Willow (Season 1), Episodes 6 & 7: 2022 proved to be quite an exciting year for Disney Plus, especially with Lucasfilms’ Star Wars live-action prequel show “Andor” popping up in countless end-of-the-year lists. Their other widely successful show, “Willow,” on the other hand, has entered its run into the new year. Let’s talk about the events of episodes 6 and 7 and all the exciting ways in which the two set up the finale.

Willow (Season 1), Episodes 6 & 7 Recap:

Episode 6: Prisoners of Skellin

At the beginning of episode 6, named “Prisoners of Skellin,” we see Airk lounging in the ruins right when he hears the Crone’s voice calling out to him across a doorway. Meanwhile, we see Willow and Kit being escorted by an army of trolls into the mines of Skellin – a place resembling The Great Hall of Thráin from the Hobbit films – where the two are captured in a crow’s cage. It’s here when Kit glances upon another prisoner sitting close by. This new character claims that he’s been stuck there for the past ten years, watering down any hopes the two might have for escaping. Oh, he also introduces himself as Madmartigan. When he asks Kit and Willow where they’re from, the former says that she’s the princess from Tir Asleen.

Who is Allagash?

We soon learn that the guy who claimed himself to be Madmartigan, is actually his very old friend, Allagash, who knows where Madmartigan really is. Upon their arrival, one of the Trolls, Lord Sarris, tells Kit they’re actually after Elora but couldn’t find her. So, where is the actual Princess?

She’s inside Troll City, along with Graydon, Boorman, Jade, and Scorpia, figuring out a plan to sneak in. When Scorpia asks Boorman how he had escaped the last time he was there, he tells them nonchalantly that it was through the waste tunnels. Right when the rounds about a cave with a pool of molten material inside of it, Elora feels a sneeze coming. It’s here when the entire mine begins to shake, leaving everyone wondering what had just transpired. Unfortunately, after the little misadventure, Elora’s wand goes haywire, allowing the Trolls to come and show up in front of everyone. This time, Scorpia decides to leave, realizing how Jade has her own family now so she’s got no purpose staying with the Bone Reavers. On the other hand, Kit and Allagash manage to free themselves away from the trolls.

Everyone reunites together, with only Graydon being left down in the lower levels. Allagash and Boorman end up fighting due to their personal histories until Kit eventually jumps in and stops them. The team then stumbles upon a secret doorway, where they’re required to solve a riddle. Elora succeeds at it, but in doing so, they end up finding a treasure room full of trinkets that again leads to Boorman and Allagash fighting each other. After the door’s opened, Kit enters it and gets overwhelmed by finding a sword in there, accompanied by Madmartigan’s voice asking for her help. However, the whole place starts to come down, and Ellora ensures Kit doesn’t remain there. The hustle leaves Allagash gone, with the Lux now belonging to him. In the end, Graydon helps himself by reuniting with the others, as the rest of the team fights off the Trolls and thus wins. Allagash sacrifices himself in the battle, helping everyone else buy some time.

At the end of Episode 6, the insecure Kit confronts Elora, and being unhappy with the latter having been the chosen one over her, she refuses to join her. Right then, Kit is smacked by a boulder from above that comes out of nowhere, keeping her trapped under the big orange sea. It’s Elora who saves her again, and the team heads off to their final journey.

Willow Season 1 Episodes 6 7 Recap Ending Explained

Who is Lili?

At the end of the episode, we see Airk wandering by himself through the desert, right when he again finds himself back where he had started from. He crawls right into the city, eventually finding a girl trapped behind iron bars in a cell. As she comes out of the shadows, she asks Airk to come to help her escape. Who is she?

Episode 7: Beyond the Shattered Sea

In episode 7, “Beyond the Shattered Sea,” we see the story picking up right off from where it had left. The entire episode basically takes place beyond the shattered sea, with Ellora especially coming to terms with her powers. As her magical tutelage is kept on a fast-forward, Kit and Jade’s relationship quickly takes new turns, with them getting some personal time. There’s also some sort of reconciliation we get between Elora and Graydon. Willow’s anxieties, on the other hand, take over him. He begins to contemplate his relationship with his daughter, as well as his reputation as a great sorcerer. In a resonating scene, Elora finally articulates and opens up about how she already knows the story will end with her unfortunate death in the Immemorial City. When asked by a troubled Willow, she says that she’s seen it first-hand courtesy of the Crone.

What happens to Airk? Has he gone to the dark side?

After establishing our central characters on this boat in the middle of nowhere, the penultimate episode of the show drastically slows down its place as it prepares to save up big action for the final episode. However, we do get more of Airk this time as he flirts with the girl we had seen a glimpse of in the previous episode. Soon it becomes pretty obvious that she is, in fact, the Crone. But of course, the episode takes way until the end to reveal this detail. So, is the Crone trying to lure Airk to the dark side? Has the Crone already spelled some cast over him? Is that why we see him in mysterious leather armor and a new haircut at the end of the episode?

After saving Kit, Ellora and everyone soon head all the way to the edge of the Shattered Sea until they decide to stop at a shady cabin lurking around the sea’s edge. And with that, our team again arrives at a new place, only to be attacked (again) by the Gales. Everyone manages to escape together, with Graydon realizing that he too possesses some powers, which he starts flinging off his flute. Through (sort of) a montage sequence, we see Elora and Graydon train for what’s to come as Willow works with them while coming to terms with his own past.

Willow (Season 1), Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

What does Kit know?

The episode also marks an important step in further building Kit’s character arc. When Graydon lets the Mudmander go, the team is forced to walk until they reach the edge of the Sea. To their surprise, they notice a cliff leading to a bottomless nothing. It’s here when Kit makes Elora see her true potential, instilling confidence in her as the two stand right off the cliff, talking in gestures. Before anyone else could make a move, Elora and Kit plunge off the cliff together. But where does it lead to? What did Kit seem to know that Elora perhaps didn’t? At the end of the episode, we see them finally arrive at the outskirts of the Immemorial City. As they walk together staring at the vastness of the place, we see the new version of Airk standing right behind them. What does he have in store for Elora and Kit? All the answers would finally be revealed in the show’s final episode.


WILLOW (SEASON 1), EPISODES 6,7 CAST: Ruby Cruz, Ellie Bamber, Erin Kellyman, Tony Revolori

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