Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 4: If Welcome To Chippendales could be screened in business classes as a flagrant example of what not to do, Steve Banerjee would’ve found even more fame in the “don’ts” column than he ever did with the infamous nightclub. To be how he is and to alienate allies, he should’ve at least been a self-reliant one-man army. But Steve needs people. His unrelenting demon is that he instinctively seeks the wrong kind. It isn’t just that Steve’s entire business idea is struggling to clutch onto the edge of the cliff–it’s also that any success the pompous blockhead has seen has been brought on by a combination of freakishly good luck and his erratic impulses.


Episode 4 of the dark biography is a carnival of Steve giving in to the oppressive status quo that he himself is a victim of. Being a flagbearer of White supremacy may bring him some instant greens, but the risks are twofold. He conveniently ignores his unique position that can birth some actual change and is in a specific denial about the discriminatory rejection he faces. Steve’s manner of fighting back with an “if you can’t beat them, join them” agenda only makes the four walls of his establishment his safe haven. 

Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 4:

“Just Business” Recap

Welcome to Chippendales Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained

Otis is practically stoked to see the cartons of Chippendales calendars arriving. His excitement, however, dissipates soon enough when he turns the pages and finds out that he has been brazenly excluded from the pages of steamy dancers. Working in an exploitative establishment run by a brown man who doesn’t mind taking advantage of the sexual stereotype that draws white women to Otis comes with its own set of frustrations–but to be snuffed from the calenders because of his race doesn’t sit right with him.


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On the other hand, Steve is too busy reveling in the success of the calendars to take his time and clear it up with Otis. Flocks of women have crowded the local mall to get their hands on the calendars and the men. Larry and Irene fanatically voice off the launch and call the lusted-after Chippendales dancers on stage. Irene is visibly uncomfortable holding the microphone and speaking in a crowd, but Steve seems to be quite proud of how she handles it.


Working as a helping hand and pulling chairs while his peers, and frankly, subordinates, fire up the launch, Otis can’t keep quiet anymore. Instead of an apology, what he finds from Steve is acknowledging apologia. “Only one color matters in business’’. “Green,” says Otis before Steve can be any more discernibly patronizing. To Steve, Otis is someone women can sexualize in the club. But he isn’t an appropriate man whose sleazy pictures they can hang in their homes and offices.


In Nick’s absence, the club’s choreography is in disarray, and the management reaches an all-time low state. Denise has her own work to do, and picking up the weight of the responsibilities that belong to Nick makes her flounder through it all. Meanwhile, Nick tries to pitch his own strip club idea, US Male, to his rich New York contacts. Deemed too sleazy for the city that prides itself in the idea of liberation, Nick’s big plan falls through. 

Drinking away his immediate sadness at a bar, Nick meets the honey-voiced Bradford Barton. Where would the show be without the countless chance meetings? The two men’s post-coital starts with sharing their existential experiences living on the edge of society and ends with Nick’s US Male idea coming to a close. Bradford lays down a better, safer, and more sustainable plan instead. As it turns out, his bank balance matches the well-endowed man, and he wouldn’t mind investing in the Emmy-winner as long as he starts a Chippendales in the States.


Back in LA, Steve is drowning in the enormous demand that his calendar initiative is seeing. But the printing press is a bit too busy to print 10000 copies right away. Of course, a saner reaction to that can’t be expected from Steve. Instead of waiting, he makes the owner an offer he can’t refuse and ends up buying the entire business. The irony isn’t lost on us. In one way or the other, Steve is now the owner of a printing press, just like his father was. 

Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 4 Ending Explained

How does Steve manage to alienate everyone he needs? 

Steve’s issue with delegating isn’t just a symptom of his obsessive control-freak nature but also his giant urge to feel superior. When he tells Irene that he has just bought an entire printing press, she’s understandably concerned about the finances. Handling the money is her responsibility, and Steve clearly followed another of his destructive impulses when he spent a fortune. Buying a whole new business cannot be a well-thought-out decision for a man who previously didn’t want to hire an employee because of his financial concerns.


With Steve’s “I will kill him” and Nick’s “blood will spill,” his Chippendales come-back sets off the sirens for what horror will inevitably follow the fated rivals. This isn’t the first time Nick has oversold himself to Steve. That’s how he was hired full-time in the first place. This time, predicting that Steve will eat up whatever is thrown at him as long it is done with confidence, Nick lies about how his business pitch went in New York. Steve is now blackmailed with the possibility of a rival business opening up if he doesn’t give the green signal to Nick opening and running a Chippendales east.


What could’ve been another fruitful work relationship between Steve and Otis is ruined by Steve treating the popular dancer with the same kind of discrimination he faces on a daily basis. Otis appoints the help of Ray and makes his own calendar on Chippendales’ grounds. Walking into the two working together, Steve is perplexed yet again to find out what has been going on behind his back. Otis has had enough of Steve’s toxic treatment and decides to leave Chippendales. The bitterness he feels for the entire establishment makes him turn down Nick’s offer to join the New York Chippendales as well.


At this point, the only one standing with Steve is the explicitly opportunistic Ray. Anyone with a speck of critical thinking ability will see through Ray’s tendencies a mile away. He doesn’t even bother trying to mask his corny flattery with any kind of buffer. He sees through Steve as transparently as we do and knows what to do to stay on his good side. He gets down on his knees, apologizes for Otis’s mishap, and pledges his undying allegiance and submission to the boss. Steve, hungry for some subordination after losing to Nick and being treated awfully at a top-tier, albeit racist restaurant, crams down on Ray’s yesman-ship. 


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