Shantaram (Season 1), Episode 6: In the sixth episode, ‘Dead Man Walking’, Lin’s worst fear is realized as he has to voluntarily visit a police station, which also brings back his trauma from his own imprisonment. Kavita’s investigation, though a minor part of the show, is slowly adding some thrill to the otherwise dull progression of the show where characters seem to go around in circles only. Abdullah and Karla’s past is another interesting addition to the show and it desperately needs to give these two characters more screen time.


In a flashback set in Pentridge, Lin is brought for a meeting with the jailer. Given that it’s an ostensibly peaceful conversation between the two of them, over a bottle of beer, it’ll give him the reputation of a snitch amongst the inmates. That’s the worst possible tag an inmate can get and ‘dogs‘, as snitches are called, get killed inside. The jailer is doing this to Lin because of his obstinacy about not giving up the name of who really killed Officer Floris. In the wake of this meeting, Lin really does gain the reputation of a dog and it’s soon after this that he will escape.

In the actual timeline of the show, Lin goes to meet Kavita, with Prabhu. He apologizes for his rudeness and then Prabhu provides her with a reason as to why she shouldn’t cover Lin’s story – if the people of Sagar Wada, the subaltern in Bombay, get any kind of traction from a news story, their lives will be torn apart by the powers that be. Kavita pretends to be convinced to drop Lin’s story, though this isn’t something Lin actually believes. It’s revealed then that Nishant managed to get Lin’s photographs from a hidden vantage point. Lin starts preparing to leave Bombay, knowing that Kavita can become his undoing. Prabhu is thoroughly upset by this.

Lisa now leads a happy life with Modena, bringing clients for expanding Maurizio’s heroin business. Yet she’s distraught on finding out that it’s Madame Zhou who is supplying Maurizio with heroin. Modena makes a promise to Lisa that she needn’t be worried and that after a few more deals, they’ll quit the business. Maurizio’s thriving business is slowly turning him into a big fish. He makes a major deal with a Nigerian man, Raheem and Maurizio’s extravagance following that makes Karla suspicious, who is present at Reynaldo’s at the time. She approaches Lisa and tells her that she knows what Maurizio is selling. Karla promises to keep it a secret from Khader if Lisa doesn’t blow her cover as an associate of his. The two of them reconcile.

Lin asks Didier to make him a fake passport but the latter is set on his price of a thousand dollars. Didier picks up a man from Reynaldo’s, named Alain, but falls into the hot soup when Alain’s lover returns home and catches him cheating on him. Didier is arrested by the police on the grounds of being a homosexual and brutally beaten up, possibly paid for by Alain’s rich lover. Lin, on the other hand, hustles more tourists with Prabhu to get the money he needs for the passport. When that doesn’t prove to be enough, he sells the motorbike that Abdullah gave to him as a gift. When Didier contacts him to bring the bribe to the police station required to release him, Lin is terrified at the prospect of going to a police station. But he’s also disgusted at hearing about how Didier has been treated and he does want to help him. At that moment, he runs into Vikram at Reynaldo’s, a mutual friend of theirs, who tells Lin that he knows how to handle the police.

Shantaram Season 1 Episode 6 Recap Ending Explained
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The two of them get some money from Didier’s place and go to the police station. Lin realizes that police brutality in India is no different from back in Australia as he sees the condition of people in jails. Didier’s plight there disturbs them and they agree to the police officer’s onerous demands. A problem arises when a constable recognizes Lin from a scuffle they got into one night and so the officer asks for even more money to keep Lin out of jail. To ensure this, Lin adds his own money that he had worked for, for the passport, to the money he and Vikram found at Didier’s apartment. This frees Didier and saves Lin.

Abdullah, in the meantime, has been following Minister Pandey around to see if there’s any dirt on him. He discovers that Pandey has an extramarital affair with a young woman, Sunita. He goes to give this information to Karla. Here, we are informed that Karla and Abdullah share a past and one of the two men that lived with her is actually him though now they share a fraternal bond. Prabhu and Parvati start a romance after the former discovers, to his great joy, that she too wants to marry him.


To please Kavita regarding her investigation into Lin’s past, Nishant has gotten access to Interpol’s currently hot list of foreign fugitives. Maurizio asks Lisa to sleep with Raheem, to seal their heroin deal. To do that, Lisa asks for ten percent of the money that Maurizio is making from the Raheem deal. He agrees. Modena realizes that this will create a rift between him and her.

Back at Didier’s flat, Lin takes care of him and brings him back to his feet. Lin tells Didier that they’re friends and so he would’ve helped him even if there wasn’t an ulterior motive. Didier promises to take care of Lin’s passport for free. Parvati and Prabhu are out on a date when misfortune strikes. Parvati suddenly falls unconscious though the cause isn’t revealed. Prabhu rushes her back to Sagar Wada where her mother, along with other sick people, awaits Lin’s arrival, who has not been in Sagar Wada since he left to meet Didier.


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