead. But there is someone else who is actually behind this whole drama. When the three identical triplets are separated, that is the most tragic thing that could happen to them. Each of them experienced the world differently, but they were being monitored all throughout. None of the events that happened to them was coincidental. Everything was purely meditated. Whether it was Aleida’s father’s death, Rebecca’s father’s death, Tamara’s mother’s death, or Rebecca and Tamara’s affair with a psychologist, everything was considered in order to match the variables and not ruin the ongoing experiment.

How did Rebecca know that this was all an experiment?

Rebecca, through her research, finds the social worker Beatriz who had handed Rebecca up for adoption. Rebecca is made to believe that this was all a master plan of Eugenio and that he is powerful to execute anyone and everyone who will come on his way to achieving success. But Rebecca, with Pilar’s help, visits the hospital’s basement and finds out that this was all an experiment. Later the same is clarified as Rebecca’s mother insists she read the article published in the magazine on the dubious experiment. She realizes that the experiment was illegal and therefore was called off. But then, she still thinks that it is being done by Eugenio, who is carrying on his father’s legacy, Dr. Meyers.

This is further clarified when both Rebecca and Tamara are transported to their original home by the accomplice of Dr. Julia Batiz, Captain Humberto Solano. Both siblings observe the familiar window and realize they have returned to where they belonged. Dr. Julia Batiz overpowers them and then places them in the cell. While imprisoned in the cell, she explains to them the whole experiment and how they were being carefully monitored. Rebecca and Tamara are shattered to know when Dr. Julia Batiz explains, one by one, the incidents that happened in their life.

Who was controlling the experiment?

Dr. Julia Batiz makes it clear that this time, it was she who had planned and carried out this successful experiment. It was Dr. Julia all the time calling the shots. She was the one who was meticulously planning the adoption and observation of the identical triplets. The doctor was carefully taking care as well as trying to prove her assumptions. In fact, she had placed observers around all three who would take care of the three and look after their needs and requirements. She was so careful that she also planned with whom they should relate and associate.

Moreover, the doctor even thought that if one felt the loss of something dear, the other too should feel the same. In other words, she tried to offer similar variables to the triplets so that they may experience the same and note their responses. Dr. Meyer might have given up his research, but Dr. Julia took it forward. She took careful measures to ensure that no illegal tasks came before the public or the media. Dr. Julia carefully got rid of Beatriz and those who came her way and simultaneously managed to shift the blame at Eugenio Aleida’s husband.

Is Aleida Trujano still alive?

In the first episode, Aleida is executed, and she seems gone because Eugenio also confirms it. Aleida’s death saddens Rebecca because she will now have to conduct research and learn more about her past. Rebecca knew that Aleida was aware of something. She grows suspicious because Aleida has never met Rebecca and vice versa. But Aleida knew Rebecca. When Aleida is found dead, there is no mention of her even in the records of the hospital. Rebecca finds it suspicious. Furthermore, she assumes that these are the secret doings of Eugenio, who wants to get rid of Aleida.

But Aleida was safely taken care of by Dr. Julia Batiz right from the start. She powerfully and magnificently executes her trick of making it look like death. However, the doctor takes Aleida and keeps her safe in her laboratory, preparing her for the next phase. Aleida is alive. She is simply waiting for the right time to come to escape from the imprisonment of the monstrous Dr. Julia. When opportunity strikes, the identical triplets make a grand escape. Escape not just from the experiment. They are also escaping from their misery, loneliness, and ignorance. The series starts off with three independent, lost, emotionally unstable, desirous persons living their lives. But ended with three identical triplets as siblings walking hand in hand.

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