A crowded and electric craps table. A beaming coiffed woman is standing by a man who looks like he’s ready to win millions. The dice roll and… it’s showtime! Sound familiar? This scene has been in so many different Hollywood movies it’s a cliche at this point in time. While Indecent Proposal (debatably) played it out best, there are plenty more where that came from.

Maybe it’s the glitz and glam coupled with the idea that winning a life-changing sum of money can happen to anyone, if ‘lady luck’ is on one’s side. Or, it’s the opulent casino resorts oozing decadence or even the sparkly chandeliers that mesmerize every patron.

Perhaps it’s the distinctive slot machine chimes in the background that complements the buzzing atmosphere. Pretty much standard ingredients of your typical casino-themed movie, right? Oh, and let’s not gloss over the fact that it’s usually set in Sin City – a place that has its own allure and sense of temptation. After all, that’s Hollywood’s job: romanticizing the gambling capital of the world. It’s no wonder it’s also often referred to as the ‘Adult Disneyland’.

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Gambling = money

Is there any need to state the obvious, here? Gambling in and of itself is about money. And when there is money there is a sense of excitement. Ever since humans decided that money was one of the most important things on the planet, the money inherent in gambling has made it an alluring activity. Even before actual money, gambling was performed using goods and services (and sometimes they still are). Who can forget the scene in The Fast and the Furious when they’re racing for slips? High stakes up the excitement which is something we don’t get in our everyday lives. Anything for a thrill, eh?

Gambling really can be glamorous

If you step out onto a reputable casino floor on a Saturday night you’ll be overwhelmed by the activity going on, as well as the people dressed up ready for a party and a good time. In a casino city or town such as Vegas or Macao, you’ll find this on a truly massive scale – it really exists. Some casinos enforce strict dress codes, especially during particular hours or nights, so that they can attract that glamorous crowd and keep the riff-raff out. Combined with fine dining establishments, nightclubs, shows and live entertainment on the premises, it’s not just the gambling itself that is looking upmarket, it’s the whole scene.

A hidden payday for producers?

One of the not so well hidden secrets of Hollywood is that companies pay a lot of money to involve their products in movies. When you see a bottle of coke, wine, a brand, or anything, it is typically due to some sort of deal between the brand itself and the producers of the movie. Did you know that the same goes for gambling movies? If you see scenes of a classic casino then there is a fair chance that somewhere behind the scenes some strings are being pulled to inject funding into the movie to promote the casino brand. While some of these deals are underhanded and shady, due to particular laws in particular countries, there are often workarounds that are utilised both by the brands and the movie houses.

Remember, it’s not always glitz and glamour

While there are plenty of sexy and glamorous gambling movies featuring the likes of James Bond and the Ocean’s gang, there are also plenty of other down-on-their-luck gambling flicks out there. If you recall the start of Squid Game, you’ll remember that the “hero” is a hopeless gambling addict who loses his last ticket hence having to compete in the world’s most gruesome (and lucrative) death race.

There is a shadowy side to gambling addiction and other movies and series do highlight these issues instead of the typical glamour experience. If you haven’t watched it already, 1998’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is truly a gambling trip that you won’t easily forget. Featuring none other than Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro, the twisted, mildly horrifying, and decidedly un-glamorous Hunter S. Thompson is a classic for the ages – and a must-watch to counteract the sequins, shine, glamour, and gold of other gambling-themed faves.

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