Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 4 takes us briefly to Moordale, but things don’t look all the good for our lead players in spite of them heading out for their first official date. Overall, this episode feels like a proper downfall for the show since coincidences are too open for us to exploit, and it feels like we will not be getting the kind of closure we need. While Joanna feels like a harmless character, for me, personally, her introduction and her character motivations would have been more interesting if she had been there from an earlier episode.

The following article takes a deep dive into the fifth episode, so if you haven’t seen it already, please be aware that this will be full of spoilers.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 5 Recap:

Chilli sauce for lotion and vile burns, Sex Education Season 4, episode 5 opens with oddness. Aimee and Otis are still at Maeve’s place, so Anna asks them to either leave or let her talk to their parents.

Meave, who still has cried, asks Otis to take her out for their first official date, and he agrees. At school, Jackson tells Viv that he will try to find out his sperm donor, and she tells him that he needs to tell his mothers about it first.

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Eric meets up with Otis and apologizes for blowing him off. He then tells Eric that he slept at Ruby’s place and hasn’t told Meave about it yet. Also, Otis is so preoccupied that he forgets about O’s debate. Ruby, who is angry at Otis for ghosting him, agrees to help him again when he tells her about the whole Meave thing.

Meave and Sean got to get funeral arrangements and decide on a cremation after seeing the prices.

Jean visits a doctor about her worries for Joy, but the doctor says that Joy is fine, but Jean might be getting into post-natal depression, which might need her to take medication. Since Jean claims to know her own mind, she refuses to take medication. Meanwhile, Joanna plans for a second date – a movie this time.

Isaac is again stuck because the lift to the art class Ina broken. Now, here’s a bit. Even though Cavendish claims to be an all-inclusive school, things like these only pull up the hypocrisy that lies within the most liberal establishments. Anyway, Issac and Aimee go to the darkroom to develop the photos she has taken, and both of them confess their likeness for each other and how Aimee would break that news to Meave.

We’ve been seeing Sean doing some shady things, but Meave finally catches him and realizes that he has been using again. This makes her really angry.

Just for the debate, Ruby informs Otis that she has just gotten some dirt on O from Aisha. However, the dirt turns out to be O ghosting people in her relationships, and even though it corners her, she again pulls the debate on her side when she confesses that she is asexual and she is trying to do better.

At the radio station, Jean talks to her boss about the stigmatization of menopause, and her boss tells her that they are going to bring in O as a permanent co-host.

A still from Sex Education Season 4 Episode 5.
A still from Sex Education Season 4 Episode 5.

Joanna is unable to pay for her wax, so she calls up Jean. At the farm, Jan and Adam have a nice little moment when they share about them not being good at school and Adam being bullied by his father. She helps him understand the healing nature of horses as she teaches him how to hug them. Mr. Groff and Maureen have started sleeping together but are doing it behind Adam’s back so that it doesn’t hurt him.

While Otis gets ready for his date, he receives a message from Ruby about the comments on his campaign video. They are now full of comments that portray him as a sexist person trying to overpower a woman after the debate thing. As he is about to leave for his date, he gets into an argument with Jean when she tries to question him about his absence. Otis is angry that she has been treating him like an adult ever since Joy arrived, and partnering up with O has only made things work. This makes Jean break down again, and she rebooks an appointment with her doctor.

As Meave is about to leave for her date, Aimee arrives and talks about her liking for Issac. Meave is happy about it, but since she is already preoccupied with a lot going on in her head, she asks to talk about it later.

Jackson proposes the question about him trying to find out about his sperm donor in front of his mums, but it turns into a defensive argument.

Eric talks to the pastor about organizing a fundraiser at school and donating that for the church’s needs. He then stays back to listen to the church choir and is carried away with the music.

For the first time, it feels like the story falters because a coincidental movie time date where multiple characters just randomly appear is just odd to me. Anyway, Otis is about to tell Meave about Ruby but doesn’t because she is not in the mood to listen to anything that would upset her. Joanna is stood up by her date, so she joins in with Meave and Otis’s date, and indirectly, it becomes a buzzkill for them.

Jackson lands up at the theatre, too, third wheeling on Viv and Beau’s date while Cal is there with Aisha and is not happy with how Jackson has been blowing them off.

Joanna ends up getting drunk with Meave and starts misbehaving, so they are thrown out. Viv and Beau confess their love for each other and head out, too, as Jackson is left alone to look out for Cal, getting to like someone else.

The Cal and Aisha romance feels really forced here. I mean zero chemistry with the whole captioning and stars conversation leading to the kiss.

Sex Education (Season 4), Episode 5 Ending, Explained:

Why does Otis refuse to have sex with Meave?

Meave and Otis trespass into a now-abandoned and closed-in Moordale as Meave wishes to have sex with Otis. However, as they are getting to it, Otis can’t hold on to the idea of lying to her and sort of pushes her off before telling her about his night with Ruby. But before they can talk about it, the authorities come inside, and they are caught.

The ending of Episode 5 of Sex Education Season 4 finds the authorities calling in the guardians as Jean drives in.  This is where Jean meets Meave for the first time.

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