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Little America (Season 2) Anthology Review & Episodes Ranked

Little America (Season 2) Anthology: ‘Little America’ is an anthology series based on the true stories collection by the same name featured in Epic Magazine. While Modern Love started this wave of…

Coming Of Age Movies 2015 - Mistress America

15 Must-See Coming Of Age Movies Of 2015

The year 2015 had some common themes of loneliness, alienation & human connection attached to most of the films. There were also stories that anchored a protagonist(s) freeing away from the shackles of the society, leading their own way into solace. As I look back, I find an array of films that somehow touched the theme of liberation, respectability & maturity. Here are 15 such films that touched my heart and made me feel alive.

10 Films the HOF-Men Recommend: 5th Edition

Here are the 10 films that made it to the 5th edition of our ‘HOF-Men Recommend’ Series. You can check out previous  editions at the end of this post. 1. Involuntary [2008]…

Breathe [2015] Review: A Devastating Inspection of Emotional Turmoil!

If you have ever felt that you are at the end of a road, left to tether away in ruins of claustrophobic self-loathing. If you have ever felt broken, on the verge of becoming rotten and up for unquestionable decay, the relationship portrayed in Mélanie Laurent’s second directorial venture “Breathe” will echo your insides, probably shiver you to the bone & leave you tasteless.