You’re Killing Me (2023) Ending Explained: Who killed Melissa Brown?

McKaley Miller as Eden Murphy in You're Killing Me

You’re Killing Me is a new teen-revenge thriller that shows immense self-awareness. Almost every other movie today tries to be more than what it is. They feel obliged to harbor an underlying conceit or social commentary, which doesn’t always work. You’re Killing Me never tries to do so and singularly focuses on creating a taut story where the possibilities for how it will turn out to be are many. There are no other forced elements of dynamics to the storytelling, which means you can switch off and have no-nonsense fun without any strings attached. 

For most parts, the film operates within a single setting. It optimizes the surroundings of the house, even as the characters make some uncharacteristically dumb decisions. You’re Killing Me is a fun film, but your expectations must be tempered. This ending explainer of You’re Killing Me focuses on major plot points and also breaks down the ending of the film for the readers and how the central mystery is resolved. 

You’re Killing Me Plot Summary

The story revolves around the disappearance of a high-school student Melissa Brown. The entire school is in distress. But for our protagonist Eden Murphy, the troubles are far-reaching. Coming from an unprivileged background, she is a scholarship student and wants to get into her dream college. Even though she is wait-listed, her entry is dubious. To ensure that she gives herself the best chance, Eden takes her best friend, Zara, to a party at a rich boy’s house. But the evening does not go according to plan as she discovers a horrifying truth about Melissa Brown’s disappearance, putting her own life in danger. 

Why does Eden want to go to Schroder’s “Hell & Heaven” party? 

Barret Schroder is the central antagonist in the story. His father is Congressman Schroder, who has great influence over State affairs, including educational matters. Eden wants to get into Penbrook, her dream college, along with Zara, who is already heading to that college. Given that so many people have applied through the scholarship route and the fact that she is still wait-listed, she wants to make sure she leaves no stone unturned. No one from her family has ever gone to college, and Eden wants to put herself in the best position possible.

She decides to go to the Hell and Heaven party to get a chance to explain to Congressman Schroder her case. She is not averse to using Barret to get what she wants, showing her desperation. Eden has a sense that the Congressman would appreciate the personal touch in her appeal to get her name confirmed, but she doesn’t know that Schroder isn’t home.  

What does Eden discover on Gooch’s phone that turns the film’s complexion?

Gooch is the teen sidekick character with a decent heart and an addiction problem. He fits the stereotypical arch quite well without coming across as tacky. In his interactions with Zara, we saw that Gooch is only bad when he is under Barret’s influence. His drug addiction problem makes him do stuff that he later regrets, such as taking photos with a passed-out Zara on the bed. It seemed that Gooch wanted something to show as far as relationships go. But it was still creepy, and he wasn’t ready for Eden to walk in on him. He forgot his phone and even left it unlocked, putting the debauchery in motion.

Eden was grossed out when she saw the photos Gooch had clicked of himself and Zara. As is the normal tendency to keep swiping left, she finds photos of Melisaa on his phone. But the bigger surprise for her was a video taken on the same day that she went missing. She is not able to see the entire video, but Melissa was called inside the car by Barret, Gooch, and Kendra, even though she was reluctant to come. She became increasingly uncomfortable with the situation and kept repeating she wanted to go home. But Barett kept ignoring her requests.

Since the phone was out of battery by that point, Eden couldn’t see the entire video. But she had seen enough to make the case against the trio in Melissa’s disappearance. Even they knew that and started this painstaking process to get Gooch’s phone back at all costs. They knew that if it would be their word against hers, they would easily escape any impending liability. But if Eden had some evidence, they would be in trouble. More so, Congressman Schroder had an election year waiting for him, and it would have destroyed his political career. 

What happens when Barret’s parents come home early?

McKaley Miller in You're Killing Me
McKaley Miller as Eden Murphy in You’re Killing Me

Barret was obsessed with getting the phone. His hypermasculine and violent instincts didn’t let him stop until he got his hands on it. He was so blinded by his focus on getting the phone back that he let his best friend, Kendra, die, even as Eden, who had escaped to the outside at one point, tried to help her. Eden was forced to concede the phone when Joel, her doting father, came to the party to check on her after he saw some kids from the same party at a convenience store. Since Eden wasn’t back by that point, he got suspicious and went to check out the house.

Barret wounded him badly and threatened to kill him, at which point Zara gave the phone away to Barret. But, a surprising twist materialized the next second as the Congressman and his wife, Astrid, walked in unexpectedly. Barret wasn’t expecting them for another couple of days, and things finally looked like they would calm down. But that wasn’t the case. The couple offers Zara and Eden scholarships and a big payoff. They even agree to give the municipal contract for septic tanks to Joel, whose business would never need another contract to survive. But it turns out that the couple had mixed sedatives in the drinks they offered the trio, which caused temporary paralysis in their bodies.  

You’re Killing Me Ending Explained

Who killed Melissa Brown?

The movie completely turns for the worse after it is revealed that Barret’s parents are more evil than he is. They would go to any lengths to cover up scandals that could hurt their family. They take two cars toward the lake. Before they were paralyzed, the trio saw the complete video on Gooch’s phone and discovered that Melissa was indeed run over by Barret, who was annoyed at her for not “hanging out with them.” He then put her in the trunk of the car and disposed of her body. Kendra and Gooch did not support his actions and tried to stop him at every opportunity possible. 

Gooch is going with the party, but little does he know that the Schroders have planned to kill him off too. Astrid was particularly disappointed with him for having filmed the murder and put them in this dire position. Barret does the killing himself, slitting Gooch’s throat and putting him in the back with Zara. He pushes the car with the bodies into the lake. Somehow, Eden is able to get herself and Zara out but cannot save Joel. Gooch and Kendra are already dead. The friends get out, and while Eden decides to pursue revenge on the Schroders, Zara walks in the other direction to alert the police.

Is Eden able to complete her revenge on the Schroder family?

The Congressman is shocked to see the news where a reporter claims that only three bodies were found in the sunk car. And even though initially they thought this was an accident involving alcohol, the stab wounds on Kendra and Gooch indicate foul play in their deaths. Eden has shown up behind the Congressman with the same axe that belonged to Barret’s great-great-great grandfather, and he used to tear the doors of the house down to kill him. Astrid is the next person she targets, and the matriarch is quick to self-defense. She puts up an equal fight, even injuring Eden quite badly. 

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But Eden uses her wits to kill Astrid by electrocuting her, something she threatened Barret with before in the film. Barret returns home to find both his parents dead. He has his great grandfather’s rifle in his hands as he hunts Eden, who is sitting in Barret’s car, and tries to run him over. There is still some life left in him, and Eden takes the rifle in her hands. Ultimately, she decides not to kill him, thinking he should go to jail for his crimes, and he cannot get back up to hurt her. That is where she is wrong as Barret, like Slender Man, puts his bones back into place and gets up, towering over her. As he advances toward her, Zara comes in from behind and mortally wounds him with the rifle. 

The two friends are finally safe but traumatized for life and walk away from the spot. It is unclear what happens afterward, but the story is completed with Barret’s death and Eden having claimed revenge for killing his father and Melissa, an innocent girl she knew from before.

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Original Language: English

Director: Beth Hanna, Jerren Lauder

Producer: Gerald T. Olson, Lawrence Greenberg, Kevin Greene, Joshua Russell, Seth Ingram, Michael Dunaway, Mark Goldberg

Writer: Walker Hare, Brad Martocello

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