Velma (Season 1), Episodes 1 and 2: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera would not be pleased with what HBO Max put out. A retelling of origin stories is kind of expected with the inclusivity tales of the present day, but HBO Max’s Velma pushed things to the next level and beyond. Gone are the childhood humor and shenanigans, and the era of cuss words, sass, and nudity is here.


Mindy Kaling’s Velma begins with it being critical of stock TV shows and serial killer shows. It also brings in the cancel culture and showcases how an image is important. Beneath all these components to allow the show to upgrade itself, there is a mystery that one future member of Mystery Incorporated will get to sink her teeth into.


Scooby Doo fans would be upset with the absence of the dog, but popular phrases like “would have gotten away with it,” “Zoinks,” and “Jinkies” are explained well. We also see why the characters never wear anything different.


Velma (Season 1), Episodes 1 and 2 Recap:

Episode 1 – Velma

The episode began with a glimpse of the high school, which serves as the primary setting. Velma revealed her dream was to create the greatest gang of spooky mystery solvers. The episode showed a group of girls having a shower in a locker room when Daphne walked in and spoke about the subject for their locker room chat. The group of girls then shed light on nudity in TV pilots. A masked figure arrived and fought Daphne before revealing herself as Velma. Why was she late? She wanted to shower alone. 

Velma proceeded to open her locker where Brenda was standing. She questioned the girl if she had squeezed in there to prove how skinny she was. Brenda fell out and hit the ground. Upon impact, her skull fell apart, revealing no brain. When Velma said that Brenda had no brain, the group thought she was being sarcastic rather than describing what had unfolded before her eyes.


Velma was in an interrogation room when Daphne’s mom walked in. They shed light on her missing mother (Diya Dinkley), and audiences drew a connection between that and her frequent hallucinations. Their exchange also provided the information that Daphne and Velma were estranged friends. Daphne’s adoptive parents admitted that Velma could be innocent. However, they had a condition, i.e., Velma had to help them find the real killer. 

That would be a tough task, as Velma didn’t solve mysteries anymore. Once at home, her father, Aman Dinkley, reasoned with her about why she would be considered a suspect- it was because she was voted most “revengey” in the school yearbook.


The show then introduced audiences to Fred and Norville’s Shaggy’. Fred has an illness where he can’t remember anyone who isn’t attractive, and Norville has a crush on Velma.


Norville, who works for the school paper, revealed he knew who killed Brenda. He then tries to convince Velma that they should work as a team to get the killer.


Audiences then got a glimpse into the past, where Velma’s mother wrote mysteries and made her solve them. This is what made Velma curious to solve her own mysteries as she grew older. 

Norville and Velma deduced Fred was guilty, and Velma broke into the Jones house. The hallucinations took over, and Norville professed his love for Velma. She took it as a joke and realized that she needed to laugh to overcome her demons. The audience then understood that Brenda was murdered to prevent a photo from getting out.

Velma Season 1 Episodes 1 2 Recap Ending Explained (1)

Fred showed up and revealed his secret. Velma feared for her safety as Fred advanced, but Daphne’s mom arrived and shot him in both knees. Fred wasn’t the killer, though as he just wanted to keep information secret of making people not have any avenue to question him.


The episode ended with Velma and Norville outside the Dinkley house. Velma was looking to put the past behind her. She did pick up her mother’s gift box from the trash where she had tossed it earlier in the episode. Norville spotted some roaches and discovered Krista’s brainless corpse in another dumpster. 

Episode 2 – The Candy (Wo)man

The episode began with a montage showcasing everyone hiding secrets. Velma was on her couch, watching the news of Fred’s arrest. In a throwback to the classic “meddling kids” line from Scooby Doo, the anchor introduced Velma in that fashion. Velma was then called “Vermin Dorkley” by the anchor, who dropped a bombshell that Aman would represent Fred.


He reasoned with his daughter that it was so he could get money for his pregnant girlfriend. 

Velma was eager to get back on her mother’s case and tried to get Daphne to hand her the cold case file. However, Daphne demanded $500 for the same.


On another thread, Daphne’s mom went undercover at the school to find a candy person. Velma learned this when she visited Norville’s house to try to use him to get the $500. He tried to pawn his sword for the money but resorted to selling his kidney at a seedy motel.

Daphne told Velma to work for her for $500. She told her ex-friend that she was the Candywoman and threatened her with violence if she blabbed. Velma failed in selling drugs, as she couldn’t suppress her sassy nature.


Daphne’s mom cornered the two drug sellers and chased them around the school. The duo bonded as they fled the scene and hid in a dumpster. They found a middle ground on why they couldn’t stay close to each other.

Velma went to make a sale and saw that her father was the customer. When Aman learned why Velma sold drugs, he told her he would pay the $500 for the case file. However, he would need Velma to help him prove Fred was innocent.


Velma changed her words in the witness box and revealed Fred’s darkest secrets. Fred’s childishness and his inability to cut a piece of steak planted doubt in the jury. However, Fred snapped and incriminated himself with his rage-filled words. 

Velma (Season 1), Episode 2 Ending, Explained:

In the end, Daphne handed Velma the case file, and the hallucinations hit the latter. To free her, Daphne kissed Velma and saved her. Norville watched it from across the street and looked upset. 

Is Fred truly guilty?

Fred was just declared guilty and wasn’t sentenced yet. His guilt may not be a possibility, as his rant in court could be attributed to temporary insanity. The clues weren’t against him, and there was no proof that he was the killer. Velma could investigate further and look to get her father a massive court win by proving Fred’s innocence.


Aman Dinkley could get a shot at redemption.

The judge declared Fred guilty, meaning he will be shut behind bars awaiting a sentence. Hence, when another murder takes place (there has to be a murder as Velma has 8 episodes left) Fred would have been under surveillance and innocent. This could give Aman a shot at redemption to make more than a temporary insanity plea to free his client.


Will Velma’s mother’s case be connected to Fred?

Given the way TV logic goes, it will be connected in some ways. Velma’s mother’s phone was last seen on near Fred’s house. As Fred seems to be the prime suspect, it could be that Diya Dinkley set up a mystery for her daughter. A mystery with real stakes and not the pretend ones Velma had grown up solving. It could also be her way to win back her daughter’s attention as Velma grew up and began solving her own mysteries.


How will Norville react to Daphne and Velma’s actions?

Norville was clearly into Velma, as was evidenced by the lengths he went to get money for her. He even hired a vehicle, dressed up, and carried a bouquet to her house. But after seeing Velma and Daphne kiss, he may snap and go on a murder spree. There is already an element of doubt about him as he is an expert swordsman. Could Norville have framed Fred to get away scot-free and win Velma’s affection?

All the people that were killed (Brenda, Krista) or framed (Fred) were the ones who ignored Velma in everything apart from group projects. As Daphne is from the same group that had Brenda and Krista, it’s looking likely that Daphne could be a target that Norville will seek to eliminate to get close to Velma.

Can we rule out any of the four main characters, as Velma is a Mystery Inc origin story?

Velma has changed character ethnicities and origins. Mannerisms also haven’t been spared, and it is clear that Mindy Kaling is willing to bend any possible rule. Hence, one cannot rule out any of the four main characters.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the series proceeds with next week’s two episodes, i.e., Velma Kai and Velma Makes a List. 

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