Citadel (Season 1), Episode 3: After premiering its first two episodes last week, Citadel, the new Prime Video spy thriller series starring Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Richard Madden, has gained extremely high viewership and appreciation. The show has even secured a spot among India’s top 10 most-watched shows on the OTT platform.

In the latest episode of Citadel, new revelations about the protagonists have been unveiled, while details about other Citadel agents and their association with Manticore have also been exposed.

It appears that Dahlia manipulated them to join her side in order to gain more power and shut down Citadel. The unexpected twists and turns, coupled with the high tension between Mason and Nadia, are sure to spark excitement in the upcoming episode of this increasingly popular series.

Let’s delve into the third episode of Citadel, titled “Infinite Shadows.” Please note that this article contains spoilers as we explain what happens in the episode and how it ends.

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Citadel (Season 1), Episode 3 Recap:

“Infinite Shadows”

Episode 3 opens with Dahlia having her breakfast while her men torture Bernard.

After the encounter at the hotel, Mason is severely injured. So Nadia drives to Citadel’s safe house in Caceres, Spain, after disabling Davick’s tracker in the X case. Mason is apprehensive about Nadia and if it is okay for him to trust her. Nadia acknowledges his curiosity and says that it’s not the first time he has asked this and proceeds to patch him up.

While Nadia is patching his wound, Mason asks if they are close. After a lot of prodding, Nadia finally tells him that it was a brief affair, and it never led to anything between them. Both us and Mason know that she is not telling him the exact truth yet.

The show then moved to Utah 10 years ago (before the fall of Citadel), which was the US headquarters for the organization. The flashback is about a case that Mason gets assigned, in which he is to retrieve a virus that has been engineered by Hasan (a baddie) that serves as a real threat to the world. Bernard instructs that since the mission is a little more complicated than a basic retrieval, he has the help of a new agent at his hand.

The action then moves to the actual heist, which takes place in Alborz Mountains, Iran. The point of this flashback is to establish the first meeting with Nadia, who is the rookie agent assigned to extract Mason in case he gets back walled by proceeding enemies. As instructed by Bernard, getting in is easy, but as Mason tries to get out, he is bombarded by a host of approaching troopers who almost catch him, only to be saved by Nadia.

After the mission, Mason gets introduced to Nadia officially, and we also get to know that Nadia’s mother was a Citadel spy as well (a supposed clue to be used later, maybe?) The initial flirtation leads to a full-blown affair where we see Mason and Nadia getting intimate with each other in Paris. The flashback ends, establishing the fact that both of them don’t trust each other. Back at the safe house in the present day, Nadia sends a cryptic message to someone on a private chat. She talks about some ‘package’ and the compromised state of Valencia.

At Dahlia’s place, we see her finally telling Bernard why she is happy to have him in her grasp. She shows him the secretive AI system that belongs to Citadel and was designed to track uranium activity across the globe. One of the phases of her plan involves cracking into the system in order to have maximum nuclear power, and only Bernard (who designed the system) can crack it open. When Bernard refuses, Dahlia threatens to harm his wife, children, and Mason’s family in Wyoming. During the conversation, Dahlia also name-drops Carter Spence, another of the Citadel’s agents, who she tortured to get a confession out, and applies the same to Bernard in vain.

Then Andres (the other twin brother) is brought in to apply his torture method on Bernard, but he is instead manipulated by bringing his lover, Breille, back from the dead. Bernard claims she is alive, and Citadel (also Andres’s ex-employer) lied to him.

Mason then calls Abby to give her an update. We can clearly see the husband and wife are slowly growing apart in spite of being almost truthful with each other. Nadia then asks him to head back to his wife and child, but Mason claims that he can’t before closing the Manticore chapter forever. The two of them look into the X file, find Agent Carter’s transmission for help, and decide to head to Fez (his last known location) to retrieve him from torture.

Nadia says that she is aware of this torture site that Balduino runs, but since she killed his brother back when she was there, she can’t infiltrate his territory anymore. However, Mason, who Balduino considers a friend could.

Citadel (Season 1), Episode 3 Ending Explained:

What does Balduino tell Mason about Nadia?

Mason is able to get a sit-down Balduino. Nadia is on the comm trying to get the data out of Balduino’s phone while the two men talk about her. This is when Balduino questions Mason’s reason to keep Nadia in his mind, even though she was probably the one agent responsible for Citadel’s downfall. He claims that Nadia was involved with Manticore. Nadia then instructs Mason to get out of there, and he complies by putting a Balduino’s son at gunpoint. Later when asks Nadia about her involvement, she denies everything.

Who is Brielle?

Andres brings Bernard’s phone back to him, and he shows her a picture of Mason’s family. He tells him that Brielle, whose memory was wiped out in a tragic accident, is now married to Mason Kane and named Abby. He also claims that he is the only one who can lead Andres to her.

It is possible that Brielle was also a Citadel agent who had to undergo a memory wipe when Manticore threatened to kill all the agents leading to its downfall.

Will Bernard be able to get out of Dahlia’s captivity? Will Andres and Brielle reunite? Will Nadia and Mason help Agent Carter escape Manticore’s torture? We will soon find out in Episode 4 of Citadel, Season 1.

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