In Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12 Jang Yeol and his team continue to investigate the serial murders in Mujin, and they begin to suspect Sun-woo, the son of one of the victims. Ye-bun, who is also investigating the murders, learns more about her mother’s death and begins to suspect that Ju-man may have been involved. Jang Yeol and Jung-muk tail Sun-woo for different reasons, and Ye-bun learns more about Ju-man’s involvement in her mother’s death. Ju-man’s life is in trouble. Ye-bun has a bittersweet moment with her grandfather.

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Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 11 Recap:

The episode begins with Jang Yeol and the team regrouping and concluding that Sun-woo might be the killer. Ye-bun is distracted as she learns a few hidden things about her mother’s death. They decide somehow to get Sun-woo to the butt of the truth. Ye-bun is ready and waiting. Ok-hui starts to take action. She sees Sun-woo and Justin playing a game, and she informs them that Mr. Park is looking for Justin. Ok-Hui manages to bring them near the butt of the truth. She makes an excuse for Mr. Park and Justin to leave, putting Sun-woo in charge of taking care of the booth. Sun-woo is trying to investigate the booth, and Jang Yeol comes to him and asks him to sit on the butt of truth, but Sun-woo refuses. Sun-woo asks him why he is suspecting him without any evidence and calls Jang Yeol incompetent for trusting his instincts. Ye-bun and Hyun-ok visit Ye-bun’s mother’s grave. Hyun-ok tells her that her mother used to be close to Ju-man, and he had a crush on her mother.

Jung-muk is called into his chief’s office and gets scolded for not catching the serial killer fast. Jung-muk makes progress in investigating Ju-man’s case as he gets to know about a single mother who has gone missing. Ju-man visits Dr. Jung and asks him about his whereabouts, and as he leaves, Ye-bun asks Ju-man about her mother. He tells her that he should have taken better care of her and she was depressed and on medication. Meanwhile, Hyun-ok asks Dr. Jung why he was collecting Mi-ok (her sister’s) articles, and he tells her he didn’t think his daughter had committed suicide. Jang Yeol sneaks into Sun-woo’s room and finds a picture of young Sun-woo in Mujin. He takes it, and Mr. Park is seen sneaking around in Sun-woo’s room. And he suspects that Jang Yeol was suspecting Sun-woo of the murders. Kwang-sik follows Sun-woo to his workshop, sees him asleep, and enters the room. As he is about to touch his leg, Sun-woo wakes up; Kwang-sik is startled and backs off, making all the lumber fall on him. He had informed Jang Yeol about his plan. Sun-woo takes Kwang-sik to the hospital, and Jang Yeol drives Kwang-sik back home. Kwang-sik tells Jang Yeol that he is unsure if Sun-woo could actually be the killer.

Ye-bun wanted to have a drink, but OK-hui was busy. He goes out for a drink on her own, and Sun-woo sees her and joins her. They talk about their mothers. Sun-woo walks Ye-bun home. Jang Yeol sees this and teases Ye-bun. Ye-bun and Jang Yeol have a chat, and she tells him that he isn’t empathetic like Sun-woo, and because of this, she doesn’t think Sun-woo would be the killer. Jang Yeol shows compassion towards Ye-bun. Hyun-ok informs Jung-muk that Mi-ok has not committed suicide. They start to investigate further and reach Seoul and find the house the single mother had rented. They get to know that she has gone missing, and her son was sent to a children’s home after being looked after by the landlady for a year. At Mi-ok’s grave, Dr. Jung throws away Ju-man’s flowers, not realizing he is around. Ju-man indirectly makes it clear that he knew about him stealing the donor list. Threateningly, he drives Dr. Jung home. Someone is keeping an eye on Dr. Jung.

Jang Yeol asks Ye-bun questions about Sun-woo, and she tells him that it was Sun-woo’s first time in Mujin. Jang Yeol warns her sincerely to stay away from him. He investigates further by visiting Sun-woo’s university. He finds out that he had suddenly dropped out of school and had insisted on listening to Ju-man’s lecture. In the lecture, Ju-man promoted Mujin as a tourist destination and wanted young people to come to Mujin for work. The episode ends with Ju-man walking inside his office, and after a while, Ye-bun walks to the building to find Ju-man. As she reaches the office, she sees a man in the raincoat carrying the same knife, and that man turns out to be Mr. Park.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 12 Recap:

Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episodes 11 & 12: Recap & Ending Explained
A still from Behind Your Touch (Season 1), Episode 12

The episode continues with Ye-bun finding Mr. Park in Ju-man’s office. She calls out to him, and he breaks down. He reveals that his family was affected by Ju-man’s and Yoon’s redevelopment scam, and he lost his parents. Ye-bun tries to find information about the redevelopment but finds nothing. She finds articles in a library. She reaches out to Mr. Bae to find out more, and he tells her that everyone assumed that there was an internal spy, but there wasn’t any solid evidence. Jang Yeol and Jung-muk have been tailing Sun-woo but for different reasons. Jung-muk reveals to Jang Yeol that Sun-woo was the son of one of the protesters who had now gone missing. Jang Yeol tells him that he had a hunch Sun-woo was the serial killer and gets called a lunatic. Mr. Park is packing his things to go and worship his god. Ye-bun requests Jang Yeol to investigate his mother’s case as there was a chance that it wasn’t a suicide. Someone from Ju-man’s office listens to this.

Jang Yeol investigates and finds out that based on Ju-man’s confession, it was concluded that it was suicide; otherwise, the police would have proceeded with further investigation. That night, Ju-man was having a meal with Hyun-ok and Dr. Jung when Ye-bun walks in. He talks about her mother, and Ye-bun is cold. He intimidates Ye-bun, telling her that she is getting close to a detective because she is interested in him, as there isn’t any other reason to do so. Dr. Jung walks Ju-man out, and he loses his cool and tells Ju-man that he knew very well Mi-ok had not committed suicide, but Ju-man denied everything. Dr. Jung grabs him by the collar. Ju-man pushes him, and Alphie, the dog, starts barking. Ye-bun sees the dog’s memories and asks Dr. Jung about her mother’s death. He is cold to her and asks her not to concern herself with it as he would sort things out on his own. Ye-bun seeks comfort with Jang Yeol and Ok-hui.

She tells Ok-hui about what she has learned, and Ok-hui suggests she needs to touch Ju-man to find out the truth. Ye-bun tells her that there was a lot of data and can only see a little with little time. Ok-hui gathers her group of young girls and gets Ju-man drunk. After he passes out, Ye-bun touches him. She finds out that Ju-man was supporting Mi-ok initially by giving inside details of his superior, but they find out and give Ju-man a choice to stay loyal to them and take over the office or live crippled for the rest of his life. Ju-man chooses to stay loyal; he mixes something in Mi-ok’s drink, and she becomes unconscious. He then leaves her in the driver’s seat and pushes the car inside the water body. Ye-bun takes him to his office and leaves. Jang Yeol asks Deok-hee to spy on Sun-woo, and Kwang-sik realizes he is on a stakeout. Deok-hee loses sight of Sun-woo and informs Jang yeol.

Jang Yeol reaches Ju-man’s office to find him dead, but Dr Jung, with the weapon in his hand, falls unconscious. The police suspect Dr Jung to be the serial killer, but Hyun-ok and Ye-bun are not aware of the situation. Jang Yeol asked the team to pack up all the information they had on the murders as other crime units were taking over the case and what they concluded is final, and they needed to finish the investigation on their own. He then visits Sun-woo and informs him of Ju-man’s death, but he seems unfazed. Jang Yeol asks him why he is always connected to the murders, one or the other, but Sun-woo tells him he needs to leave.

Behind Your Touch (Season 1) Episode 12 Ending Explained:

What is the truth about Mi-ok’s death?

Jang Yeol asks Ye-bun to touch her grandfather to know what exactly had happened, but she walks out. The news calls Dr. Jung a suspect in the murder, and Hyun-ok reaches out to Jung-muk, who tells her about the situation. Upon entering the police station, she sees one of Ju-man’s men talking badly about Dr. Jung to the crime unit. Jang Yeol goes back to the crime scene and sees the blood marks on the light switch. Reporters are trying to flood Dr. Jung’s home, but Ok-hui and the gang are protecting the premises. Jang Yeol goes inside the clinic and informs Ye-bun that her grandfather is still unconscious and tells her that he couldn’t have been the killer as he had Parkinson’s disease. She checks his medication and confirms and sees a picture her mother had given her and asks her not to lose it. She now realizes Mi-ok had said that as her grandfather had visited the field day for the first time.

She rushes to the hospital and is about to touch her grandfather, but he holds her hand, and they share a familial connection before he passes away. We then see the police arrest Mr. Park as a suspect for being a serial killer while the townspeople watch. Sun-woo also watches but with a slight smile on his face. Sun-woo keeps getting suspicious with every new episode, and he is the only character who is yet to be touched by Kwang-sik or Ye-bun. Everything up until now led to portraying Ju-man as the evil man, but now that he is out of the picture, will there be more murders? What will happen to Mr. Park? We are yet to figure out whose fingerprints are on the light switch.

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