Shows like ‘The Night Agent’ on Netflix: The Netflix series “The Night Agent” has covered every genre in a single show. From wild action to spewing romance, political corruption, conspiracies, and mystery, the show instantly became a personal favorite among serial binge-watchers. The hit drama series follows the story of a young FBI agent, Jack, working the graveyard shift in Washington, D.C. One night, a panicked young woman shows up at the FBI headquarters, claiming that her roommate is missing and someone is trying to kill her. Jack takes on the case and soon realizes that a much bigger conspiracy is at play.

Adapted from Matthew Quirk’s book of the same name, the hit series is also in the talks of getting a second-season renewal, hopefully at lightning speed. While details about the upcoming season of The Night Agent are still unclear, fans of the show can find solace in these similar titles that promise to deliver the same experience.

1. 24

TV Shows like The Night Agent - 24

“24” ran successfully from 2001 to 2010, becoming one of the most popular American crime drama shows of all time. The show revolves around a counterterrorism agent named Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, who works for the fictional Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles. Each season of the show covers a single day in real-time, with each hour-long episode depicting one hour of that day. The show’s real-time format adds to its intensity and urgency, as the characters must race against the clock to stop various threats to national security.

Jack Bauer faces various challenges throughout the series, including terrorist attacks, assassination plots, and government conspiracies. He is known for his strict, no-nonsense approach to work, often taking extreme measures to get the job done. The show’s complex storylines and interwoven plot threads make it an extremely addictive watch, and it has been unanimously praised for its unique narrative device. 24 is one of the first TV shows that comes to mind after watching The Night Agent because both the shows share similar DNA, with Gabriel Basso’s rendition feeling like an extension of Sutherland’s Bauer. It’s no coincidence that Basso’s character in the Netflix show is named Peter ‘Sutherland.’

2. Homeland

Shows like The Night Agent - Homeland

“Homeland” follows the story of Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer convinced that Al-Qaeda has turned an American prisoner of war and is planning a terrorist attack on US soil. In the series, Mathison must navigate the complex political landscape of the CIA and the US government while also dealing with her demons and struggles with bipolar disorder. There was a time when Homeland was all over the award season. You wouldn’t hear of a single TV award show that did not have at least half a dozen nominations going its Homeland’s way. The reasons are, of course, apparent and can be accounted to the show’s intense, suspenseful storytelling and strong performances from its lead actors, including Claire Danes as Mathison and Damian Lewis as the prisoner of war, Nicholas Brody.

In terms of similarities with “The Night Agent,” both shows explore the world of espionage and government conspiracies and feature strong, complex characters who must navigate difficult moral and ethical dilemmas. Both shows also incorporate themes of betrayal and mistrust and offer a high-stakes, high-tension atmosphere that only intensifies as they draw closer to the end.

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3. The Blacklist

In “The Blacklist,” James Spader plays Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former government agent who has become one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. Reddington surrenders himself to the FBI and offers to help them track down and apprehend some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, with the leverage that he will only speak to a rookie FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen.

Like The Night Agent, The Blacklist of one of those TV shows that explores the complex relationship between Reddington and Keen and the various crimes and conspiracies they uncover together. It also dwells on intelligence, government corruption, and betrayal. Both shows have a terrific mix of mystery and intrigue, with ongoing storylines that keep one guessing. Overall, if you enjoy the tense and suspenseful storytelling of “The Night Agent,” you may want to check into “The Blacklist.”

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4. Designated Survivor

Another show that shares similar themes and plotlines, like The Night Agent on Netflix, is the political drama series Designated Survivor. It tells the story of Tom Kirkman, a low-level cabinet member who becomes the President of the United States after a devastating attack on the Capitol during the State of the Union address. Similarly, The Night Agent is a thriller that revolves around the protagonist, FBI agent Peter Sutherland, who becomes the agency’s acting director after a terrorist attack kills his boss and other top officials.

Both Designated Survivor and The Night Agent share a common theme of an unexpected individual being thrust into a position of immense responsibility and power due to a catastrophic event. The protagonists are initially unprepared for their new roles but must quickly learn to navigate the political landscape and make tough decisions to protect the country. Additionally, both works explore the inner workings of government agencies and the political intrigue that often accompanies high-level decision-making. Both shows take an exciting route to show the challenges that are faced by those who are tasked to protect their country after a crisis occurs.

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5. The Night Manager

John le Carré’s novel was turned into the British Television series The Night Manager in 2016 and followed the story of Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier who becomes the night manager at a luxury hotel. Pine is recruited by British intelligence to infiltrate the inner circle of a dangerous arms dealer, Richard Roper, and bring him down.

While the settings and specific plots of The Night Manager and The Night Agent are different, they share several similarities. Apart from the first two letters in the title, both stories are thrillers that involve spying, complicities and double-crosses. They also feature protagonists drawn into dangerous situations, navigating which becomes the crux of a complex web of relationships and allegiances. Additionally, both works explore loyalty, trust, and the corrupting influence of power.

6. Bodyguard

Following David Budd, a former soldier now working as a police sergeant in the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, the British miniseries Bodyguard, is really about Budd being assigned to protect the controversial Home Secretary, Julia Montague. After preventing a suicide bombing on a train, Budd is tasked with protect Julia who has made enemies in her party and is targeted by terrorists.

Both TV Shows, Bodyguard and The Night Agent are like each other as they are both stories involving government officials who are targeted by terrorists and must rely on the protection of a single individual, whether it be a police officer or a Secret Service agent.

Additionally, Bodyguard and The Night Agent explore themes of loyalty, trust, and the corrupting influence of power. They both portray a world where those in positions of authority are not always trustworthy and even the most loyal individuals may have hidden agendas.

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7. Jack Ryan

With a 4th season already in the works, Jack Ryan has to one of the more popular shows based on characters from the fictional “Ryanverse” created by Tom Clancy. Starring John Krasinski, the TV series follows Ryan, a CIA analyst, as he is thrust into the field and uncovers a global terrorist threat.

Like The Night Agent, the hit TV show Jack Ryan shares great similaries with the Netflix show. Much like The Night Agent, Jack Ryan is a story that involves government agents going undercover and navigating a complex web of lies and deceit to uncover the ultimate truth and prevent a catastrophic event. While there are differences in the two works’ plot details and settings, people who enjoyed The Night Agent may find Jack Ryan similarly thrilling and engaging to watch.

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8. The Recruit

Shows like The Night Agent - The Recruit

In season 1 of “The Recruit,” a young and inexperienced lawyer working for the CIA is put into the midst of a treacherous game of global politics. Her life takes a dangerous turn when a former asset blackmails her into revealing the true nature of their connection with the agency unless the agency takes measures to clear her name.

Compared to “The Night Agent,” “The Recruit” shares similarities regarding the inexperienced main character being thrown into a dangerous situation without warning. However, what sets “The Recruit” apart from other shows on this list is its lighter tone where humor provides a welcome reprieve from the tension of the high-stakes.

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