The Last Thing He Told Me (Series Finale) Episode 7: The journey of Hannah and Bailey is finally coming to an end. From coming to Austin to discovering some terrifying details about Owen’s past, the two had been trying to make sense of all that they discover along the way. Hannah learns about the danger Nicholas Bell poses to her and Bailey’s life and decides to take a risky step. The penultimate episode of ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ ended with Hannah going to meet Charlie to get her in touch with the devil himself.

The series finale shows Hannah trying to make a risky deal with Nicholas. Brady keeps insisting that she and Bailey should disappear and live under protective custody.

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The Last Thing He Told Me (Series Finale) Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 7: Sanctuary

Hannah (Jennifer Garner) recalls a conversation with Owen (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), sharing his desire to live somewhere far away – where only the two of them could exist. In the present, we see her meet Charlie Smith (Josh Hamilton) at The Never Dry bar asking to get in touch with Nicholas (David Morse). He takes her to the backroom and gets angry for coming back to the bar. Since her appearance in Austin, his life has become a living hell.

Charlie says that Ethan/Owen betrayed and destroyed their family. He does not think that it is in Hannah’s best interests to meet Nicholas in person. She still insists. Back in the Marshall’s office, Grady (Augusto Aguilera) returns with Bailey (Angourie Rice) to find that Hannah has escaped. Ed thought Hannah was in the ladies’ room but realizes she sneaked out. He asks Bailey if she knows where Hannah is. She reveals nothing.

Grady asks his juniors to check through the surveillance footage of The Never Dry bar, among other things, to trace Hannah’s current location. He notices Bailey sitting by herself but does not interact. She gets a call from Jules (Aisha Tyler) asking how she is. Bailey says she is safe but believes what is happening is her fault. Suddenly, Bailey receives a call from a blocked number. She picks it up to find Owen on the other side.

While the feds try to look for Hannah, Charlie drives her to Nicholas’ house. She still does not reveal her real name, so he calls her Max. The two eventually reach Nicholas’ house, and he walks out to explain a detail about the house. He says Hannah would appreciate it since she is also interested in the history of things.

A security person walks there to frisk Hannah to see if she is wearing any wire. She finds that strange. Nicholas says that he has stopped asking questions about these things. He also reveals that he knows her real name is Hannah Michaels. While Charlie is a bit worried about letting her be alone with Nicholas, she says she does not mind it.

Why did Hannah decide to meet Nicholas in person?

Nicholas takes Hannah inside his house. She notices pictures of Kristin/Bailey on the side. He shares a fond memory about her, and Hannah reveals that his granddaughter hasn’t changed in that regard. He then comes straight to the topic – why is Hannah in his house? Hannah says she wants to reach an agreement with him. He thinks otherwise. He believes she is there to assure herself he is not as dangerous as people are making him out to be.

Nicholas does not agree to forgive Ethan since he took his granddaughter away from his and his family’s lives without any regard for their emotions. He denies having killed his own daughter, Katherine. Back then, Ethan blamed Nicholas for all that happened to her. Nicholas felt particularly bad because Ethan knew about his questionable deals more than even his family. But he always wanted a father-son-like relationship with him, which is why he disregarded any knowledge about it.

Still from The Last Thing He Told Me (Series Finale), Episode 7

Hearing that, Hannah claims that Nicholas loved Ethan and still does. Nicholas denies it. Through that conversation, Hannah realizes that Nicholas loves his granddaughter and wants to stay in a relationship with her.  Hannah understands one more thing for certain. Owen/Ethan loved Bailey/Kristin more than anything in the world and, thus, tried to leave since he knew being with her would have endangered her life. So, she makes an offer to Nicholas.

What does Hannah propose to Nicholas regarding her and Bailey’s lives?

Hannah says that she wants Nicholas to keep Kristin/Bailey safe, knowing all too well that he would never hurt her. He finds that ridiculous and thinks other members of his organization would not let that happen. Hannah says how his years in prison for them must have given him a say in such things.

Besides, Hannah reveals that Kristin now only has an option to disappear again – which would jeopardize any further chance for Nicholas to stay in touch with her. Nicholas says that he can still find the two. Hannah asks if he really wants his granddaughter to go through this turmoil all over again. Hannah says he need not protect Ethan but just Kristin. Even if it means Ethan can never come home, Hannah is fine with it. She thinks that is what Ethan would have wanted from her.

Soon after, Charlie walks into the room and interrupts their conversation. He says that Brady and SWAT team is outside their house. Before she leaves, Nicholas tells Hannah to go home with Kristin/Bailey and assures the safety of both. Later, while driving Hannah back to his office, Grady finds her ‘deal with the devil’ preposterous. He reiterates how dangerous Nicholas is. But Hannah looks at it as a better choice than living with new identities, with the threat of getting exposed.

The Last Thing He Told Me (Series Finale) Episode 7 Ending Explained:

What does Owen say to Bailey?

Grady brings Hannah back to the Marshall’s office in Austin. Bailey hugs her step-mom and shares that she got a call from Owen. He said that he had only 22 seconds to say what he could. He asked if she was safe and said he was sorry – sorrier than he could ever imagine. She breaks down while telling them about it.

What do Bailey and Hannah decide to do with their lives?

Hannah also gets emotional hearing Bailey tell what Owen said to her. Grady interrupts their emotional moment to say that they should follow the steps as per his plan so that his office can assure their safety. Hannah gives her a choice to make. Bailey says that Owen asked her to trust Hannah with any decision she makes. Grady discredits Hannah for making a sound judgment. Still, eventually, Bailey and Hannah decide to go back to their home in Sausalito.

What does Ethan/Owen whisper in Hannah’s ears?

Five years later, we see Hannah in an exhibition for her artworks. Ethan shows up there and leaves her shocked. He grows a beard by then and looks around with a cap on. While walking past Hannah, he whispers in her ear – ‘The could-have-been boys still love you.’

What does Owen’s message in the end mean?

By ‘could-have-been people,’ Owen means the ones, the people, who could have been a presence for their entire lives. In a conversation with Hannah during their time together, he asked her about the guys she previously dated. Since she had made up her mind that she was going to marry him, she referred to them as ‘he could have been boys.’

Owen probably means that she can let go of her past with him and give them a chance to build a life herself. Bailey has also grown up and has a life for herself. So, he wants Hannah to live without any pressure.

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