The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 6: Recap & Ending Explained – Why does Hannah want to meet with Nicholas Bell?


The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 6: Previously, Hannah and Bailey stumbled upon The Never Bar during their search for Owen. Hannah met Charlie Smith and realized some things that Owen had kept hidden from Bailey for years. Bailey also recalls seeing a flock of migrating birds when she visits that particular place. The mystery is slowly unraveling to get to the bottom of who Owen Michaels is and why he did what he did.

Now the latest episode explores Bailey’s persistent journey toward knowing her past. Grady brings up an option to ensure the safety of Hannah and Bailey’s lives. Hannah grapples with taking a potentially life-altering decision.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 6 Recap:

When We Were Young

‘The Never Dry’ ended with Hannah (Jennifer Garner) not being able to find Bailey (Angourie Rice) in their hotel room. Grady Bradford (Augusto Aguilera) arrives at the hotel around the same time and meets Hannah in person. Charlie (Josh Hamilton) informs Nicholas Bell about Bailey & Hannah being in Austin.

How did Owen know Nicholas Bell?

Now ‘When We Were Young’ begins with an incident from 1999 when Owen / Ethan (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) meets his girlfriend, Katherine (Tate Moore), in between his job at the diner. She picks him up in her car and talks about planning for the LSAT exams. Suddenly, a tire gets punctured, and she decides to call her father, Nicholas, for help. He feels weird about meeting her father for the first time with the smell of the diner. She tries to relieve his stress.

Nicholas drives there to help Owen with fixing the tire. He tells Kate to wait for them in his car while they get to work. Besides a small talk with his potential son-in-law, Nicholas also asks general fatherly questions about Owen’s intentions toward his daughter. He influences Owen with his natural charm and the shared empathy toward those who start out with very little. Nicholas tries to make himself look like a saint and the prosecutors as evil. Owen soon talks about his potential plans to leave Texas. He says it is a big world and wants to explore it. Nicholas insists that Owen should rethink his decision.

Why did Owen disappear and change his identity?

Back in the Marshall’s office, Grady informs Hannah about how dangerous Nicholas Bell is as a gangster and how his mostly clean records made it hard to trace his shady dealings. Owen provided evidence against eight high-level Campanos organization members, including Nicholas. As a result, he had to leave Austin with Bailey and change their identity. Since the investigation into The Shop’s sketchy records made public news, Owen recognized the threat and decided to leave.

“Why didn’t Owen just quit when he realized what Avett was doing,” Hannah asks. Grady thinks Avett may have had something on him, which is why Owen resisted speaking against the issue with its bloated figures. He rather decided to fix things from the inside and eventually sent all his findings to Grady, written in a notepad from his phone.

Nevertheless, Hannah worries about where Bailey has suddenly decided to go. She wants to look for Bailey herself, but Grady believes someone or the other from their team will find her. He also does not consider going home as a valid option for her and Bailey anymore.

Grady then brings up evidence and talks with Hannah about the Witness Protection program. Owen had handed the feds substantial evidence against Nicholas’ mob organization. Because of their far-reaching connections, the mob members got out of prison terms without much hassle. They also threatened or killed anyone who disclosed their deals. Since Owen was in Nicholas’ close circle, it was difficult for him to stay out of such trouble.

Why did Kate get killed? How was Kate’s murder related to Owen’s connection with the Campanos?

Grady explains how Nicholas disarmed Owen with his charm. Because of Nicholas’ overbearing influence, Owen shares some secrets with him about how he can evade the lines. Owen set up an encryption system for Nicholas to protect his messages discussing questionable matters. Nicholas did not want Owen exposed, and Owen did not want to know the messages until Kate was killed.

Jennifer Garner in “The Last Thing He Told Me,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Kate was murdered on a quiet street that she and Nicholas used to visit frequently. The Campanos insisted that they were not responsible for this murder. But it did not matter to Owen since he firmly believed that someone from their underworld had to do something with this death. So, he particularly placed the blame on Nicholas. That’s why Owen took all the messages between the Campanos and their clients and turned them over to the Feds.

Because of the incriminating proof, Nicholas was imprisoned. He served six years since he did not want to turn on his organization. That was also the reason for the beef between him and Owen.

In the present, while Grady wants Hannah to opt-in for WITSEC, she asks why Owen and Bailey were not in it in the first place. He says it was because of an information leak. Grady couldn’t help Owen back then since he was a junior. Under Witness Protection, Grady now wants Hannah and Bailey to get new social security cards with new identities to restart their lives with security.

Hannah argues, saying Owen must have wanted her and Bailey to stay put at their home. Grady says how she messed up that probable plan of Owen by traveling to Austin and by getting most possibly noticed by Nicholas Bell. But she can’t digest the fact that Bailey has to uproot her life. She also can’t understand why Owen did not reveal these things to her.

Where did Bailey go from her hotel room?

Bailey reaches the doorstep of Andrea Reyes (America Olivo), i.e., Charlie’s ex-wife. Her twin sons open the door, and then Andrea notices her. She instantly recognizes who Bailey is and invites her in. Since Bailey’s phone battery is almost dead, she decides to go in. Someone informs Nicholas about Bailey entering Andrea’s house.

Andrea has a heart-to-heart about Bailey’s past and Owen’s relationship with her mother – Katherine. She shares how Bailey’s dad had to go away from Austin with her because of a complicated matter between him and her grandfather.

Andrea also reveals how Owen’s suspicion of Nicholas’ relation to Kate’s murder led him to leave Austin abruptly. She shares how she was upset at Owen when he left but is not anymore. She shows Bailey some old photographs of their fond memories together. They also look at her marriage video, where Bailey sees herself with Kate and her entire family.

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 6 Ending, Explained:

How does Hannah find out where Bailey is?

After her dialogue with Grady about WITSEC, Hannah calls Jules (Aisha Tyler) from a secure line. She asks her to establish communication with Bailey’s friend, Bobby (John Harlan Kim), regarding Bailey’s whereabouts. Jules goes up to Bobby’s house but finds nothing helpful herself. Then, Hannah asks to speak with Bobby and learns that Bailey spoke about Andrea’s address with him. Grady is informed, and his team arrives there before Nicholas’ men.

What does Hannah plan at the end of the episode?

Meanwhile, Hannah stays back in the office to write information on her WITSEC documents. She calls Jules to ask her about Owen’s/Ethan’s will and who he has put there as Bailey’s guardian. Jules reveals that it is Hannah – in the event of Owen’s death. After hearing that, Hannah is determined to take a step that could make or break their lives. Meanwhile, an officer informs her that they have managed communication with Bailey. Hannah tells Bailey to trust her with what she is about to do and not share what she told her with anyone.

Why does Hannah want to meet with Nicholas Bell?

By the time Bailey could reach there, Hannah sneaks out and gets in a taxi. She goes up to The Never Dry bar and walks in a way where her face won’t get recognized. Then, she meets Charlie inside the bar and says that she wants to talk to his father. While the episode ends at that very moment, we can predict that she wants to have a word with Nicholas so that they won’t have to live in fear of omnipresent danger. Seeing Owen having put her name as Bailey’s guardian must have made her take this potentially dangerous step.

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