In ‘Your Honor,’ you see a father doing everything he can to protect his son. It leads him to start walking onto a path of crooked morality. Still, you resonate with him due to his resolve as a father. The first season focused on his torment due to this very resolve.

Now the second season shows him arrested by the police and struggling to keep his sanity intact. The death of his son has taken a toll on him, and he has fallen into existential dread. After his years of reputation as a noble judge, this crisis pushes him to introspect his life choices. Even though he has gotten an opportunity to start his life anew, he has to face many challenges.

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Your Honor (Season 2) Episode 3 Recap

Directed by Darren Grant, ‘Part Thirteen’ follows the aftermath of the last episode’s shocking revelation. The cliffhanger ending showed Fia Baxter (Lilli Kay) taking Michael (Bryan Cranston) to her hotel room and showing her and Adam’s son. Right then, you sense the complications it is bound to create in their lives.

Michael rushes out of the hotel after hearing about it and seems to have been shaken to the core. You sense several thoughts rushing through his mind about what this baby would mean for his future. Jimmy (Michael Stuhlberg) is already a menacing presence in his life since Adam killed his younger son. Now that Adam has a baby with Jimmy’s daughter, it means more harm to Michael.

In his state of shock, he gets a phone call from Olivia (Rosie Perez), who calls him a grandfather. He understands that she already knew about Adam and Fia’s baby. So, when he meets her at a bar, he confronts her about it. He asks whether that was the reason she got him out of jail. She mentions that he need not do anything different, try to be himself, and adjust to his reality with the baby. Because he already has several connections, she can use him for her pursuit with no active effort on his part.


Jimmy tries to groom his ex-felon son, Carlo (Jimi Stanton), as his successor. He takes him to show the grand establishment being constructed under their family name. He builds a picture of his glorious future with it. Meanwhile, Michael seems to have become an expert in working with carcasses at his new job. During his work hours, Fia visits him and asks about his abrupt exit from the hotel. She regrets dumping the news upon him and asks whether he would still consider being a part of Rocco’s life. While he is unsure about every other choice in his new life, he still agrees to meet her later.

Monique (Andrene Ward-Hammond) escorts Lil Mo (Keith Machekanyanga) to get their new deal sorted. But she does not fully trust him since he betrayed her trust before by not keeping Eugene in his captivity as expected of him. Later, Lil Mo shows up at Eugene’s new place and scares him with his mere presence. Eugene senses danger the moment he walks in, and the aunt he lives with notices it soon by his duffel bag. She makes an effort to protect the kid.

Gina (Hope Davis) knows by now about Rocco’s existence and takes Fia’s class about her atheism. While she wants the baby to be baptized and follow religious practices, Fia is against it since ‘God is dead.’ Their bitter argument reflects their contrasting perspectives – a compulsive submission to faith instead of a rebellious behavior against conformism.

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Jimmy meets with mayor Charlie Figaro (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) to seek permission for their new construction. Although he did not invite her, Gina came to the meeting at the last moment. He takes a calculated approach in dealing with Charlie – to maintain a healthy relationship with this newly elected mayor. Gina treats the situation like a hothead and does not like being denied permission. Charlie’s reason for denial is gentrification. Their new construction would mean everyday folks losing houses. He does not want to break the promise he made to protect the same citizens.

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Gina counter-argues about his help for Monique in procuring a bar for her, which is not a reputable business for a mayor to show support for personally. She keeps amping up the tension in their conversation, which builds up silent rage in Jimmy. Later, in the hotel lobby, she triggers him by mentioning how Conti (her Italian family) would never allow this to happen as the Baxters did. He perceives her anger as a personal vendetta and, thus, unjustified. However, even when they return home, she keeps pushing him to his limits. He bursts out and tries to calm her down. In his own way, he tries to regain control over her, yet she rejects his approach to handling the matter at hand.

Meanwhile, Michael goes to meet Fia & Rocco in a park. They speak about faith, the afterlife, and what Adam believed in. Carlo walks past them and notices Judge Desiato, who once helped him escape imprisonment. Michael has no energy to argue with the Baxter son and leaves immediately. Upset by it, Fia tells Carlo to follow the old man and to apologize for his rudeness. He threatens Michael to leave his sister alone by calling him a bum out of prison. Through their following dialogue about their respective crimes, innocence, and karma, Carlo gets a hint that he might have been saved from getting jailed.

Olivia keeps Michael under observation during all this time and seeks justice against the wrongdoings committed by the crime families. Meanwhile, Charlie meets Michael to see that he hasn’t spoken with anyone about Adam’s case. As a mayor, he wants to maintain his innocence despite having moved a car (a corpse on wheels, in his words) for Michael.

Monique learns from the bar owner that she made a deal with Gina and has agreed to pay more than her to acquire the place. A threat of danger in the long run also looms over him because of Baxters. Monique finds it impossible to argue with. So instead, she decides to increase her paying price to acquire the place since it has sentimental value for her. She calls Lil Mo to not proceed with the deal and bring the money back to her.

Lil Mo is in the last stage of finalizing the deal, So Monique’s new order puts him in a conundrum since he went out of his way with Trey to make this risky deal. They both get into a fight about it, which soon turns ugly to the point cops show up to stop them from destroying nearby property. Eugene, who was being taken away by Lil Mo, sees this as a golden opportunity and decides to escape.

Through dialogue with his son, Jimmy realizes his suspicion that he was wrongfully proven innocent. He senses a fear of guilt in Carlo and asks to make him suspect it. It leads him to Michael, who sits at his hotel’s bar at the time. They have a conversation about Michael’s regrets. Michael speaks about seeing him and Gina at the police station and deciding not to convey guilt, seeing that Adam has killed the son of this terrifying man.

Jimmy says that if Adam had accepted guilt, he would have seen it as just an accident and not acted upon it. That is just a lie he conveys to the grieving man. Instead, he would have easily killed both the son and the father in case that had happened. However, now, something is stopping him from killing Michael. Perhaps it is the knowledge of their shared family.

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Olivia seeks Nancy’s help with handling Michael’s case. Nancy is furious at her for letting him off the hook despite all the evidence she had of his selfish acts. However, Olivia argues that they both have a common motive. Meanwhile, Eugene returns to his new place after evading capture. He opens the duffle bag and marvels, seeing the cash he has gotten hold of.

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On the other hand, Michael arrives at Fia’s room to meet his grandson. She called him to help with getting him to sleep. But by the time he arrived, Rocco had already fallen asleep. While she excuses herself to go to the washroom, he is left alone in the room with the baby. Soon after, Jimmy appears next to him and shocks him with his presence.

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