True Lies (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: Episode 7 of True Lies sheds light on Albert Gibson’s peculiar relationship with his estranged father Al. This episode’s storyline is placed in a single setting; the headquarters of Axe Industries, a leading supplier of weapons to the industry. Our Omega team has a new member in Al, who must use his knowledge of the building he designed to help rescue hostages. There were a lot of explosions and slick action setpieces in episode 7. The CBS spy flick has been consistent in delivering decent action-packed narratives, although the final product struggles to match the high standard modern filmmaking it espouses to achieve.

In this recap of True Lies episode 7, “Independent Dependants,” we go through the entire story again. We also explain in detail the ending of the episode and what it means for our characters.

True Lies (Season 1), Episode 7 Recap:

Independent Dependants

Victor Madsen is a rogue Delta Force agent who was dishonorably discharged from the service. He has turned against the US government and its attempts to take advantage of a flourishing weapons industry. Axe Industries is a leading player and supplier of weapons to Washington and other private entities. Victor comes with his mercenaries under the garb of striking a deal with Axe. But his real intention is to take the facility hostage and then demand a ransom from the government to let them go. He takes control of the security room, killing the organization’s security force and forcing the facility into lockdown.

Quite interestingly, the Omega team in this episode is not briefed by Gib, their chief tactical support. Quinn from Engineering takes over from Gib, who is entangled with Trilby in a meeting. In reality, it turns out that Gib wants to stay away from the case as his estranged father Al designed the Axe Industries building where Madsen holds the employees hostage. Gib does not want to appear weak and go to his father for help. Helen and Harry try to convince Gib and promise to help him communicate better with Al.

They go to Al’s house, who is surprised to see Gib. Even Al has a grudge against his son, as they have not talked in over a decade. Helen tries to explain the case and that the building Al designed might get blown up and, with it, the lives of 120 people. Al agrees to help them and becomes an official member of their team in the mission to rescue the hostages. He advises the team to use the utility tunnels that lead to the basement in order to infiltrate the building while the FBI negotiates with Madsen.

Al and Gib have constant tussles as to who is leading the operation. Gib also informs the team that they do not have long before the press starts reporting it. They are currently on lockdown, and a few top-level FBI personnel know of the situation. Helen hangs back to mediate between Gib and Al while Harry, Luther, and Maria make their way into the utility tunnels. Maden is getting impatient with the negotiation. He threatens to kill hostages if the FBI does not turn up with the cash.

But in reality, Madsen and his team have a completely different mission to complete in the building. Maria gets a little claustrophobic in the tunnels but tries to remain focused on the mission. Gib and Al guide the team to navigate the utility tunnel. Al is still bitter about Gib not taking his MIT scholarship and then returning back to take his place at Axe. The father-son duo fights as the team approaches the passageway. But there is a catch.

New developments to the building mean that there is something going on. Al is not sure if the team should take the passage and instead asks them to follow the new line of pipe laid down near the passageway. Gib instead tries to spur the team on and take the chance.  Harry starts cutting through the steel door. As she does it, the door comes down on a gas pipe that breaks and goes right into Harry’s eyes. The gas combusts with the heated door and explodes. But the team makes it to the other side of the door.

Harry cannot see due to the harmful gas. The door is holding the explosions out but not for long. Quinn is connected to assist with the gas issue. She calls it a toxic gas and that Harry’s blindness is only temporary. Al guides them to a safe location. But they encounter a door that cannot be opened from their side. Helen is forced to go for help. She must crawl through the duct that runs parallel to the tunnel the Omega team is in. Only Helen can help open the door from the other side.

What is Gib’s and Al’s past beef about?

Helen makes her way down but also tries to talk Gib and Al through their issues. We learn that when Gib was still a child, his mother, Rhonda passed away. The father-son duo had problems but were able to work through them for the most part. Things changed after middle school when Gib wouldn’t call Al “dad” anymore and used his name to address him. Gib says that Al wanted a younger version of himself and not a son.

Al says he wanted to look after Gib and ensure he does not feel Rhonda’s absence. But Gib says Al was working all the time and neglected him. Gib did not think Al cared about him. He only cared about Axe. The revelation shakes Al, and he says he had no idea that was the case. Al wanted to hand off a legacy to Gib that no one could take away from him in Axe Industries. But Gib joined the Omega team, which he says he did to make Al proud.

Helen reaches the duct meanwhile. She is able to get through to the team in time and open the door. Al mentions to Gib that he feels the basement has a secret item that Madsen and the others are after.

True Lies (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending Explained:

What secrets do the basement in Axe Industries hold?

Madsen and the others have come specifically for something and not to help people. Gib makes up an excuse that the engineering team has advised the team to check out the basement first before heading upstairs to rescue the hostages. The team stumbles upon Madsen and his team with a hostage in the basement. Madsen thanks him for keeping the FBI engaged in negotiation and asks him to open the secret door to the other side.

We learn that Axe has been storing nerve gas secretly in the basement. That is why a new pipe of gas was installed along with extra sources of power. Al explains that after he left, Axe started making all sorts of things to turn more profits. Madsen tests the gas on the hostage, which kills him. He and his team take the rest of the vials upstairs. Madsen intends to use the gas on the hostages and on the FBI team positioned outside.

The Omega team is in dire straits. Since Harry cannot see and they cannot shoot Madsen and his team as it would threaten to release the nerve gas, Helen comes up with a plan. She says they could cut the power to the building, making sure no one can see each other. Madsen and his team are not big in numbers, and the Omega team can take them down. She also has her night vision goggles to help.

Gib agrees with the idea, and Al guides Maria and Luther to the power source. Since the crawlspace is small, only Maria can get through. She overcomes her claustrophobia to place the charges and destroy the power source. Madsen makes a run for it as the power goes out. Helen guides Harry around the room as he takes down all of Madsen’s guys. Gib and Al overcome their trauma issues and work together to apprehend Madsen, who was escaping through the east door.

Omega is happy with the work Al did and wants to talk to him about taking over Axe again temporarily to fix the mess. He learns that Eva, Gib’s girlfriend, works in the building. Gib offers to introduce them to each other, and they bond over their renewed relations. Quinn, from Engineering, has taken a fancy to Luther, and it seems like the two will start a relationship.

We end the episode on a lighter note. We saw Harry and Helen try to practice Salsa at the beginning of the episode. But because of Harry’s stubbornness, they weren’t able to do it properly. Harry did not want to be led. With Harry still practically blind, Helen uses the opportunity to teach Harry salsa and lead the charge.

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