Saint X (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Saint X has to be one the most profound examples of how subpar writing can pretty much ruin a show. Saint X shows flashes of having great source material, and even though I found the acting of the cast artificial initially, they have significantly improved. Both Alycia Debnam-Carey and Josh Bonzie managed to impress in this episode as well, and the rest were not too bad either. It is the haphazard, clueless writing which played the villain once again. At this point, I am not even surprised. However, the show still managed to do one thing right: to keep my curiosity alive.

Saint X (Season 1), Episode 5 Recap:

I am going to do the same thing that I have been doing over the last two weeks- which is breaking the past and present into two different segments.

The Past

At this point, it is unclear how many days the Thomas family is vacationing in Saint X. It wouldn’t have mattered if the narrative was handled better, but that is clearly not the case for this show. Anyway, Alison and Edwin continue their romantic thing, and they don’t try to be that discreet. Bill has a talk with Alison regarding how this might affect Edwin’s job, and he appears to be a mature adult rather than your usual boomer dad. Meanwhile, Tyler plans a romantic evening with Alison and asks Edwin to help with a trip to Faraway Island. When Edwin declines him, thanks to the resort’s policy of a staff accompanying the party to the island, he settles for a date night at the beach instead.

Now the interesting but. Ethan, the man of the pregnant couple (sorry if I hadn’t mentioned the name earlier), continues to be an ass to his wife, Dana. And his continued leeching on Alison is something that has been noticed by Dana as well. But that’s not all. We see Dana trying to seduce him with the Princeton underwear. Later, when Alison goes missing, Ethan refuses to join the search party despite Dana’s instigation.

Alison does take a step back from her fling with Edwin, which implies Bill’s words have made an impact on her. But the Tyler and Alison date doesn’t go well when Alison stops Tyler from going more than second base. Clearly, she is more into the island man than the Yale dude. A frustrated Olivia sees Alison storming off and Tyler following her, which prompts her to put a halt to her own sexual tryst, which was about to happen with Wes. Olivia’s affection for Tyler is as clear as a day here. But does that cause any serious trouble eventually? We get a little more from the past after Alison gets missing, where we see Olivia and Tyler talking about hiding some secret. What that might be still remains a big question.

Meanwhile, Clive still continues to do everything to win over Sara- who is working as a babysitter at the resort now. But Sarah seems to be more pissed than happy when Clive goes to her to let her know that he has fixed her tires. A dejected Clive rants about not ever being good enough for Sara. But there’s another foil to this Sara and Clive part- and that is none other than Edwin, who seems to have this strange hold on Sara. Does he have genuine feelings for her? If yes, then why would he not approach directly? Edwin is by far the most interesting character of this show, and I can’t wait to find out what he is/was up to.

Josh Bonzie as Clive ‘Gogo’ Richardson in Saint X.

Birthday Blues

Back to the present, Emily is so invested in her own rabbit hole investigation when Josh reminds her about Alison’s birthday. At the restaurant, Clive tells her that he is nervous about meeting a friend after so many years, but then he blows her off by telling her that he doesn’t see any point in this friendship. Assuming the friend Clive is meeting is Edwin, Emily plans to tail him and seeks Sunita’s help. But Sunita asks Emily to drop the investigation for a while at least, considering their day job is on the line. That is obviously not going to work on Alison, who is now hell-bent on finding the truth. Emily also seems to genuinely consider the fact that Clive might be innocent and seems to be more inclined towards Edwin being the villain of Alison’s story.

Saint X (Season 1), Episode 5 Ending Explained:

Does Clive finally meet Edwin?

As you are here after watching the episode, there is no point for me to create pointless suspense regarding the matter. Clive doesn’t meet Edwin. It is Berry who he meets. Berry has broken into the art scene and is kind of big now. When Clive meets her at an artsy club scene, the two friends from the island are delighted to see each other. I didn’t expect a Clive-Edwin meet-up during this episode, so I am not really surprised. The biggest takeaway from here is a letter that Berry hands over to Clive. The obvious question that comes here is if the letter is from our old friend Edwin?

Emily does not listen to Sunita, follows Clive to his meeting with Berry, and sees the letter being handed over. When she contacts Sunita, she gets to know that they’re both fired because of their negligence towards the job. But at this point, I don’t think Emily is bothered about it at all.

With three more episodes to go, I predicted an out-of-the-ordinary character meet-up, and we get that with Josh coming across Clive at the restaurant. Josh is still appearing to be a level-headed guy who has just come to buy some food from the same place where his girlfriend also bought food some days ago. As fate would have it, Clive is present at the restaurant at that very moment- so upon seeing Josh, his doubt of if Emily really has a boyfriend gets cleared. On the other hand, Josh also realizes that it is the same Cab driver who dropped Emily home. The same person he saw from afar on that rainy night. The question is, does he get what is going on? 

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