Netflix’s latest teenage adventure series “Lockwood and Co.” achieves exactly what it sets out to achieve: a fantastical ghost-hunting thriller series with just the right amount of teen drama. After the zany Jenna-Ortega-driven ‘A Wednesday,’ Netflix once again finds a strong young female lead in Ruby Stokes. The performances from the young actors and the worldbuilding of the ghosts-laden London make “Lockwood and Co.” an exciting watch. Even to people unaware of the books Jonathan Stroud wrote, the series should be a breezy watch.

Lockwood & Co. [2023] Season 1 Recap:

England, and probably the entire world, has a massive ‘Ghosts’ problem. In this world, the apocalypse is engendered by the massive scale of haunting done by all the ghosts that run amok in England. The setting of the sun heralds the new regime. The night curfew is not to be messed with, lest you want to lose your life or become ‘ghost-locked,’ a comatose state caused by interacting with a certain type of spirits.

Humanity’s defense against this is a handful of children with heightened perception. The kind of perception that would help them see or hear ghosts. And on extremely rare occasions, communicate with ghosts. Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) is one such teenager. When Lucy was young, her mother recognized her talent and immediately wanted to monetize it. As a result, Lucy studies “Ghost-hunting.” But things go awry one day, and Lucy’s best friend, Norrie, becomes ghost-locked.

Primarily to escape the pain of that loss and her foreboding and uncaring mother, Lucy runs away to London. She was searching for a place in any ‘Ghost-hunting’ agency. Unfortunately, she is rejected at most reputed places. When all hopes seem to be lost, she comes across the advertisement for “Lockwood and Co.” Subsequently, she meets the enigmatic and eponymous owner of the agency, Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman). The agency has only one more resource. Anthony’s friend and researcher, George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati). Unlike other agencies, Anthony does not fail to recognize Lucy’s talent for hearing the spirits.

Lucy’s first case under the banner of the Lockwood agency immediately puts her on the radar of DEPRAC (Department of Psychical Research and Control). The combat with ghosts requires the listening and seeing skills of the psychics. And it would also require them to defend themselves with rapiers and steel chains. Occasional flair bombs come in handy. But if not handled well, these weapons can cause more destruction to the living than to the dead. In fact, Anthony and Lucy accidentally burn their client’s house down due to one such scenario. Hence, the already financially strapped agency is indebted with the compensation money. The encounter, however, makes them aware of the case of Annabel Ward. An actress who was brutally murdered.

Moreover, the second case would take the Lockwood agency to the underbellies of a cult. And the mystery of what lies beyond. Saunders (Jeff Rawle) and Pamela Joplin (Louise Brealey) would ask for the service of Lockwood agency. But, the three teenagers would find things a little more sinister than they had hoped. The mirror, the source of the malevolent and fierce spirit, gets exposed. And this causes unprecedented things to occur.

Lockwood & Co. [2023] Season 1 Review:

This first season is based on two books by Jonathan Stroud’s series of the same name. “The Screaming Staircase” and “The Whispering Skull.” Joe Cornish’s adaptation has a clear distinction between the two stories. However, Cornish does well to extrapolate the first story into the second story. So, even though the two stories are independent, they seamlessly provide one experience in “Lockwood and Co.”

Lockwood & Co.

The worldbuilding is neat and appealing. The central trio does not take much time to get your backing. Cornish’s screenplay is fast but occasionally rushed. It maintains the seriousness of the world without jeopardizing the Young-Adult specific adventurous spirit. The three teenage actors’ sincere turns help the cause.

Lockwood & Co. [2023] Season 1 Ending Explained: What is the Problem?

Throughout the season, the characters refer to a significant phenomenon known as “The Problem.” It seems “Problem” signifies the time the ghosts first make their appearances known to the wider human world. The continuous rise of haunting killed many people. As the death toll increased, newer defensive measures were also incorporated. Thus, this “Problem” helped two major business corporations set up their work. Fairfax Iron produced silver and iron weapons and chains. And Sunrise Corporation, who is responsible for the flair bombs and other kinds of defensive explosives.

All the agencies, DEPRAC and Fittes, remain dominant. As a matter of fact, it’s all a result of “The Problem.” The entire world of “Lockwood and Co” is dependent on the existence of the “Problem”. We could expect more exploration of the “Problem” in the subsequent seasons.

The Mirror

George gets duped and lured by Pamela Joplin, who seems to be working to establish the power of the mirror. The mirror, also known as the Bone Glass, belonged to the late Bickerstaff. Bickerstaff was notorious for nefarious experimentation. Bickerstaff sacrificed seven human beings to make this mirror, which is supposed to be a window to the other world. The eternal. Joplin wanted to have a look at the eternal. And that is why she asked for the help of the Lockwood agency, especially George.

In the end, Lucy interrupts at the right time. She uses the ghoul trapped in the jar (a property of Lockwood and Co) to look into the mirror. The ghoul says that the vision has changed. The mirror does not show any other world. It is only a trap. Where seven tormented souls are trapped. An unconvinced Joplin snatches the mirror and takes a peek at it. She is seemingly engulfed in the magnificence of the view. Then, she completely vaporizes, and the mirror vanishes with her. Thankfully, she was freed of the seven trapped spirits.

Penelope Fittes: Is She the Ultimate Villain?

Anthony was shot by the formidable nemesis, “Golden Blade.” Eventually, it is revealed that “Golden Blade” acted under the instructions of Penelope Fittes. The current owner of Fittes agency. Under the benevolence, Penelope turns out to be the real villain of the series. Hopefully, something for the next season to explore.

Anthony’s Room and The Loss of Psychic Power

It is revealed that the psychic power, the ability to hear, see or speak to ghosts, gradually lessens as the person ages. So, Anthony and Lucy do not have their entire lifetime to pursue this journey. Anthony also proclaims not to have any more secrets from Lucy and George. Furthermore, he proceeds to open his secret room, which has always been closed.

Obviously, the room holds significance to Anthony. It probably has a connection with his parents. His parents, in turn, have a connection with Fittes, as “Golden Blade” mentioned them while fighting with Anthony.

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