It’s been a barrage of trailers; ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Mindhunter’ dropped yesterday, and today we were graced by the trailer for Martin Scorsese’s most talked about movie from this century, ‘The Irishman’.

It has been quite evident that ‘The Irishman’ is not just a film, but a dream come true for cinephiles, as never have Scorsese, Al Pacino and De Niro, the three monuments of The Hollywood New Wave, collaborated together on a single project.

The production process has taken quite some time, due to Scorsese’s laborious approach towards the implementation of CGI, which looks surprisingly well done in the trailer.

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If you aren’t aware by now, ‘The Irishman’ revolves around Jimmy Hoffa, and the socio-political unrest during his tenure as the President of the largest labor union in the United States. And, his connections with the mafia! Don’t your eyes just lit up, when you come across the word “mafia” in association with a Scorsese film.

Him and De Niro gave us ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Casino’, the two finest mafia films from the 90s, while Al Pacino was the backbone for the two ‘Godfather’ films. The style and overall look of the film resembles Michael Mann’s ‘Public Enemies’, while the commentary on the port union possesses ‘The Wire’ Season 2 vibes.

It’s extremely refreshing to see both De Niro and Pacino seemingly pitted against each other after decades, and in roles that feel tailor-made for them.

Unlike some of the recent Scorsese films that focused on character/thematic study, ‘The Irishman’ hints at exploration of a very turbulent time in American history, and the violence that resulted as by-product. Scorsese’s direction and style is noticeably more dynamic and slick, and his world-building grand as usual.

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‘The Irishman’ seems symbolic of the fact that these stars might visibly look older, but they still bustle with the same energy and passion, they did a few decades ago, and though strength fades away, but experience never does. The Irishman will get a Netflix release later this year.

The Irishman Trailer:

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