Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 7: What keeps the Hulu miniseries about the infamous Steve Banerjee charming is that it doesn’t bite off more than it can chew. Welcome To Chippendales’ self-awareness is what also clears away the distractions on its path. The curse of being bogged down with an extensive take on the murderous entrepreneur’s psyche is not something the show burdened itself with. However, If there’s one thing that can be held against Welcome To Chippendales, it has to be the monotony that is squeezing the life out of what once was fascinating. There’s only so much entertainment that can be attributed to the G-strings and the close-up overstuffed crotch shots. Not even the wildest of the party animals can keep on going without breaks in between. So while I’m not yet accusing Welcome To Chippendales’ safety net of being a curse in disguise, I’m also hoping that the show will decide to radiate bravery in its storytelling aspirations as it does in its indelicate nonconformity.

Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 7: Recap

Paper Is Paper

A salacious montage serves as the opening act to the enormous success of Chippendales tours. Basking in the glory of their victories, Nick, Bradford, and Denise are swimming in cash. Are they a throuple at this point? There’s at least a delicious love triangle splattering its primal tension all over the three. And while cocaine and sex can be fleeting distractions, the New York trio gets increasingly closer to a split thanks to emotional complications (Could I be vaguer? But cut me some slack because so were they). Denise has clearly developed a one-sided emotional dependency on Nick. It’s not that Nick doesn’t care about Denise. But his love for Bradford doubtlessly weighs higher than his concern for Denise. Putting an effective end to Denise and Nick’s ambiguous relationship, Bradford sort of gives Nick a passive-aggressive ultimatum. Nick tries in vain to let her down easy. Denise had convinced herself that it was him and her against the world. So when Nick leaves her to be with Bradford in New York, Denise feels completely let down and alone.

Coming back to the primary rivalry of the show, the latest bad idea Steve has come up with to mess with Nick is a competing Chippendales tour. It’s shocking how any sane person (we’re looking at you Irene) puts up with someone as exhaustingly obtuse as Steve. Of course, he can’t possibly hope that move will work! Of course, Nick isn’t going to sit down and let Steve walk all over him! Being hit with yet another lash of the law, Steve learns that he can’t in fact have another tour when Nick legally holds the touring rights. A smarter person would have left alone the one steady source of income. But when has Steve ever not been a complete buffoon?

Chippendales faces a fatal financial crisis which does not surprise Irene. Between the countless cases against him and his establishment declaring bankruptcy, Steve is about to be met with a bang that will wreck him completely. Now ask yourself. What would a smart person do? What Steve does next is obviously the exact opposite of that. Bringing down the firemen to the site, Steve overcrowds Chippendales to the point of absolute mayhem. And the result? Chippendales is shut down. Most likely forever.

Welcome to Chippendales episode 7 Recap Ending Explained

Welcome To Chippendales (Miniseries) Episode 7 Ending, Explained:

How Does Steve Avenge His Failure?

If there was ever a man who lived and breathed awful impulses, that would be Steve. Nothing productive or fruitful is ever the first thought–or even the second or third thought–that ever crosses Steve’s mind for that matter. Chippendales is essentially over. A man like Steve who falls apart at the first sign of trouble certainly can’t handle a failure of that magnitude. Nick on the other hand, finally finding some contentment in the arms of Bradford, has no idea about the royal wreckage down in LA. That is until Bradford takes his eyes off him for a second and Nick is assassinated in his own office.

We in the audience–especially the ones that know of Steve Banerjee’s preposterous messes–know that Steve was behind Nick’s horrifying death. But his loving wife Irene not being able to put two and two together shouldn’t really be held against her. No woman wants to believe that she not only lives with a murderer but is also married to him and had a child with him. Steve, however, isn’t hiding his obvious guilt all that well. With every word he speaks, he confesses to the heinous crime. Irene considers his mindless rants as a sign of grief. But we know what’s really going on in that gritty mind of his.

And so does Denise, evidently. Loud ruckus and the gate being jarred with a rage wake Steve up from anxious sleep. Murderer! Screams Denise and Steve is running out to stop her from yelling out his damning crime. Denise’s fury against the vile man who killed the man she loved can hardly be shut down by Steve’s pleadings. Woken up by the commotion, Irene runs out, only to hear that her husband is a murderer. When her plight doesn’t get dealt with sensibly, Denise even accuses Irene of being in on it.

In her heart, Irene knows that Steve most definitely is guilty. But she can hardly be blamed for not readily accepting the worst possible reality of her husband. The disturbing circumstances however warrant a reality check from Irene. She asks Steve about the money that is missing from their lot. But can a man who always chooses the most doomed path really be expected to have quick wit? Not getting any answer from Steve whatsoever, forces Denise to face the music. Screaming at the top of her lungs she runs out of the house and takes their daughter with her.

Like a forlorn lover, Steve sits by the phone and waits for Irene to call. The only call he does get is from the FBI. Down at the bureau’s den, Steve is asked about the nature of his relationship with the deceased. Of course, he lies. And of course, the agent sees right through him. His defensive answers do everything but make him look innocent. What the agents discuss after his departure clearly suggests that he is the prime suspect. It’s only a matter of time before they find legit proof against Steve. And knowing Steve, we can be certain that he hasn’t covered his tracks all that well. With only one more episode to go, we can almost see Steve’s dark fate catching up to him.


WELCOME TO CHIPPENDALES (MINI-SERIES) EPISODE 7 CAST: Kumail Nanjiani, Murray Bartlett, Zack Palmisano
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