The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 5: Recap & Ending Explained – What do Jules and Jake find out about Owen?

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 5 (2)

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 5: Previously, ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ streaming on Apple TV+, showed Bailey and Hannah’s search for Owen’s origins in Austin, Texas. While Grady Bradford kept trying to get in touch with her, Hannah kept looking for clues to know why Owen and Bailey had come to this Texan town. By the end of the episode, we see them finding two crucial details: one is who got wedded at the Church back when Bailey came to the Austin stadium. The other is a group photo from a yearbook that shows a woman with an uncanny resemblance to Bailey. 

Now the fifth episode shows their further search for Bailey’s biological mother that brings forth some shocking revelations about Owen’s past identity. 

*spoilers ahead*

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 5 Recap:

Episode 5: The Never Dry

While looking through the records from the university’s yearbooks, Hannah (Jennifer Garner) and Bailey (Angourie Rice) stumble upon a group photo. A woman in that photo looks eerily similar to Bailey, and it takes her back to the memories of when Owen (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) showed a photo from her childhood with her mother. Bailey’s face used to often remind him of his ex-wife.

Back in the present, Bailey and Hannah decide to search for the woman’s location. The photo was taken after a state championship of their debate team. One of the names underneath said Katherine Smith (Tate Moore) – the same surname as the groom from the church wedding. The photo was taken at a bar called The Never Dry. Bailey looks for it online and finds out that it still exists in Austin. Since Bailey insists on going to the bar, Hannah decides to join her.  

Why is Grady worried about Charlie’s face becoming public?

Back in the Marshall’s office, Grady Bradford (Augusto Aguilera) finds evidence of Hannah having traveled to Austin. So he tells his juniors to find Hannah and Bailey before anyone else does. Then he tells the senior officer, Maris Anderson (Michael Hyatt), that Bailey’s in Austin. He is worried that a particular past story might surface as a result of this. 

Besides, the FBI investigation into The Shop’s corruption might reach a step where Owen’s face will be on the TV. He believes it will have a disastrous impact. Maris decides to call her contact in the criminal division at the DOJ to put a halt to the investigation. Maris, however, asks if Bailey and Hannah know about Owen’s past. Brady believes they don’t.

While on their way to The Never Dry bar, Bailey keeps searching for Katherine Smith’s name on Instagram. She scrolls through many of them but can’t see her mother’s face matching any. Then, she searches for the name of the bride that got wedded in the church – Andrea Reyes (America Olivo). She looks at a photo and has an inkling that she has seen her before. Hannah, meanwhile, goes through Facebook profiles to find Charlie Smith’s (Josh Hamilton), i.e., the groom’s profile. He had studied in an architecture school. 

What do Hannah and Charlie Smith talk about?

When they finally reach the bar, Hannah tells Bailey to wait at a nearby café for her until she goes in and speaks with Charlie herself. She takes the stairs to reach the bar, and Charlie arrives from the back. She introduces herself as Max, short for Maxine, and strikes up a casual dialogue with him. Hannah says she is in town for an interview at the Architecture school to pique his interest since he studied there. He reveals that he studied there for a while for his master’s until he had to carry forward his grandfather’s business due to some curveballs.  

Hannah notices the same Debate Group photo in the bar. There was also a photo with Andrea and Katherine next to it. Meanwhile, Bailey calls Bobby (John Harlan Kim) to discuss her new discoveries about Owen. Bobby searches on the web for Andrea Reyes and finds a record matching that of Charlie Smith. That’s how he finds Andrea’s address, and Bailey notices that it is not too far from the café she is at. While Bob alerts her not to take any hasty decision and wait for Hannah to join her, Bailey is desperate to leave on her own. 

Back in the bar, Hannah keeps trying to get more details from Charlie. She says that she recalls having visited this bar once in the past with a friend of hers. Moreover, she brings up an image of vivid details regarding Katherine’s face to make him speak about his sister. She finally points to Katherine’s photo, and he suddenly goes into panic mode. Alas, he says that Katherine was his sister, who died in a car accident. 

Josh Hamilton in “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Episode 5. Now streaming on Apple TV+.

Grady notices an update on the fraud investigation at The Shop that more officers will be indicted soon. He and Maris do not want Owen’s face to become public. They are concerned that it will put Bailey’s life in danger. Unfortunately, Maris’ contact at the DOJ says that her hands are tied. So, Grady decides to go rogue to trace Hannah’s current location. 

Right after, Grady receives an envelope in the office. He opens it to find a cell phone with a 6-digit code written on a note stuck to it. Grady taps on the phone to learn that it is Owen’s. He uses the password and enters to find notepad entries of Owen’s insights into The Shop’s scam. Grady understands that Owen was trying to stop the fraud.

Back in the bar, Hannah shows Owen’s photo as a guy that her friend felt a strong connection with. Charlie gets alarmed and asks who she is. Right when he is about to hurt her, Bailey walks into the bar and stops him. Charlie notices her but remembers her as Kristin. Anyhow, Hannah and Bailey start running away, and Charlie keeps following them.

What memories does the flock of birds bring back to Bailey?

Eventually, Hannah and Bailey manage to run away without getting noticed by Charlie. They walk toward the crowd of bunch of tourists who are there to take photos of some flying birds. She recalls sitting on Owen’s shoulders, watching the same flock of birds. She remembers Katherine standing next to Owen and them kissing each other. Andrea and Charlie were also standing next to them. 

What does Hannah tell Bailey about Katherine?

Bailey reveals the flashback to Hannah, who tries to comfort her. While Bailey is certain that she was at this specific place with her mother, Katherine, Hannah reveals that Katherine did actually die in a car accident – and that it was not a lie told by Owen. Anyhow, Hannah is worried about being followed and thus rushes back to their hotel with Bailey. 

What does Grady tell Maris about Owen’s involvement in The Shop fraud?

Back in his office, Grady shares the details that Owen shared on his phone with Maris. He says that Owen wasn’t part of the core coding team from The Shop. He was actually pushing Avett not to go public, to declare there was an issue with The Shop’s functioning. While he and Maris decide to contact their sources in the FBI to alert them about these findings, he receives an alert that Hannah just entered The Town Hotel. So, Grady rushes out to find Hannah. 

The Last Thing He Told Me Episode 5 Ending Explained:

What do Jules and Jake find out about Owen?

Hannah rushes back to their hotel room with Bailey. She is determined to leave Austin at the earliest due to potential danger. Bailey, however, does not want to leave their search midway about her identity. While Hannah recalls Owen always being vague while talking about his ex-wife, she receives a call from Jules (Aisha Tyler). 

What is Owen Michael’s real name? Who is Nicholas Bell?

Jules and Jake (Geoff Stults) share that Owen Michael’s real name is Ethan Young. Jules used the key from the piggy bank (the one that we see her find in Episode 3) to open a safe inside Hannah’s grandfather’s vase. Inside that, she found a handwritten will for Owen/Ethan. Jake reveals that Owen’s father-in-law, i.e., Katherine’s father – Nicholas Bell is a mob boss. He and Jules both alert Hannah to leave Austin right away without leaving a trace. So, Hannah breaks her phone (the same shot we see in the first episode). 

Grady reaches the hotel to find out that Hannah is staying under a different name. While he was reaching up to her hotel room, Hannah was looking for Bailey, who had suddenly disappeared from the room. On the other hand, Charlie looks at the security footage from outside his bar to find Hannah and Bailey around the bar. He alerts Nicholas about the pair being in Austin. 

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