‘Beef’ Trailer: Steven Yeun & Ali Wong lock horns in A24-backed Netflix show

Beef Series Trailer

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, beloved for their roles as the titular characters in the hit Netflix/Adult Swim animated series “Tuca & Bertie,” are set to delight audiences once again in the upcoming A24 dark comedy series. The streaming giant released a really interesting first trailer for ‘Beef,’ where fans of the duo will be pleased to witness their undeniable charm and chemistry over a span of 10 30-minute episodes.

“Beef” is the brainchild of Lee Sung Jin, a seasoned writer, and producer known for his work on hit shows like “Tuca and Bertie,” “Dave,” and “Silicon Valley.” The series follows the story of two strangers, Danny Cho (Steven Yeun), a contractor, and Amy Lau (Ali Wong), an entrepreneur struggling with personal demons.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when they meet in a parking lot, and a simple road rage incident turns into a bitter and intense feud. Amy’s thirst for vengeance against Danny sets off a chain of events that threatens to unravel both their lives and their relationships with the people around them.

At one hilarious point in the trailer, Amy threatens Danny by saying, “I have a very full life that I’d like to get back to, so I’m going to find you and take what little you have.” To which Danny replies: “You’re just a suburban housewife, and now you’re stuck in a life you never wanted.”

The trailer is queued up on the iconic lyrics of The Smashing Pumpkins’ hit track ‘Today,’ and co-stars Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe, Patti Yasutake, Maria Bello, Ashley Park, and Justin H. Min.

Before it comes out on Netflix, ‘Beef’ will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival on March 18th as its closing night episodic selection. This highly anticipated series is just one of many buzzy shows set to release this spring, including “American Born Chinese,” “The Big Door Prize,” “I’m a Virgo,” “Love & Death,” “Lucky Hank,” “Mrs. Davis,” and “Swarm.”

Beef premieres on Netflix on April 16th, 2023

Watch the trailer for Beef Here:

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