‘Moving’ (Season 1) is a captivating 20-episode-long K-drama, available on Hulu & Disney+. Written by Kang Full and directed by Park In Je & Park Younseo, it follows the stories of a bunch of high school students who possess some genetic supernatural abilities. Their lives suddenly change when an organisation starts hunting down similar individuals. It stars Go Youn Jung, Lee Jung Ha, Kim Do Hoon, Han Hyo Joo, Reu Seung Ryong, Kim Sung Kyun, Zo In Sung, Cha Tae Hyun, and Min Yong Joon in the main roles. With its recent three-part season finale, this series has cemented its place as one of the finest thrillers of the year, that has its heart in the right place.  

*Spoilers ahead*

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Moving (Season 1) K-drama Recap:

Moving (Season 1) Episode 1 ‘Senior Year’ Recap:

Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha) is a senior year student at Jeongwon High School, who lives with his mother Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo). She runs a restaurant and pampers him with a lot of food. Once he leaves for school, she checks if there has been any accident in the area. From his bus to school, he notices a girl running to catch a seat. Once she gets on the bus, he stands next to her and almost starts elevating. Turns out, she is a new student – Hui Soo (Go Youn Jung) who joins his class. Their teacher Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won) should select P.E. for her college degree.

After their class, Gang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) shows her the auditorium for her practice. Then, he goes to ask Il Hwan if she also has an ability like him. Il Hwan mawkishly says ‘Yes’. Later that night, Hui Soo returns home and asks her father – Joo Won (Ryu Seung Ryong) for some money to buy a new uniform for P.E. Despite his financial worries and the uncertain future of his new fried chicken business, he agrees. He does not want to disappoint her in any way. 

Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Frank (Ryu Seung Beom), with an F tattooed on his back, arrives at their town. He opens an envelope to find information about Jincheon (Baek Hyun Jin). So, Frank visits the man to delete/kill him. After killing Jincheon, Frank sends a text to an unknown contact saying ‘Delete’. Mi Hyun reads a news piece about this incident. Meanwhile, at the Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), Woon Gyu (Kim Shin Rok) informs Deputy Director Min Yong Jun (Moon Sung Geun) about Jincheon’s death. Although they don’t know the killer’s identity, he asks her about their breeding programme and tells her to speed up the process of cultivation. In the newspaper, we see a piece about a possible summit meeting between the two Koreas at the end of August in Pyongyang. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 2 ‘Booyang: Family Support & Levitation’ Recap:

The episode begins with scenes from 2003 when Mi Hyun walks to a town, with Bong Seok on her back. She decides to move to a place with a high roof. In exchange for three years’ worth of advance, she tells the property owner to never return there in the future. Slowly, she teaches her son ways to keep his elevating power in control. Since Bon Seok cannot go out to play with kids his age, he grows up loving a television show called Bungaeman. Like this superhero, Bon Seok tries to fly in their school playground. That’s when his school principal Rae Hyuk (Yoo Seung Mok) notices his flying ability. 

Sadly, upon seeing Bong Seok fly, another student tries to repeat the stunt and injures himself. So, Mi Hyun warns him never to let the world see his power again. Later, she realises that he starts floating when it rains. In the present, Bong Seok shows up late at school and so does Hui Soo. That’s why Il Hwan gives them cleaning duty as a punishment. Later, in their class, when Ki Soo (Shin Jae Hwi) tries to bully her, Gang Hoon stops him. After the school, the bully confronts him. So, Gang Hoon uses his abilities to beat Ki Soo to a pulp. 

Hui Soo wears Bong Seok’s P.E. uniform for her day’s practice. Later, she asks him to join her in buying hers. Considering the high cost of extra work, he offers to help her with his mother’s frugal solution. Meanwhile, Frank looks for his next target to delete – Young Seok / Bongpyeong (Choi Deok Moon). He walks into a bookstore to find the old man. Through his special ability, Young Seok cuts off the electricity inside the bookstore. While the old man puts up a strong fight, Frank deletes him in the end. That’s where Frank learns about Young Seok’s son, who went to the Jeongwon School. Meanwhile, Yong Joon learns about Bongpyeong’s death and decides to put this matter on high alert. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 3 ‘1+1’ Recap:

In exchange for Bong Seok’s help, Hui Soo buys him noodles as a treat. Gang Hoon notices that these two are getting closer. After school, the couple stays back for their cleaning duties. Hui Soo notices a wound on Bong Seok’s elbow and treats him. Because of her touch, he starts floating inside the washroom. Back home, as per his suggestion, she speaks with her father about her plan to choose P.E. Although Joon Won initially gets upset, he comes around to support her. Gang Hoon also returns home and bows down to his father Jae Man (Kim Sung Kyun) like it’s his daily ritual. 

The following day, Bong Seok steps on the bus to notice that the usual bus driver is absent. Hui Soo runs to school and reaches in time. At school, Ki Soo’s absence causes worry. Hui Soo suspects Gang Hoon knows something about it. But Gang Hoon does not reveal anything. While Hui Soo stays back late for her practice, Bong Seok boosts her confidence. Back home, Mi Hyun scolds him for staying out late. The next day, Hui Soo gets injured during her practice. Bong Seok notices that. Out of concern, he ends up elevating to reach next to her. 

She finds it surprising how he got next to her, so quickly. On the other hand, she is surprised that she did not hurt her ankle. Gang Hoon notices these things from a distance. Bong Seok stays back to help her with her sit-ups. In excitement, he ends up elevating and this time, she notices it. The next day, the two go out to have some late-night snacks. She mentions she forgot her shoes back in school. He offers to bring them back. She follows him and tracks the muddy footsteps. They disappear after a certain point. Eventually, she meets him and asks about the earlier incident. She touches his elbow wound, which excites him. In that feeling, he ends up elevating.  

Moving (Season 1) Episode 4 ‘The Secret’ Recap:

Since Bong Seok starts floating in front of her, Hui Soo learns about his secret. She helps him return to the ground and then puts on the school bags as weights on his body so that he won’t float again. Then, she joins him on their way back home. Mi Hyun is surprised to see her son with a female friend. She offers Hui Soo so much food, which Hui So eats out of politeness. Hui Soo calls her father to inform him that she will have dinner at Bong Seok’s. Later, she sees Bong Seok’s room’s roof covered with pillows, meant to protect him from getting hurt. He explains how his emotions control his floating abilities. As a joke, she touches his feet with hers. Predictably, Bong Seok starts floating in the air. He uses a number-based repeat mantra to calm himself and return to the ground.  

Bong Seok is surprised that Hui Soo accepted him so quickly despite this strange ability. She mentions that he is not weird but a bit special. Hui Soo also agrees to keep his floating a secret. With her special ability, Mi Hyun hears her say this to her son. Meanwhile, Frank shows up at a hair salon at night. While speaking with Naju (Kim Gook Hee), he asks where her kids went to school. She stabs him with her knife. But due to his ability to regenerate, it does not hurt him. Turns out, she can see through objects. That’s how she can see him through wall surfaces and tries to shoot him. Despite putting up a strong front, Frank kills her. 

Joo Won arrives in the same building to drop off a fried chicken order. The customer refuses to pay saying Joo Won did not bring his credit card machine. So, Joo Won agrees to bring it the next day. The next day, Mi Hyun reads news about the murder. In school, Hui Soo briefly tells Bong Seok why she had to leave her previous school, mid-semester in her senior year – she fought 17 bullies in her previous schools. Because of the financial weight of its settlements, Joon Won had to move her to another school. Then, she mentions her secret ability – ‘she cannot get hurt at all’. 

High On Films in collaboration with Avanté
A still from Moving (Season 1).
A still from Moving (Season 1).

Moving (Season 1) Episode 5 ‘Recall’ Recap:

Hui Soo tells Bong Seok about her life. Since she was a kid, her father kept moving from one place to another, as if they were running from something. One day, Joo Won decided to settle down at a place so that she could go to college. In her school, a new girl – Hye Won (Shim Hye Won) entered as a student. Since she was from a rich family, some students gave her a hard time. They constantly bullied her and made her life a living hell. Hui Soo hated this but did not act upon it. Since the bullying did not stop, Hui Soo complained about it to the teaching staff. So, they started taking action against the suspected students. 

The bullies wanted to know who snitched on them. A boy ended up getting beat up because the bullies thought he was the snitch. Hui Soo felt bad to see the results of her actions. Finally, one day, she decided to take action against them. She got in a fight against 17 of them and beat them all to a pulp. But her wounds healed soon after she was injured. That is why her father had to pay the settlements to those 17 bullies. Because of this issue, she had to leave school. No school accepted her until Jeongwon High School did. Turns out, principal Rae Hyuk approved her admission upon hearing what she was capable of. 

In the present, Joo Won shows up at the rude customer’s doorstep with a credit card machine. This time, he sheds his mask of politeness and frightens this man. On his way out of the building, he sees the police around the hair salon (where Frank killed Naju). Mi Hyun sees photos of it in the news and gets worried. Meanwhile, Woon Gyu informs Yong Joon about the killer’s recent target – Naju. Yong Joon believes that the Americans have sent a ‘cleaner’ to delete the retirees. By that time, Frank shows up at Naju’s funeral to know who her son is. At Young Seok’s funeral, we see the bus driver who brings Bong Seok to school. Like his father, he also manages to recreate with electricity. This bus driver – Gye Do (Cha Tae Hyun) is none other than Bungaeman, whom Bong Seok adored as a kid.  

Moving (Season 1) Episode 6 ‘Bungaeman’ Recap:

The episode follows Gye Do’s story since his childhood. He was a student at Jeongwon High School. Il Hwan, who was also his teacher, realised his abilities and suggested he should join the broadcasting and entertainment business. One thing led to another, and he became the famous Bungaeman. He became quite popular among kids including Bong Seok. However, one day, the same abilities led to an unfortunate accident. After losing his job as an entertainer, he also lost his mother. As a result, he was left to fend for himself. He kept looking for several jobs but kept facing rejections. 

One day, while drinking his sorrows, he saw a bus stop on the way. He decided to help turn back its power. That’s why, he got a job as a bus driver and started working thereafter. Eventually, after learning about his father’s death, his senior offers him some days off work. Back at school, Ki Soo returns to attend classes and to bully Gang Hoon. He stains Gang Hoon’s glasses and Hui Soo goes to return them to him. Gang Hoon gets slightly upset to learn that Bong Seok cleaned his glasses. 

Meanwhile, Frank surmises that each of his victims was trying to protect their children. We learn about Frank’s past and how he was brought to the US by a CIA agent and grew up there. To get to the bottom of this ‘cleaning’ matter, Young Joon questions CIA agent Mark. They both blame each other for using the people with superpowers. Eventually, Mark accepts to stop his cleaner Frank from further missions. At the time, Frank was at Mi Hyun’s restaurant to delete her. When Bong Seok enters the restaurant, she also treats him like any other customer since she senses a threat from Frank. Before things go south, he receives Mark’s text to abort the mission. So, it saves Mi Hyun’s life. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 7 ‘The Stranger’ Recap:

We learn the truth about Frank. His mother worked as a singer at a club. An American dragged him out to use him for his abilities. That’s why the letter ‘F’ was engraved/tattooed on his back as a part of the alphabet they were named starting with. In the present, Frank leaves Mi Hyun’s restaurant and starts driving his van. Although Mark asked him to abort their mission, he now asks Frank to delete Joo Won. On the road, Gye Do notices Frank and starts following his van. Frank does not understand why the bus is following him.

Eventually, Gye Do reaches Frank and confronts him about killing his father. Frank throws him away and almost kills him. Then, he follows Joo Won’s motorcycle and bumps into it. He assumes he deleted Joo Won to soon find him outside his van. At the end of their bare-knuckle fight, Joo Won manages to defeat Frank. Before parting, Frank mentions ‘his name is Iowa’. Joo Won puts fire to Frank’s van and then leaves. Mi Hyun takes out her gun and prepares in case of any threat. 

The next day, at school, Ki Soo keeps trying to provoke Gang Hoon. Yoon Sung Wook (Jun Suk Ho) keeps bothering Il Hwan about the files on special students. Meanwhile, during her P.E. preparations, Hui Soo almost hurts herself because of a loose screw in the basket fittings. Before Bong Seok can reach there, Gang Hoon reaches next to her superfast and protects her. A vlogger student catches this on her camera and uploads it online. Young Joon panics that their work is now exposed.

Meanwhile, Bong Seok feels terrible that he could not help Hui Soo. He keeps having dreams of being in clouds where a man comes to save him. In the end, we see an MSS minister from North Korea (Son Byung Ho) see the online video and tell a soldier to go to South Korea. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 8 ‘Black’ Recap:

In this flashback episode set in 1987, we see Kim Doo Sik (Zo in Sung) flying in the clouds, trying to save the lives of a flight’s passengers. Unfortunately, the bomb blows off right before he can take any action. Later, in 1994, we see Yong Joon looking at Mi Hyun’s files for a position at the Namsan Agency for National Security Planning. Even though she is an information analyst, he gives her a top-secret assignment – to keep a watch on Doo Sik and to understand his secret. Yong Joon wants Mi Hyun to use her beauty to entice Doo Sik into telling the truth.  

There’s an ulterior motive for this assignment. About two years before, in Longjing, Yanbian, China, Doo Sik was a backup for the operation to figure out double agents, working for South & North Korea. Mi Hyun was also there, under the guise of a singer. At the time, Doo Sik did not cooperate in a capacity as he was expected to. As a result, Yong Joon suspects that Doo Sik is hiding something and wants to know where his allegiance lies.

At present, Mi Hyun has no option but to accept this assignment. Woon Kyu was jealous that Yong Joon selected Mi Hyun for this mission instead of her. Anyhow, Mi Hyun tries to make Doo Sik notice her. Although it annoyed Doo-Sik’s then work-partner Joo Won, Doo Sik spoke with her. Turns out, he knew what she was trying to do. It led to the couple forming a genuine romantic connection with each other.  

Moving (Season 1) Episode 9 ‘Humanists’ Recap:

A still from Moving (Season 1).

Despite knowing Yong Joon’s plan, Doo Sik wants Mi Hyun to continue with her assignment. Yong Joon keeps checking on Mi Hyun to know Doo Sik’s secret. Eventually, she learns it herself when Doo Sik comes up to her workplace, flying in the air. He delivers food for her and flies away. We learn about his humanist side during his shooting practice with Joo Won. Doo Sik prefers to shoot in a way that can reduce causalities. Joo Won continues to meet Mi Hyun and realises her special hearing abilities. Eventually, when they kiss each other, Doo Sik starts elevating – like his son Bon Seok does with Hui Soo! 

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Even though Mi Hyun hides Doo Sik’s secret from Yong Joon, he knows that she is lying. Turns out, he chose Mi Hyun to find intel on Doo Sik, knowing they both were humanists. In the 1992 operation, Mi Hyun used tear gas instead of mercilessly killing the people. Yong Joon knows she won’t confuse one with the other since she had the highest test score since ANSP was established. So, that’s how he realised that she is a humanist and expected her and Doo Sik, to fall for each other. Yong Joon’s secretory overhears a part of this dialogue and informs Mi Hyun that Yong Joon knows she is lying. Afterwards, she also realises that Yong Joon recorded her and Doo Sik’s private conversations. But there is nothing she can do about it. 

Around this time, the leader of North Korea dies, which puts Yong Joon in a difficult position since it coincided with a critical mission he assigned to Doo Sik. Eventually, after a while of maintaining some distance, when he comes to meet Mi Hyun, he gets arrested by the feds. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 10 ‘The Monster’ Recap:

The episode follows events from 1990 when Joo Won was a gangster. He used to work for Gwang Jin and was known for taking a beating like no one else. That’s why he became known as ‘The Monster’. We see him beat up their rival Jae Sung’s gang and terrify them with his abilities. At the time, Min Ki (Im Sung Jae) was his close friend and his right-hand man. Even though Joo Won defeated Jae Sung’s men, his boss suddenly decided to join hands with this rival for the sake of expanding business in Ulsan. Joo Won opposed this idea of a merger. So, he and Min Ki slowly start distancing Joo Won from their venture.

Joo Won spent his days in a motel and kept extending his stay. It irked its manager who needlessly gave him a hard time. But one good thing that came out of his stay was his encounter with the coffee lady – Ji Hee (Kwak Sun Young). He was memorised by her in no time. Through their interactions, we learn how Joo Won had trouble following directions. Back at the business, Min Ki decided to betray his peers. He drugged Joo Won and Gwang Jin as a favour for Jae Sung. Upon regaining consciousness, he saw Jae Sung’s men trying to drown them in an ocean. Even from deep waters, he managed to rescue himself and return to the ground. After that, he killed Jae Sung and severely hurt Min Ki.

Moving (Season 1) Episode 11 ‘Romanticist’ Recap:

The episode largely follows the beginning of Joo Won’s relationship with Ji Hee. He repeatedly goes to the Umji coffee shop to meet her. Eventually, he starts to ask specifically for her to serve him coffee. He insists that he does not want sex in exchange for money, but only wants to just talk with her in exchange for money. She shows up in his motel room with coffee and they have a dialogue about romance. He loves martial arts books and considers them romance books since good guys win in the end. Although she doubts his intentions, her co-worker believes that he genuinely likes her. 

Meanwhile, Min Ki stays on the lookout for Joo Won after what happened. He tracks down the man and tries to hurt Ji Hee. That’s when Joo Won shows his extreme powers and breaks the wall to save his love and defeat these gangsters. While Ji Hee gets treated in a hospital, a few other men return to the motel to kill Joo Won, only to get beat to a pulp. Eventually, Batta’s men get terrified and start running away from him. Joo Won realises that Min Ki is connected to these attacks. A whole other series of men start following Joo Won and he tries his best to protect himself.

Meanwhile, we realise that Min Ki was working with Yon Joon to hand over ‘the monster’ – Joo Won to him. However, no matter how many men try to hurt him, Joo Won manages to win them over. After this bloodbath, Ji Hee meets him on the road and offers him a ride to the motel. A van attacks them and he tries his best to save her life. Seeing this vehicle try to hurt the love of his life, he kills the men inside it. Later, while Min Ki tries to shoot him dead, Doo Sik shows up in the sky and saves him. Six months later, we see Joo Won having joined ANSP with Doo Sik. Despite this new job, he does not forget about Ji Hee. He returns to the coffee shop just to have a coffee with her. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 12 ‘Partners’ Recap:

In Russia in 1992, Joo Won joined Doo Sik for an operation for ANSP.  They were supposed to rescue Dr. Kang, a North Korean, from the captivity of the Russians. Doo Sik flew back with Dr Kang and Joo Won had to figure out a way back on his own. Later in 1993 Hong Kong, after another successful mission, Doo Sik helped him get the bullets out of his body. The next year, Doo Sik is arrested by the ANSP for breaking their protocol in North Korea. Turns out, Yong Jun blackmailed Mi Hyun into cooperating by talking about her ill father. Min Hyun realises that Doo Sik returned just to save her from getting into any trouble. 

When Doo Sik is brought to the ANSP HQ, he fights back with the agents and flies away. After this incident, Yong Jun gets demoted and ANSP gets downsized. As a result, Mi Yun started working in another organisation. After some lonely time, she finds herself in the company of Doo Sik. They reunite and start a family. Not long after Bong Seok’s birth, they both realise that the baby also has Doo Sik’s floating ability. So, Doo Sik tries to create a safe space for the baby inside their house.

That’s when the baby Bong Seok lives the scenario the teenage him sees in his dreams – a man saving him while he floats in the midst of clouds. After a landmark decision in the North-South joint declaration, Yong Joon gets back in a position at the National Intelligence Service. Eventually, Doo Sik gets arrested by a SWAT team. Mi Hyun leaves that town with baby Bong Seok and walks to their new place. Rare Hyuk traces their movements since then. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 13 ‘Jang Juwon’ Recap:

After ANSP’s reorganisation, Joo Won gets into any job that he can get. He marries Ji Hee and starts living as a family. Unfortunately, because of his heavy load of responsibilities, he cannot find much time to spend with her. She hopes to have a child of their own, which becomes impossible due to his tight schedule. Yong Joon notices him working at this mundane job and tries to poach him. Considering his stress, Ji Hee tells him to leave the job if he wants to. But Joo Won decides to join the soldiers on their mission in Inje, Gangwon-do. 

On the battlefield, Joo Won meets Rae Hyuk, who tries to make this superhuman return to their organisation. During that time, Rae Hyuk deduces that some of the spies from the North also possess special powers. In the eventual shootout between the two sides, Joo Won comes across a North Korean man with superpowers and gets into a fight with him. Although a lot of their soldiers get killed during this mission, Joo Won returns home safely. By then, Ji Hee gets tired due to her prolonged loneliness. Joo Woon fulfils her wish of having a baby.

Meanwhile, Yong Joon makes Joo Won a part of the Black Team along with the agents that we earlier saw Frank kill according to the Americans’ orders. He returns to work for the Black Team to soon hear about his wife and daughter’s accident. While his daughter survives, Ji Hee dies a tragic death. Joo Won cries his heart out while trying to accept his tragic reality.

Moving (Season 1) Episode 14 ‘The Idiot’ Recap:

After Ji Hee’s unfortunate death, Joo Woon starts taking care of Hui Soo by himself. On a busy day, he leaves for his job while keeping Hui Soo with a caretaker. Ju Woon returns home late at night to find the caretaker having left and Hui Soo asleep. Besides him, we learn Jae Man’s story from the Summer of 2003 in Cheonggyecheon. With his powers, he helps vendors by carrying heavy weights with ease. His wife Yoon Young (Park Bo Kyung) protects him from getting unfairly used by others. Three years ago, he was imprisoned for some sort of fight. In the present, he takes care of Gang Hoon with a genial innocence. During a protest by street vendors, Yoon Young advises Jae Man not to join for the sake of their son. She does not want Jae Man to return to prison. 

The protest takes an ugly turn that potentially threatens the lives of underprivileged street vendors. The cops show no concern toward them whatsoever. Seeing that Yoon Young hasn’t returned home, Jae Man goes out to check on her. He finds her getting arrested and jumps onto the police vehicle to save her. Eventually, he flies away and ends up revealing his powers. Yong Joon learns about superhuman Jae Man and assigns Joo Woon to find him. With a heavy heart, Joo Woon leaves his daughter alone at home to fulfil this mission. He enters a sewage tunnel to find Jae Man. They engage in a fight where Joo Woon eventually handcuffs Jae Man. 

Jae Man appeals to let him go since his son Gang Hoon is waiting for him back home. In the middle of heavy rain, a kid named Sung Woo also falls in the tunnel. So, the police force invests their time in finding the kid. Joo Woon tells Yong Joon that he let Jae Man go since his son is waiting for him back home. As a result, Yong Joon decides to take matters into his own hands. He reaches Jae Man’s apartment with his men to arrest him. During their attempt, they face a brutal force of power. That’s when Yong Joon realises that the superhuman abilities pass on to the next generations. Seeing this ordeal with his own eyes, Je Woon decides to leave the organisation for good. He determines to cut tires with Yong Jun to not let history repeat itself. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 15 ‘N.T.D.P.’ Recap: 

After Yong Joon’s disappearance, Yong Joon greenlights the N.T.D.P. (National Talent Development Programme) to find and use the superhumans to his advantage. That’s when Rae Hyuk comes into the picture as a lead on finding these humans and their next generations. The narrative returns to the present-day scenarios where Gang Hoon confronts Ki Soo about his attempts to hurt Hui Soo and others. Later, Hui Soo offers a treat to Gang Hoon, for saving her from the accident in the auditorium. That’s when Gang Hoon reveals he is planning to work for the government. Turns out, Rye Hyuk approached him three years ago with a proposal to join their organisation in exchange for saving them from any financial troubles.  

Meanwhile, vlogger Han Byul’s (Park Han Sol) phone gets confiscated by Sung Wook. He also made her delete the incident’s video that she uploaded online. Bong Seok notices Hui Soo getting closer to Gang Hoon after he saves her. So, he tries to distance himself, maybe because he gets jealous. But Hui Soo manages to resolve the matter. Later that night, he joins her on a bus for her practice at a different auditorium. A mysterious man with a scar on his forehead follows them inside. Even though he has no transit card, Gye Do lets him enter. But he keeps a watch on this man from the rearview mirror. 

By then, Mi Hyun and Joo Won, both start preparing to avert any possible danger to their kids. They both call their children to tell them to return straight home. Still, the kids go for the practice. At school, Mi Hyun meets Il Hwan, who recognises her as Bong Seok’s mother. She finds it strange since that’s when they meet for the first time. So, she asks him about the number of years he has been teaching. She notices a camera on the ceiling whereas Joo Won finds it in the auditorium. He looks straight into the camera to ask who is watching from it. Sung Wook on the other side gets startled by it. While three North Korean agents head toward the school to acquire the files on gifted humans, Gye Do ends up recklessly driving his bus. When stops the bus, he cannot find the mysterious man. 

A still from Moving (Season 1).

Moving (Season 1) Episode 16 ‘The Man Between’ Recap:

Turns out, Il Hwan started teaching at the Jeongwon high school, years ago. He asked Yong Joon to work for him as a black ops agent for ANSP. Yong Joon assigned him a job to be a school teacher and to find gifted kids coming in every batch. That’s when Il Hwan came across Gye Do and advised him to get into the entertainment business. Naju, the hair salon owner who could see through surfaces, was also Il Hwan’s student. Unlike Rae Hyuk, Il Hwan chose a kinder route and started really getting into the spirit of teaching. Sensing that, Yong Joon appointed Sung Wook to join him as an assistant for his mission – to ensure that Il Hwan does not sabotage his mission. Principal Rye Hyuk warns Il Hwan to pay more attention to Kim Doo Sik’s kid – Bong Seok. 

Back in the present, when Joo Won comes to meet Il Hwan, Mi Hyun leaves the room. Before leaving, she warns Joo Won about there being a camera on the roof. Meanwhile, the school janitor walks into the room Sung Wook is in. She stabs him in the neck and takes charge of the surveillance. With her special ability, Mi Hyun tracks that room and meets the cleaning lady. She notices a bloodied Sung Wook in the mirror and realises that the cleaner is not who she seems to be. While Mi Hyun locks the room from inside, the North Korean agents decide to walk into the school. On the other hand, Il Hwan reveals that Joo Won saved him in a 1996 war against the North. That’s why he feels indebted to Joo Won. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 17 ‘Awakening’ Recap:

Hui Soo and Bong Seok enter the auditorium so that Hui Soo can resume her practice. While Bong Seok gets out to bring some bottles of water, the mysterious man from the bus – Joon Hwa (Yang Dong Geun), approaches Hui Soo. He throws her from the first floor and tries to hurt her. Like Bong Seok, he can also fly in the air. Thanks to Bong Seok’s genetically received hearing ability, he understands that Hui Soo is in danger. So, he breaks the glass of that auditorium and flies inside. He tries to save her from Joon Hwa’s capture. ‘Flying well means failing well,’ he recalls what his mother taught him. 

Meanwhile, Mi Hyun fights with the cleaning lady, aka the North Korean agent and jumps out of the window. She hides behind a wall to overhear her conversation with her associate. Killing everyone in the school is apparently a part of her mission. By that time, Mi Hyun tries to damage the security cameras so that the cleaner cannot know where she is. She also turns off the school’s lights, which makes everyone panic. A North Korean soldier walks into Il Hwan’s room and asks for files on superhumans. Gang Hoon, who had stayed back for his studies, gets noticed by a North Korean agent. He realises that Gang Hoon is the kid from the viral clip. 

While Joo Won starts fighting against the North Korean soldiers, Jae Man rushes to school to protect his son. The cleaner notices Mi Hyun on a camera and approaches her. Mi Hyun shoots her in the head and ends her life. In the end, Joo Woon gets beaten to a pulp. After that, Mi Hyun hears that the soldiers are looking for Doo Sik’s son. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 18 ‘South and North’ Recap: 

The MSS minister wanted to build a superhuman unit for their country. That’s why, he sent his men to look for superhumans in Jeongwon school. We see a scenario from the past in North Korea, where Joon Hwa defied Deok Yoon’s orders to be an elite warrior for them. Deok Yoon warned him that he would be known as a traitor otherwise. So, he agreed to join them. Later, when Doo Sik gets arrested by a SWAT team, he is brought to meet Yong Joon. The man expects Doo Sik to perform a mission for him as a way to save himself from North Koreans who are also looking to kill him. While performing it, Doo Dik gets arrested by the North’s army. 

In the present, North Korean soldier Deok Yoon asks Mi Hyun about her relationship with Doo Sik. While the two engage in a gunfight, Gang Hoon tries to save himself from the North Korean superhuman fighter. Meanwhile, Joo Won recovers from his injuries and walks back for revenge.

Moving (Season 1) Episode 19 ‘Final Battle’ Recap: 

Jae Man rushes to school to save his son from any danger. In the school, Gang Hoon fights against a North Korean superhuman soldier. Il Hwan arrives with a gun to help Gang Hoon. But the soldier gives them a tough fight and knocks them on the wall. He threatens to kill the kid if Il Hwan does not share the files. By then, Jae Man arrives at the school and beats the soldier to death. He manages to protect his son from getting killed. Meanwhile, Deok Yoon finds Ki Soo and Hye Won hiding inside the school. He suspects that they are also superhumans. But upon learning that they are not gifted, he lets them go. Joo Won also gets in a brutal fight with Young Deuk from the North Korean army. 

Later, Jae Seok, who was kept inside the Yodok Concentration Camp, arrives at their school. He can use his hands to create a huge power cycle. He makes their lives a living hell. They all struggle to get out from under the debris. During their fight against Jae Sook, Joo Won and Gye Do come face to face after years. Eventually, Jae Sook falls down from the top to the ground floor, which causes one part of the building to collapse. It leaves Joo Won and Jae Man to fight a battle against death.

Bong Seok confesses his feelings for Hui Soo and she mentions that she feels the same way. Joon Hwa informs Daek Yoon that both Bong Seok and Hui Soo are gifted. Bong Seok hears that his mother is in trouble and thus, he heads in that direction. Gye Do learns about an incident in the school and rushes there. 

Moving (Season 1) Episode 20 ‘Graduation Day’ Recap:

In the season one finale of Moving, Young Deuk grapples with the loss of Daek Yoon. After that, Young Deuk cries his heart out, hoping for a way out of the hole. Turns out, he climbed up on a cliff when the North Korean army tried to kill those like him for not accepting their orders. He uses this knowledge to climb out into the present. Mi Hyun gets in a shootout against Joon Hwa. Suddenly, Bong Seok arrives there and drags him further in the air. He tries to fight this soldier to protect his mother. Gye Do arrives there with his bus just then but it skids on the ground.

 Deeply hurt by Daek Yoon’s death, Young Deuk starts running away. On the way, he bumps into Hui Soo. Meanwhile, Gye Do uses his power to cut Joon Hwa’s arm with electricity. At the time, Deok Yoon had held Mi Hyun at gunpoint. Suddenly, Joo Won arrives on the roof and joins Mi Hyun in her fight against Deok Yoon. Instead of living with a failed mission, Deok Yoon chooses to die from falling down the roof. After that, the police arrive there and so does Hui Soo. She is pleased to see her father alive. On the other hand, Bong Seok carries his mother on his back – the way she did when they moved into that town, and flies away.  

Moving (Season 1) K-drama Ending Explained: 

At the end of the first season of Moving, we see the students of Jeongwon High School on their graduation day. Although Joo Won is there with Hui Soo, Bong Seok and Mi Hyun are absent. Il Hwan hands over the NTDP file to Hui Soo to Joo Won. Hui Soo walks back to her class and revels in the fond memories of her time with Bong Seok. Jae Man is delighted to see his son’s graduation certificate. However, Gang Hoon soon meets Yong Joon to join his organisation. His only condition is that his father’s criminal records need to be cleared. Yong Joon does not offer a straight answer to him.

What happens to Hui Soo & Bong Seok in the end?

Once Gang Hoon leaves Yong Joon’s office, Woon Gyu brings two officers inside. It seems like they are his superiors, who are upset at him for not fulfilling his duties. Joon Hwa meets the MMS officer to learn what happened at the school in the South. Instead of sharing a response, he shoots this officer dead. Back in 1995, Deok Yoon had brought him to Mount Suri to kill him, down the cliff. Since Deok Yoon showed him no mercy, Joon Hwa decides to rescue Doo Sik from imprisonment as an act of revenge. Doo Sik returns to the South and kills Yong Joon. Eventually, Doo Sik reunites with his wife and his son.

Young Deuk starts working at Joo Won’s chicken shop. In the news, they learn about a fire that broke out in a Seoul skyscraper. Joo Won notices a mysterious figure disappear from near it. The news calls him the ‘yellow man’. Hui Soo understands that this person is Bong Seok. She starts delivering food orders for Joo Won’s business. He sees it as fulfilling a happy ending as he once promised to Ji Hee.

The post-credits scene of Moving (Season 1):

Finally, in the post-credits scene, we see a man sitting in Yong Joon’s deputy director chair. It suggests that this agent is taking over the responsibilities that Yong Joon left behind. On the other hand, when Frank arrives outside a club named Las Vegas, Mark asks for someone named Elias. Basically, Elias is the ‘E’ before Frank’s ‘F’ i.e. he is one of the gifted kids, who were taken away by Americans to benefit from their superhuman abilities. So, considering these new developments, it seems highly likely that the forces that tried to use these superhumans for personal motives will continue to do so in the future. These scenes hint at narrative possibilities from season 2 of Moving.

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