Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

Mayor of Kingstown

With every new episode, ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ presents a confounding portrait of this fictional town. Mike McLusky, who had pledged his life to be a peacemaker liaison, is distraught due to the increasing number of crimes happening in the town. He makes the best possible efforts to restore a peaceful environment inside and outside the prison. So, he cracks up a risky plan and gets help from Evelyn to execute it.

While Kyle is unhappy with his new job, Iris gets increasingly upset over being paraded around by Mike. Amidst the chaos in the town, we witness their personal struggles that have the potential to create a more profound impact on the town’s troubling situation.

Please note that the following paragraphs contain spoilers from the new episode, streaming on Paramount+.

Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 3 Recap

The previous episode ended with Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) returning to prison. While the inmates were excited to see other gang leaders entering their establishment, Bunny’s entrance created an eerie silence. This incident already built a foundation for our understanding of Bunny’s early days in prison. We also see Iris (Emma Laird) going back to Milo (Aidan Gillen) while ignoring the safe space provided by Mike (Jeremy Renner). You wonder why she has willingly gone to the lion’s den.

The new episode shows Iris asleep at Milo’s place in a church basement. While she is asleep, he looks at her from a distance and then walks up to her. She tries to clear his doubts about her time apart from him. It becomes evident that she is still emotionally committed to him and that she went to Mike, thinking that Milo was killed during the prison riot.

Meanwhile, in Kingstown, a police unit under Ian’s (Hugh Dillon) command breaks into Bunny’s grandmother’s place. They look around for evidence. It occurs without Mike’s knowledge, who goes to meet the FBI agent he had asked for assistance in keeping Iris safe.


They speak about Iris having run away from his place. Because of Mike’s denial to provide information about Milo, the agent reminds him that he is hired as a federal agent, implying that he is not fulfilling his duties. Mike gets pissed at him for this untimely & unnecessary reminder. He also assumes Iris being on the run puts her well-being at risk.

Back in his office, Rebecca sees him distressed. She reminds him that he does not need to worry about Iris to that degree. He does not pay heed to her concern. The next moment, he gets a call and heads outside to meet Ian.

He is enraged that Ian busted down Bunny’s family’s house. He says it was due to the CIA’s order to investigate suspected drug activity. Mike is concerned about how Bunny will take this news since he went back to prison, trusting Mike with his family’s safety. Ian defends the attack saying they should not stop just because Bunny is Mike’s friend.

Bunny is committed to Mike’s plan inside the prison since it would help him and his gang. Mike comes to visit him. He asks Mike for an update about the settlement of the gang-related conflicts. With every passing moment, he is growing increasingly impatient due to the risk inside. Mike asks what he needs inside to get his assigned job done. Upon his request, he orders a prison guard to execute a plan.

Meanwhile, Kyle (Taylor Handley) returns to his old police department. He has a dialogue with Ian and informs him that he got suspended from his new job at KPD. He asks about returning to his old job, and Ian promises to help him since they need more manpower.

Mayor of Kingstown

Then, he goes to speak with Mike about the same thing and to provide a source of income during this free time. Mike tells him that he should instead look at his suspension as a much-needed break. But Kyle badly needs any job to keep his sanity intact. So, Mike asks him to check Iris’s whereabouts. Kyle suggests taking the case to the police, but Mike wants to find it out by himself.

Mike then meets the dance club owner Joseph (George Tchortov). He asks for Milo’s whereabouts, but Joseph claims he has no clue about it. That’s when Mike hears a baby’s cry and asks him about it, but he gets no clear answer. He also asks about Iris, suspecting he has killed her. One of his men tries to hit Mike from the back. He realizes that, retaliates, and hits both of them hard. On his way out, he sees a woman leaving with a baby, whom he had heard crying before.

On his drive, he calls Evelyn for help. While he must keep his promises to the gang leaders, she finds it increasingly difficult to continue helping him. Still, she agrees to meet with him.

With Evelyn and Kareem, Mike visits another penal institution that provides a solution to take care of rising issues from their prison. The woman giving them the tour suggests sending some of their inmates to other prisons to prevent riots. Mike cringes at how ridiculously the issue is being discussed and how this establishment is being handled.

Meanwhile, Joseph goes to where Iris is kept captive and witnesses a tracking card being inserted into her body. He decides to sell her body for his gain and scares her to consider that place as her new home.

Later, she gets a visit from the woman that Mike saw before leaving Joseph’s place. Her name is Tati, and she tries to comfort Iris and offers to be her support system. However, Iris still keeps asking about Milo and gets no clear answer from Tati.

Mike arrives at this place, and that’s when Tati comes out. She informs that Iris is thrown back into the dirty business and maintains her innocence about the knowledge of Milo’s whereabouts. Since Mike seems hellbent on saving Iris, she offers him a way to help the poor girl. For the same purpose, she invites him to the club.

Mayor of Kingstown (Season 2) Episode 3 Ending Explained

At night, Mike enters the club and walks around to find Tati. After getting out of the charade of neon lights, he reaches the first floor and looks through all the doors. That’s when he gets struck from the back. When he wakes up, he finds himself in front of Joseph, who asks him to stop his quest. He still refuses to answer any of Mike’s questions and keeps threatening him. That’s when Mike fights back and manages to secure himself,

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Bunny gives the nod to a prison guard appointed by Mike. That’s when all of the guards turn the other way around. He then nods at his gang members, who start hitting others. The brawl soon ends with him getting severely attacked by others. He fights back, and soon after, the guards turn their backs again.

Later at night, Mike comes to pay him a visit. He sees Bunny bloodied up and considers it as a sign of their plan working out. Bunny is angry at him for not ensuring his family’s safety outside. Mike realizes that the news has reached him and, thus, apologizes. But he also mentions that things were not under his control.

Bunny threatens to seek revenge if Mike does not get him out of prison in the next 48 hours. Before leaving the prison, Mike orders his appointed prison guard to ensure Bunny’s utmost safety. He threatens that he will get just as badly hurt if Bunny’s safety is not ensured.

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