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Why do Modern School-Age Children Like to Watch Old Movies?

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There are many modern exciting films. Despite this, many people like films made a couple of decades ago as their favorite. It applies not only to adults who grew up in such movies but also to modern schoolchildren. Often at school, students have the assignment to write a story about their favorite movie. There are many modern exciting films. Despite this, many people like films made a couple of decades ago as their favorite. It applies not only to adults who grew up in such movies but also to modern schoolchildren. 

Often students have to write a story about their favorite movie at school. They like these assignments, unlike writing assignments in college. Students there prefer to buy college essays because the tasks are much more difficult. 

In this article, we would like to share the reasons for this love of good old movies.

Many children prefer the adventure genre. It is the old movies that they like. They convey the large-scale atmosphere created by natural filming, beautiful music, frame play, and various directorial finds. You can always enjoy watching. Besides, you understand the film’s meaning, which is almost absent in modern movies.

The old movies are all about the atmosphere

There are a lot of computer graphics and unnaturalness in today’s movies, but not the feeling that the old films give.

Real food, real feelings, and plots unfold in ordinary city streets or indoors, which is realistic. People look as natural as possible: clothes, makeup, body movements, gestures, words – this is the atmosphere. And this, of course, cannot be compared to modern films, which can be recorded in the same building and only add effects.

The feelings of the characters in the old movies are so open, accessible, deep, and genuine, so they evoke empathy in us, the audience. Or, as they say nowadays, it trains empathy. We don’t think old movies are good and new ones are bad. Not at all! But we can’t help but say that it’s very different, and when choosing a film, you have to understand what you want: to watch or feel.

Often, it’s not enough to see a movie only to admire it. When we revisit a familiar film, we see new details and understand the plot and the characters better. We rethink their actions and words.

People often watch old movies because they like the vintage nature of the film and the deep, high-quality reproduction of the stories.

Modern movies have too many special effects. But old movies help us see the beauty of simple shots created by people of another generation and show their thoughts.

Teenagers watch old movies because they are kind and sincere. That, alas, is not enough today. And also because vintage movies show the problems of the time, but they are so relevant today that it’s much more interesting to look at them through the lens of yesteryear!

Old movies are interesting to today’s teenagers because they focus on life (mundane) problems that are simple and understandable to the mass viewer.

The heroes of the old movies are people who have fallen into difficult life circumstances but have not lost the ability to love, be friends, and be conscientious with themselves.

Also specific to old movies is that they are made piece by piece. You want to think about the plots and characters after you watch it, not wait for the next episode where the writers have already thought of everything for you.

Many people, children, and their parents say they don’t consider themselves fans of vintage movies. But they say that most old movies are much better in content than modern movies. There is a lot of garbage, immediacy, and speed in the cinema of our time.

Today the movie industry has all kinds of possibilities: special effects, equipment, makeup, and so on. That’s very cool, but there was nothing like that back then. That is the principal meaning of the old cinema-the naturalness of the relationships. 

At that time, actors were very subtle. They conveyed the character’s feelings, the difficulties of relationships, and internal struggles. There are no superfluous words in the films. And that’s not boring. When you look at the character’s thoughts, at the thought process that his face and movements express, you understand his thoughts. The films are touching and light which is so lacking in modern movies. Many films convey stories familiar to all of us, today’s teenagers and parents.

What movies should I watch as a teenager?

If you are looking for a movie to watch, we would like to recommend to school children and their parents a modern film that is just as good as the good old movies. It’s a drama film “Life in a Year”. It is an American movie from 2020 that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The film is the story of 17-year-old Darin, who meets a girl from a different social stratum. He is a successful guy, an athlete, and the son of a rich father. His whole life is ready for him. Suddenly the father’s plans fall apart after Darin’s son meets a bright, charismatic girl. What’s more, she is terminally ill. But despite his father’s plans to make him a Harvard student, the boy decides to give the girl a whole life, fitting her into the year she has left.

It is a movie about true teenage love, male friendship (the main character’s two friends’ roles are not episodic), and the parents’ acceptance (but at first non-acceptance) of their only son’s desires and feelings.

This film is about forgiveness. The line of the girl’s mother, who abandoned her for the well-being of her new family, is separately written. But before her daughter dies, she arrives at that one who forgives her.

It is a film about loneliness. The girl grew up alone for many years, and her only significant other was her neighbor and friend. And it’s also a film about happiness, when in difficult and joyful moments of life around many kind people.

I highly recommend watching this movie for parents with their teenage children.

Author: Mary Hayes

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