Andor (Season 1), Episode 7: Recap, Review, & Ending, Explained

Andor Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 6 of Andor kickstarted the rebellion against the Empire, as Cassian (Diego Luna) and his rebel mates were able to steal from the Imperial garrison. However, this act was not just any robbery but an announcement of rebellion against a fascist rule that had become too complacent for its own good. The Empire is obviously threatened by this act, as they’re in pure damage control mode — Andor’s Episode 7 features several scenes that display their panic.


The Imperial Security Bureau quickly tightens security measures across the galaxy, switches out corpos for stormtroopers, and levies heavy taxes as a reminder of whose in charge. While this heavy-handed rule might frighten some into their place, is the Empire making a great mistake by further wounding the disenfranchised? Not everyone will be okay with this sudden display of brutality. In fact, this might be the kind of fuel further to strengthen the scattered rebel cause against the Empire. 

Before we dive into the episode, please note that there are SPOILERS ahead for episode 7 of Andor. 

Andor (Episode 7) Recap & Plot Synopsis 

Andor Episode 7

Episode 7 grants us a closer look into the repercussions of the Aldhani heist, both on the Imperials and the rebels. On Coruscant, Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) meets Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård) at his antique shop and discusses the risks that accompany his chosen path. While Mothma believes that Aldhani was a step too far, Luthen argues that the heist would have to occur at some point if they really intended to take down the Empire. Although the two do not agree, Mothma tells Luthen that they will meet again and discuss their plans further while keeping appearances amid tight Imperial surveillance.


Andor shines brightest when delving into the ethics of rebellion, as the show does not present the idea in black-and-white boxes. In my previous recap for episode 6, I had talked about the price of rebellion, which included the death of rebels and living with that weight. On the flip side, there are self-serving scums like Skeen who would betray their group for money instead of adhering to the basic tenets of decency when united by a common cause. There are also folks like Cassian, who need to make split-second decisions during high-risk scenarios, such as when he kills Skeen with his blaster after the latter reveals his plan to betray Vel and Nemik.


This episode goes more profound when it comes to revealing the dark ride of the rebel cause, where some sacrifices are demanded the greater good. Luthen’s assistant, Kleya, meets Vel in Coruscant and tells her that they need to hunt down Cassian as he is a loose end and knows too much about Luthen. When Vel expresses her distaste, Kleya coldly states, “this is what revolution looks like.” It is a rather surprising turn of events, and it is unclear whether Luthen sanctioned this move or whether Kleya is acting on her own. Would the rebels be so ruthless in maintaining their covers that they stoop to placing a hit on one of their own?


Everybody Has A Scheme Of Their Own 

Everyone in the episode is eager to have their plans come to fruition, no matter what the cost. After we witness Kleya’s startling declaration, the scene shifts to one of Mothma’s lavish political parties, wherein she speaks to her childhood friend Tay Kolma (Ben Miles). Previous episodes of Andor touched upon Mothma’s difficult position as a Senator. She needs to hide her true intentions, which makes it difficult for her to move funds for the rebel cause under the Imperial eye. She turns to Kolma for help, asking him to aid her pool money through money laundering shenanigans which only appear legal and harmless at first glance. 

This scene highlights the integral role that Mothma is about to play in the Rebellion and how hard she has to toil to achieve her ends. To keep up appearances, she cannot afford to be more than a slight “irritation” for the Empire, as her true intent is to fund causes that will lead to their eventual downfall. However, she has to be shrewd about her moves and careful about who she trusts, as most rich folks are sympathetic to the Empire, especially during such a volatile time. The game is afoot, and Mothma slowly moves the pieces across the chessboard.


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On the Imperial front, Dedra (Denise Gough) is still busy girl-bossing her way up the corporate ladder and is absolutely not going to take no for an answer. The attack in Aldhani has only fueled her suspicions of an organized rebel network, and she quickly puts together a report without Imperial sanction. Although one of her superiors attempts to humiliate her during a meeting for overstepping, the odds seem to be in her favor, as her efforts are met with enthusiasm and interest. However, by doing so, she has made herself the target in an aggressively ambitious corporate space. 

Andor (Episode 7) Ending, Explained

Cassian decides to return to Ferrix for a day, which is currently under Imperial scrutiny. He returns solely to convince Maarva (Fiona Shaw) and B2EMO to go elsewhere with him so they can spend the rest of their days peacefully. Cassian learns about Timm’s betrayal and goes to meet with Bix (Adria Arjona), who greets him in a rather restrained manner. Bix seems to be angry, as she blames Cassian for abandoning them while informing him that the people of Ferrix also blame him for their current situation. This is heartbreaking, as this highlights the real-world repercussions of questioning the Empire openly. Although Cassian had no choice but to do what he did, the people on Ferrix had to pay the price for this act of open rebellion by one of their own.


There are several flashbacks to the Empire’s stronghold on Ferrix, even before Cassian’s escape. People would even be gunned down in the streets by troopers, and mothers like Maarva would be terrified of walking out in the open and finding their own sons being hung from a post. Things are bound to get worse now, and innocent people will suffer more than ever, as the Empire has doubled down on its fascist rule after the Aldhani incident. Maarva tells Cassian that after the Aldhani attack, she cannot just run off with him and live a peaceful life. In fact, that is a fantasy, as there is no peace anywhere in the galaxy as long as the Empire exists. She chooses to stay back and fight now that there is hope that more people will be brave enough to stand up against the Imperials.


Cassian does not understand Maarva’s decision, as he wants to keep his loved ones safe. He tells her that he will constantly worry about her well-being if she chooses to stay here, and Maarva says that this is a part of loving someone and there’s nothing one can do about it. If we love people, we worry about them, especially when they’re surrounded by danger, but we also have to accept the fact that everyone has their own path. The concern is embedded within the ambit of love, and that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what is right. As much as Maarva would like to have a peaceful life with her son, it is not possible. Now that the rebels have struck, Maarva needs to stay and fight.


What happens to Cassian next is terrible. After being jilted by his loved ones on Ferrix, the man goes to Niamos for a fun time. He heads to a beach to get some stuff equivalent to groceries but is instead sent to jail for six years for no particular reason. The poor man needs to find a way to escape prison, as this is definitely not what he had in mind when he came to Niamos. Will we see a familiar face crop up? Who knows. 

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