Murder Syndicate (2023) Movie Ending Explained: Can Jonah Save the Syndicate from Zane?

Murder Syndicate (2023) Movie

Michael Matteo Rossi’s Murder Syndicate shows a different kind of parenting altogether. Here, the mother of the house doesn’t kiss her sons and daughter goodbye to college but rather brings them with her assassination job. Even though she is the head of a crime syndicate, bringing her kids to work day really goes wrong. What happens next? Well, nothing, apparently because of the dull screenplay. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the plot details. Spoilers Ahead!

Murder Syndicate (2023) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

The film opens with Isa bringing her two sons, Cain and Jonah, and her daughter, Becca, to a job. Isa possesses a book she calls the Bible, in which she records the clientele. She is offered a job to assassinate a group of people responsible for packaging cocaine in some building. Since Isa is contemplating retirement, she brings her kids along with her. At one point during the shootout, Isa feels that her hands are freezing. Jonah, the youngest child, and Becca arrive at the spot.

Two men point guns at Isa and instruct Jonah and Becca to drop their weapons. Cain arrives at the spot very late but secures Isa from the two guys. Later, we see Zane, Isa’s lover, arriving in a car and taking them in. There is a spat between Cain and Zane, as it’s clear they don’t like each other very much. Isa screams at them and orders Zane to take her home.

How does Isa’s decision begin to affect the family?

Kenny, the doctor, doesn’t understand the reason behind Isa’s illness. He suggests she take some rest. Isa calls for a family meeting. There, she declares that she is retiring from the job. Although it will take some time for her to decide who will take the Bible after her, meaning she will announce the head of her business after giving some thought to that. This sudden decision starts to tear the family apart. Cain and Becca both think they deserve a chance to prove themselves.

Jonah doesn’t care much about this situation; he only thinks about Isa’s well-being. However, Zane, on the other hand, shows signs of a vicious nature. He is planning to get the Bible before Isa decides which one of her kids will be the next head of the business. Cain tries to warn Becca and Jonah about Zane’s intentions. But since everyone knows that Cain and Zane do not get along very well, they do not pay much attention to what Cain says. Zane leaves the house and starts planning how to obtain the key to the entire business, the Bible.

How does Zane get to Jonah’s Head?

Zane knows that Cain doesn’t like him at all, and Becca, however, doesn’t dislike him that much, but she, too, doesn’t trust him. The only one left is Jonah; since he is the youngest, it will be easy to manipulate him. He asks to meet with him, and Jonah arrives at Zane’s place. Here, he sees that everyone is partying around, and no one worries about their mother. Jonah is very angry seeing everyone enjoying the moment despite his mother’s illness.

In fact, they would not have survived in the business if it weren’t for Isa. Zane calms him down and starts manipulating him to join him. He tells him that if Cain or Becca ever get their say in the business, they will first shut Jonah out because he is the youngest. Zane also tells him that if Jonah vouches for him, he will make sure that Jonah remains a valuable member of the whole chain.

Murder Syndicate (2023) Movie
A still from Murder Syndicate (2023)

Zane then takes him to a job and keeps him inside the car. He goes in, kills a few men, and gets into the car with cash. He gives the money to Jonah, saying that if he works for Cain or Becca, they will never give him this amount of money. Jonah almost accepts the offer since he takes Zane’s money. Later that night, Cain confronts Jonah, asking him what he was doing with Zane all day long. Then he finds out about the cash and mocks Jonah. Jonah is now more certain than ever about who he is going to work with. Zane sends his men to intimidate Cain a bit, letting him know that he better keep his distance since Jonah is working with them.

Who is Roddy?

Beaten up, Cain goes to an old acquaintance of Isa. Roddy used to perform Zane’s role for Isa. He even loves her still. But since the arrival of Zane, he has started poisoning her mind. Roddy leaves the job as the whole structure is becoming corrupted. He is known for his cleaning job, which comes after the killings. He goes there and removes all the bodies along with the evidence.

Anyway, Cain asks for help from Roddy, and he gives him a bunch of weapons. The following day, Jonah finds out that Roddy has started working for Zane. However, seeing Jonah working with Zane surprises Roddy a bit. He suggests to Jonah that he should think about his family rather than trusting an outsider. This puts Jonah in a position where he begins to evaluate his past decisions.

Is Zane responsible for Isa’s Illness?

One day, while hanging out with Zane and his sister, Jonah finds some drugs. He grabs a few of them and sends them to Kenny to test whether these drugs are responsible. Kenny confirms that there is nothing wrong with Isa; someone intentionally drugged her. Jonah now knows that Zane has been planning everything from the very beginning.

On the other hand, Zane finds some missing tablets, and he now knows that Jonah is aware of his intentions. So, before Jonah can talk to Isa, he goes to her and becomes intimate with her. Jonah fails to make Isa understand what a vicious plan Zane is making, as Zane doesn’t leave Isa for a moment. Even so, Zane has completely manipulated her into making him the head of her business. Jonah asks Isa not to hand him the Bible until he arrives.

Murder Syndicate (2023) Movie Ending Explained:

Can Jonah Save the Syndicate from Zane?

Cain seeks help from Becca one last time so that he can put an end to Zane and his troupe once and for all. But before anything can happen, Jonah arrives at the spot. Isa is on the verge of announcing Zane as the next head of the syndicate when Jonah suddenly throws a bunch of tablets at Isa. He reveals the truth about Zane trying to oust Isa from the syndicate so that he can take control of it. Kenny confirms the truth about the drugs. Isa screams at Zane and asks him to leave. However, Zane orders his men to open fire on everyone at the party. Amidst all of this chaos, Zane’s sister shoots Jonah. Isa doesn’t know what to do as Jonah takes his last breath.

Cain, as always, arrives late but manages to save the day. Isa shoots Zane in the head. Thus, Jonah saves the syndicate from falling into the wrong hands. At the end of the film, we see Isa placing the Bible on Jonah’s grave. She is in pain as she has lost her youngest son, the most beloved of them all. Cain also loves his brother deeply and is very saddened by his absence. However, before leaving, he gives a sinister look at the Bible that Isa places on Jonah’s grave. This suggests that Cain has finally found a way to become the new boss of the syndicate.

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