Directed by the lead actor himself, Dolph Lundgren, the film “Wanted Man” is not even fit to be called an average action thriller compared to recent Hollywood releases. This film lacks the identity to fit in this genre. The plot unfolds pretty much on the surface level, as the characters and the storyline have no depth whatsoever. The backstory of the lead characters is too fragile to leave a mark on the audience. Overall, the film is a disappointing watch. Still, if you have rooted for Dolph Lundgren, like myself, from childhood, you will obviously give it a watch regardless of the reviews. And for that, I say, gracias. Spoilers Ahead!

Wanted Man (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film starts in the backyard of a nightclub where a couple of DEA agents are delivering drugs disguised as dealers. Suddenly, a group of four or five men attacks them, killing everyone at the party. However, the two girls somehow manage to escape from them and hide. A couple of days later, the girls are caught stealing in Mexico and are kept under police protection as they are the prime witnesses in the killings of those DEA agents.

Here in the States, we see Travis Johansen, an old police officer who is in the news for his racist comment and is now offered a job in Mexico. The job is to rescue the girls from there and deliver them safely to the States. This will show his commitment to work and will help remove the incident when he made some racist comments at a Mexican man who was trespassing. Apart from these PR efforts, Johansen is trusted with this mission because of his ability to act accordingly.

What happens after Johansen receives the Girls?

Johansen ignores the fact that he hates Mexico, and his friends also tell him not to take up a job that is in Mexico. He goes there, receives the girls, informs his superior, and takes the route to the border. Everything seems very normal, and suddenly, two men come in a car to shoot at them. The random firing causes a bullet wound to Johansen and takes the lives of everyone else, apart from one girl – Rosa.

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Johansen bravely stood between the two men dressed as cops and Rosa. He understood that their primary objective was to kill the eye-witnesses, which they had been successful in the case of the other woman, Lita. But Johansen kills the two men and saves Rosa’s life. After his adrenaline falls, his injury takes a toll on his body, and he seeks help from Rosa. Rosa has the chance to shoot Johansen and run. Instead, she calls for help and decides to save her savior.

How does Rosa’s family treat Johansen?

When Johansen opens his eyes, he finds himself cuffed to the bed, and his injury is very well bandaged. He realizes that he will be kept as a prisoner here in Rosa’s house. Later, Rosa reveals that this is his brother’s house and that the men who attacked them were cops in disguise. In reality, they were members of a drug cartel. Rosa warns Johansen not to call anyone as she doubts that someone is sharing their whereabouts whenever Johansen is making the call.

Wanted Man (2024) Movie Ending Explained
Dolph Lundgren and Aaron McPherson in Wanted Man (2024)

Johansen’s feelings toward Mexican people start to change as he is being treated with care and love. Rosa’s mother and Johansen start watching TV together a couple of days later. Rosa comes up with a proposition. She says she will go with Johansen to the States to help them catch the killers of the DEA officers. However, she mentions that the attackers were surely American police officers. Rosa overheard them during the shootout as one of them said that he had worked with one of the DEA agents.

What happens to Rosa’s cousin?

Since Rosa agrees to help Johansen get to the States, she allows him to call his superior. Johansen calls his boss, mentioning everything about what has happened so far, and Officer Hernandez tells him that he will send help. Later, Johansen tells Rosa’s brother that he will take her along with him to the States. However, he denies this proposition as he asks Rosa’s cousin to cuff him again. Soon, a car parks outside the house, and some men step out of it with weapons in their hands.

A shootout takes place, and Rosa’s brother, with Johansen’s help, somehow manages to escape the danger. The remaining men run away as Rosa’s cousin lies dead on the bed. Johansen then leaves the house with Rosa and spends the night at a nearby hotel. There Johansen learns how tough Rosa’s childhood had been and how she managed to fight against all the odds to escape her destiny in the States. In the meantime, Johansen has already called his old friend Brynner seeking help at the border.

Wanted Man (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Who Killed the DEA Agents?

The following morning, Johansen finds out that all of his friends, including Brynner, Adam, and Tinelli, come to help him get out of this mess. Johansen feels happy as Brynner has his men at the border who will let them get into American soil. Meanwhile, around the time the introduction is going on, Brynner shakes hands with Rosa, and Rosa sees the bracelet in his hand. She remembers the night when she and Lita escaped from the spot where the DEA agents were killed. Rosa remembers seeing the exact same bracelet in one of the killer’s hands.

Rosa tries to warn Johansen about this, and Johansen soon realizes that his friends are behind the killings of those DEA agents. However, he is still confused about the reason. He asks Brynner to stop the car as he needs to talk to him alone. Later, a confrontation takes place where Brynner asks Tinelli to bring Rosa, as killing her is their prime objective. Adam interferes as he reminds Brynner that they have decided to let Johansen go. Amidst the mess, Johansen witnesses Brynner shoot Adam accidentally, and after a while, he shoots both Tinelli and Brynner.

At the end of the film, we see Johansen and Rosa somehow manage to cross the border. However, they end up being arrested and then taken under custody by the authorities. Anyway, after some time, Johansen receives the Medal of Honor for his services as a police officer. Rosa comes to greet him, and Johansen feels the urge to know her better. He asks Rosa for a cup of coffee, and we feel something is taking place in there – perhaps a romantic relationship, if not a wonderful friendship.

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The Cast of Wanted Man (2024) Movie: Dolph Lundgren, Christina Villa, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Paré, Roger Cross, Aaron McPherson
Wanted Man (2024) Movie Genre: Action/Mystery & thriller, Runtime: 1h 26m
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