Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 11: Episode 11 of Will Trent’s season 1 on ABC titled “Bill Black” ends with a horrifying possibility materializing for Will and Angie’s future together. This episode was all about Will’s special task of infiltrating the fiercest drug gang in Macon and finding out what happened to a missing DEA agent. It was a completely different experience for Will and for the viewers to see him show off his adaptability skills, thanks to his torrid childhood in and around foster homes.

Angie’s narrative came with no prior notice and spiraled out of control once she learned her worst fears about Lenny were true. The ending of episode 11 of Will Trent’s debut season is even more shattering and presents a dubious cue for what comes next. We are at hand to explain all of it to you in the piece below.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 11 Recap:

“Bill Black”

Will Trent’s new episode sees him go undercover for the DEA. Macon, Georgia, has recently seen a cop being killed in gang crossfire. He has left behind a wife and three kids. Trent has infiltrated the gang of a local drug lord called CK. He goes by the name Bill Black in the community, giving shape to the title of Will Trent episode 11. Dante is CK’s, right-hand man. He is yet to introduce Trent to the boss as he is yet to win his trust. The other members of the community include Marco and his son Diego, Nicaraguan refugees, and Dante’s cousin Rosa, who has no idea bout the drug trade.

Amanda complains to the DEA Agent about the length of time since Will has been undercover. She wants him back in the force. But the DEA is insistent on breaking through the ranks of CK’s gang and figuring out their operation. The dead agent’s body was never recovered and has remained a matter of distress for the family. Will likes Rosa as part of his new environment. However, there might be a little more to that.

He had an ugly spat with Angie five weeks earlier when he was about to go undercover. He discovered a bag of heroin that Angie picked up at the end of episode 10 of Will Trent. Faith is serving as Will’s probation officer, feeding him and receiving information. Gabriel, Rosa’s brother, is suspicious of both Dante and Will. Their father is quite ill and stays with Rosa in her apartment. Rosa has a soft corner for Will due to his orphan background, which he borrowed for the Bill character from his own childhood.

Dante and Will are en route to meeting CK, who is convinced by Will’s help in the trade. En route, they are shot at ferociously by a black SUV. Dante is shot multiple times, killing him on the spot. Will only gets a ricochet wound on his leg and sees the driver’s face. Rosa is petrified when she hears the news. She nurses Will’s leg, and to make sure his parole is not revoked, she asks him not to go to the hospital and creates an alibi for him, saying he was with her the entire morning. She kisses him before opening the door for Sherriff Hagar.

Will is unable to produce an ID, and Hagar takes him into custody. Faith shows up as her PO, but Will does not allow his cover to bust. He feels Rosa might have an idea about CK, and she did indeed know about what Dante did. Will obviously gets an attorney out of nowhere, and he leaves. Angie and Ormewood confront their department Captain Heller about sustaining a complaint against them. They try to make a case to Heller. But they are still in violation of their department code.

Angie is concerned seeing a distraught Crystal walk in. Crystal is Lenny’s girlfriend’s daughter, whom Angie gave her card in the previous episode. Seems like Lenny has not changed his habits and left another vulnerable girl traumatized for the rest of her life. This will most certainly boil over into a life-and-death situation for him, given Angie’s past with Lenny. Will goes over the events of the shooting with his recorder. The shooters purposely missed Will, as he did not have adequate cover and could have easily been killed. Their line of fire suggests the motive to kill Dante was personal.

CK is definitely watching him. Faith informs Will that the lawyer who got him out is Wallace Kim. A couple of years ago, he fought from Rosa’s side in a civil dispute. Two men apprehend Bill. They bring him to the black driver who was driving the SUV when Dante was killed. The guy’s name is Ivy Cap, and they had to kill Dante because he brought them on the DEA’s radar unwittingly. Will demands to meet CK, but Ivy is unsure. Crystal says Lenny is doing the same things he did with Angie when she was her age. Angie asks Crystal to stay at her friend’s house for a few days while she sorts the situation out.

Her mother is so afraid of letting Lenny go that she is unwilling to do anything for her daughter. She is failing in her duty to protect Crystal, and Angie takes up the task of finishing him once and for all. Subsequently, she confides in Betty, Will’s rescue Chihuahua, that she will let Will go after it. She calls him that night, and they have passionate sex. Moreover, she emotionally confesses that she wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without Will’s support.

He goes back to Rosa’s place, where they bond over how “they would do anything to survive.” Will suspects that the man inside is not their father since Rosa is being too callous in her approach. When he sneaks in, it turns out that he is actually DEA Agent Menaker, the one who has been missing and presumed dead. Will tells him about his identity and assures him he will get Menaker out. Will also makes the conclusion that Rosa is not actually in nursing school. She is CK, the boss of the drug operation, and she concedes to killing Dante.

Will Trent (Season 1), Episode 11 Ending, Explained:

Who was CK? Is Lenny Broussard dead?

She asks Will to kill the lady downstairs who used to do heroin with Dante. This is Will’s final test before he is part of the family. Angie reaches Lenny’s house. She hears shouting and goes inside. Diane is furious with Lenny for inappropriately touching Crystal, who is cowering on the sofa. Lenny tries to get out of this situation, but Angie gets him on his knees at gunpoint. Crystal comes in out of nowhere with a knife and kills Lenny. Angie sends Crystal and Diane out of the house and makes up a fake alibi for them. She says she will take the blame for killing him and knocks herself out to give that impression.

Will does not kill the girl downstairs and ties up Gabriel after knocking him down. He asks her to call the GBI and goes upstairs with medicine to overturn the drug overdose. He takes Rosa into handcuffs and saves Menaker’s life. Will has to face resistance outside as he carries Menaker. But Marcos and Taylor, the girl from downstairs, help him get Menaker to safety and drive off. Will reports back to the station and learns about Angie. Ormewood has already taken her and also knows that she did not kill Lenny, as her story seems inconsistent with the evidence in the house.

Will meets Angie in the hospital. And apologizes to her for not trusting her. Angie feels their relationship is over, and Will holds her hand, asking her to do whatever she wants. From the looks of it, Angie and Will’s relationship seems to be over for now and for good.

What happens next for Angie? Will she leave the police force?

There is just something incorrigible about the flaws that tend to draw them together and apart. It is too complicated for a simplistic analysis. Angie finally got her wish of Lenny dying, but the way it happened truly scarred her. We are not sure what will happen next.

Angie can claim she acted in self-defense. Both Diane and Crystal will definitely support her claims, and that will be a legitimate cause. But where does Angie go from here? Will she still be on the force and continue to remain in proximity to Trent? That is the bigger question that next week’s episode of Will Trent – episode 12 – should answer. We are now confident to reveal to you that Will Trent’s season 1 will be ending with the airing of episode 13 in the first week of May. So things are coming to an end for now, but hopefully, there will be more of it coming later.

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