Rahul Patel

"In movies, I am able to live more than life. I feel all of my emotions real in them. It is an art where I would like to be lost as I enjoy it the most.” - From Surat, Gujarat, India. Successfully completed M. Tech. in Water Resources Engineering.

Stranger Things [Season 3] Review: Back to the Teenage Nostalgia!

I bet you, the first thing you will do after starting the first episode of season 3 is “smile”. It will prove your love for these characters. There is a certain quality about “Stranger Things” that it offers scares, laughs and thrills in a balanced manner in each episode. It oddly offers every cliché in so appetitive manner that one’s issues are defeated by the joyous moments. This is the character-driven summer entertainer where we all get a chance to enjoy the teenage nostalgia for sure!

Us [2019] Review: A Metaphorical Horror Masterpiece with Guaranteed Plot-twist

It has been an immense pleasure to watch the new imaginative and inventive horror films made in the last few years. Films like “Get Out” and “Hereditary” have completely outbound the fact that horror films can’t be scary without brutal makeup or a visual illusion. Jordan Peele’s second film “Us” is a masterful diversion from the path of old fashioned horror films. In fact, it is the only film came this year which has been studied constantly in distinct ways by the different people since its release. It is the film that wants you to do a little research about it to get its reward at the end.

Padman [2018]: An Honourable Film Justifying the Praiseworthy Efforts of a Common man

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or in the village, whether you’re literate or illiterate. India is the country where still periods are considered as a subject of taboo. The intention of “Padman” was never to tell the story about making cheap sanitary pads. Its main focus was to enlighten the subject of women periods and to vanish the shamefulness remaining behind pathetic beliefs about it. Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor starrer this film is clean, natural and a great message provider. Even after watching the film one might admire to watch this kind of films at least once in a year.