Composer Darren Lim has crafted the musical soundtrack for the spine-chilling Australian horror thriller You’ll Never Find Me. The original score enhances the eerie ambiance of the film and is now available for music enthusiasts to enjoy. Fans can stream or download the soundtrack through popular platforms such as Apple Music and YouTube.

The feature film weaves the tale of a solitary man, tucked away in a remote caravan park, whose life takes an unexpected turn when a young woman arrives seeking refuge from a violent storm. Behind the camera, the movie owes its direction to the talented duo of Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell, who, apart from directing, are also the minds behind the script. Jordan Cowan and Brendan Rock bring the characters to life with their compelling performances. Critics have noted that “You’ll Never Find Me” successfully amplifies its unsettling narrative through the clever use of its setting and a storyline that promises to keep the audience engaged and anticipating what comes next.

After making its mark at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival the previous year, “You’ll Never Find Me” has also commenced its journey into homes across the U.S. thanks to its streaming release on platforms like AMC+ and Shudder.

Jordan Cowan in You’ll Never Find Me
Jordan Cowan in You’ll Never Find Me

‘You’ll Never Find Me’ Original Horror Soundtrack by Darren Lim

1. The Visitor (3:18)
2. The Locket (4:25)
3. The Bathroom (1:10)
4. The Moths / The Soup (4:26)
5. The Strange (2:17)
6. The Blackout / The Earring (4:13)
7. The Lying (0:39)
8. The Bedroom (2:45)
9. The Skylight (2:28)
10. The Door (3:09)
11. The Choice (4:09)
12. The Voice of God (4:49)
13. The Others (1:54)
14. The Mad (0:25)
15. The Little Voice (3:14)

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