Viva Pictures has recently made headlines with its acquisition of “Scarygirl,” an upcoming animated feature film based on the popular graphic novel, toys, and game brand. Co-produced by Highly Spirited and Like A Photon Creative, and executive produced by John Stevenson, the director of “Kung Fu Panda,” the film promises to offer a unique blend of imaginative storytelling and visually striking animation.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Viva Pictures as they expand their portfolio to include innovative and visually spectacular stories that resonate with global audiences. Laura Prieto, VP of Acquisitions at Viva Pictures, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the film’s potential to captivate both kids and families alike with its captivating adventure and emotional depth.

Tania Pinto Da Cunha, Partner/VP International Sales at Pink Parrot, also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Viva Pictures for the theatrical release of “Scarygirl,” emphasizing the studio’s support for independent animation titles.

Directed by Ricard Cussó and co-directed by Tania Vincent, “Scarygirl” follows the journey of Arkie, a smart and technology-savvy girl raised in secrecy by her father, Blister, a rare giant octopus. As they confront a mysterious reduction in sunlight threatening their home, Arkie’s attempts to fix the situation lead to a thrilling rescue mission in the City of Light.

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté

Scheduled for a wide theatrical release on October 11, 2024, “Scarygirl” is already generating buzz ahead of its Cannes premiere. Casting for the lead character is currently underway for a North America exclusive.

Pink Parrot Media, known for its specialization in animation and family entertainment, is dedicated to partnering with filmmakers to deliver high-quality CGI animation feature films and television series to the market. Meanwhile, Viva Pictures, with its animation studio based in the Canary Islands, continues to strive for excellence in providing world-class family entertainment to audiences worldwide.


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