Wingwomen (2023) Ending Explained: Directed by Melanie Laurent, Netflix’s Wingwomen (Voleuses) is exactly what we thought it would be. It revolves around two kickass female assassins who want to be independent and need no men – except the part that they need to make babies – and this couldn’t have been more ridiculously brought to life. Laurent wanted to portray “modern, feminine fantasies” through Wingwomen, something that goes way too far in establishing it. While her intentions are not questionable, her methods certainly are. Wingwomen boasts of some decent action scenes and crisp camaraderie between Laurent and Adele Exarchopolous.

The humor derived from the latter is effective in parts but not enough to compensate for the blatant lack of charm and guile in the storytelling. Wingwomen’s story does not ebb and flow in an engaging manner that would make viewers excitable. Laurent’s focus on the underlying social commentary to woo feminists to the film most certainly backfires. In this article, we break down Wingwomen’s ending for our readers, as well as discuss and analyze all the major plot points.

Wingwomen (2023) Plot Explained:

Alex (Adele) and Carole (Laurent) are best friends and hitwomen who have grown tired of their lives. Always being on the run, not being able to settle in one place, and facing the threat of death when they go to work doesn’t attract them anymore. However, their employer, Godmother, has other ideas. She does not want to let them go and only agrees to do so when Carole promises to complete an impossible task. Before that meeting, Godmother sends Albanian assassins to rile up the women. In the process, Alex’s pet bunny, Santos, is killed.

In the midst of all this, Carole reveals that she is six weeks pregnant. She knows who the father is but wants to raise the child alone. Alex does not know this fact until later in the film, creating complications between the two friends. The final heist is stealing a famous painting named La Grande Odalisque by renowned French artist Martial Raysse. Although it looks like another ordinary heist, the ladies do not know the ugly truth behind it that is waiting to destroy their lives.

How do the wingwomen plan to steal the painting?

They meet up with Abner, Godmother’s strategy man, to get details about the plan. He provides them with information about the painting, where it will be exhibited, and how to go about the heist. Abner provides them with the address of an architecture firm that redid the building where the painting will be hosted. In a great respite for the ladies, the painting will not be picked up from a museum but a center for arts somewhere in Corsica. This means reduced security and a better probability of success.

Abner knows that the women will need more help to have a backup and technical team in place. For now, he attaches a getaway driver to the plan. Her name is Sam. She has been recently fired from her job as a race car driver. While Carole is pleased with her addition, Alex is skeptical of having someone they do not trust. But Carole is well aware that they cannot take chances in the mission since it is their ticket out of this hellhole.

Who is Clarence? How does he want to help with the heist?

The two women are sent to Clarence’s way, who is the resource person for ammunition. But even along with guns and weapons, Clarence vows to look after Alex and Carole in every way he can ensure. Alex is smitten with Clarence and thinks he is the love of her life. Her character is a romantic who always has self-doubt whenever a partner of hers leaves, or the relationship does not last. Their fledgling romance is sweet and calming…until Clarence’s many enemies surface in Alex’s life.

Wingwomen (2023) Netflix Movie Explained
A still from Netflix’s heist action flick ‘Wingwomen’

She feels her own life might be in danger as they have a close encounter while sharing an intimate moment. Moving past this setback, the trio of women also develop a close relationship in the time preparing for the heist. Despite Alex’s initial hesitance, Sam wins her over, and she now sees her as one of the pack. Carole has still not revealed to the others about her pregnancy and sends them for the first leg of the heist – stealing the blueprints.

Sam is the one who takes the lead on the ground while Alex provides support. Sam escapes by the skin of her teeth as her inexperience and nervousness play a pivotal role. Now that the ladies have the blueprints and can strategize how to execute their plans, all they have to wait for is the day of the exhibition.

Wingwomen (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Abner joins the team with his girlfriends as lookouts for the heist. Unbeknownst to the team or Abner, a famous French singer is supposed to shoot a video at the convent on the same day. This new probability throws them off their wits. It spoils most of their positioning in and around the convent. Abner’s food stall is now turned into a nightmarish reality as hundreds of people flock to his stand for a bite. Sam’s getaway car gets farther away from the center as more and more people get in the middle.

However, the heist is successful eventually despite all these hilarious and untimely setbacks. Carole executes her plan to perfection and takes a sigh of relief as she is now free of this life of servitude…but perhaps she is not. The team returns to Paris with the painting and hands it over to Godmother.

What is Carole’s backup plan for Godmother’s obstinacy?

Carole knows in her heart that Godmother will not let go of them so easily. But she has made a backup plan in case Godmother refuses to let go. However, Sam and Alex do not know of this plan and are stationed during the drop-off, like in the ordinary course of their business. All of a sudden, Carole instructs Alex to snipe the room where the exchange is supposed to take place. Godmother is one of the people to be killed in the ensuing gunfire.

Both factions shoot bullets at each other, but it is the wingwomen who come out on top. In yet another shock, after they have successfully defeated Godmother’s henchmen, the trio of women now have to deal with the arriving police force. They are huge in number, prompting Carole to sacrifice herself and ask Alex to escape with Sam. We know that this is all part of her plan, but our best friends do not understand it at the time. After an emotional farewell, they leave, and Carole is brought out in a bodybag to give the impression that she is dead.

What was Carole’s master plan to outwit the Godmother?

Almost four years pass when Sam and Alex, who are still in contact with each other, meet up again. Sam takes Alex to a faraway place in the desert. She does not know the surprise that is waiting for her at the place. A young girl introduces herself as Raoule to Sam and Alex. Carole follows suit and surprises Alex. It was clear that she had concocted some sort of plan to escape the situation and remain in hiding for these past four years.

She then explains how all of this happened. Carole was seen talking on the phone to a man in secret right before the exchange. This man’s identity is not revealed, although he is someone with a lot of influence for sure. How else could they have endured so much? Everything after killing Godmother was a setup to ensure that Carole escaped into anonymity and that Godmother’s other associates stopped chasing her. If they knew she was alive, they would have never let go of the chance to take revenge. The women decide to stay together and raise Raoule.

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